Saints re-sign Joe Morgan


We noted this morning that free agent receiver Joe Morgan had removed a potential obstacle to finding a job by entering a diversion program to resolve a 2013 DWI charge. Hours later, Morgan has found himself a new job.

The Saints have announced that Morgan has signed a one-year contract to remain in New Orleans.

The 25-year-old Morgan has played his entire career for the Saints, who signed him as anundrafted free agent in 2011. Morgan has played sparingly, but he has shown big-play ability with the few chances he has received: He has only caught 10 passes in his career, but he has a whopping 379 receiving yards and three touchdowns on those 10 catches.

Last year Morgan missed the entire season after suffering a knee injury in training camp. If Morgan can get back to full speed this year, he may be ready to make some big plays in the Saints’ passing game.

16 responses to “Saints re-sign Joe Morgan

  1. Not excited about this. Hopefully a camp body cause hes not better than a 4th or 5th option even with his speed.

  2. yea if hes fast enough he could allow stills to diversify out of the deep threat role devery henderson had for all those years. saints recieving corps cant allow for speed to walk out the door.

  3. The saints are lucky to have one of the greatest second basemen in history playing for them!

  4. This guy could actually start this year if he can stay healthy and out of trouble.

    You have to figure the Saints see something big here because they would not be this patient with him if he weren’t.

    Off the field issues and injuries usually get lesser players who aren’t producing cut a lot faster than 4 years with the team.

  5. As a die hard ride or die saints fan I can appericate us trying to be a better team, but this was a dumb move.
    I’m guessing with the siging of a highend not really needed Byrd we just didnt have the funds to get someone else.Damn…maybe had we not have signed someone we didnt need for all that money we didnt have we couldve kept Moore for way less than Byrd.
    oh yea …maybe if we had of come up with some actual plays for Moore and Sproles for that matter that gave them opportunity to utilize thier talents …we couldve saved a bundle

  6. Honest assessment of Morgan as a Saints fan:

    – He has great speed and makes very fluid like movements on the football field, a lot like you see out of Kobe Bryant on the hardwood, not a choppy indecisive runner
    -He has a nack for making huge plays

    – While he makes big catches, his hands are not the best in short pass situations
    – Has a tendency to pop the ball up resulting in picks
    – Can’t make it out of pre-season, this guy looks all-world in August but come week 4 of the pre-season he is done for the year.

    It’s a decent resign but I seriously hope they aren’t planing on him making a solid contribution, hopefully as a camp body and a guy that anything he gives you would just be lagniappe production they didn’t count on. I just really don’t want to see him taking any snaps from Kenny Stills who could be a legitimate probowl caliber type WR.

  7. Morgan reminds me a lot Devery Henderson. He has suspect hands but he sure can take the top of a defense. That’s what we were lacking last season

  8. raynman49 | Mar 18, 2014, 5:22 PM MST
    Well, now they have 2nd base covered, but who’s gonna play short?

    My sources say they’re in serious negotiations with Davey Concepcion

  9. 4th best defense, plus better protection of Brees, plus Stills, Colston and Joe = playoff games in Superdome, with or without Jimmy.

  10. ltjsaints75-What are you talking about? Jenkins & Harper are gone (THANK GOD!!!!!). The Saints needed a secondary guy w/talent. I don’t know if you just LOOK at the game but if you watched the game Sproles (sorry he was let go) & Moore (his numbers started declining & he was injured alot the last 2 seasons) had their talents used by the Saints coaching staff. & don’t worry pantherfan40. U have Harper now. Our trash is now your garbage. lol

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