Saints sign fullback Erik Lorig away from Buccaneers

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In the process of remaking their backfield, the Saints went out and stole a player from a division rival.

The team announced they had signed Buccaneers free agent fullback Erik Lorig to a four-year deal.

Lorig didn’t carry the ball last year, but he had 11 receptions for the Bucs. And he gives the Saints something they lack, since there were no experienced fullbacks on the roster after they declined to tender restricted free agent Jed Collins a deal.

The Saints have traded Darren Sproles, but kept Pierre Thomas with a contract extension, and the 250-pound Lorig gives them a different dimension in the backfield.

23 responses to “Saints sign fullback Erik Lorig away from Buccaneers

  1. this guy is a punching bag to try and satisfy some of those hounds the saints defense has got. basically, rob ryan said go and get my boys a chew toy to keep them occupied until the season rolls round. I guaruntee this sucker doesnt make it through training camp and that the saints will bring back a fresh jedediah collins before the season starts

  2. Coming from a Bucs fan, this guy is one of the top lead blockers in the game. Not much use outside of that, but he did a hell of a job. Was hoping we would re-sign him, but I guess Tedford’s offense has no lead blocker.

  3. Hope this guy will pan out, but this is a downgrade from Jed. And a 4 year deal no less. Questionable signing.

  4. Sean Payton has finally seen the light and will be pounding the rock 25-30 times a game. Lorig is a much better run blocker than ol Jed. People won’t recognize the Saints this year. They will have a smash mouth offense to go with a top flight defense. Can’t wait!

  5. Saints did say they were going to move towards becoming more of a “ball control” offense. Gonna need bigger guys that can move defenders if that’s gonna happen.

    Can’t have those plays where defenders are already in the backfield when the ball is just handed off. Unfortunately those happened almost every other run play last season (past few seasons actually).

  6. If I wanted a blocking FB, I would try to sign Vonta Leach. THAT’s a smash mouth player.

  7. Tampa shoulda made it a point to resign him. While his stats weren’t there he was a solid blocker who made the run game look better then it was. Showed when he was out

  8. Really doesn’t matter. Saints still have no WR’s. They should of signed Decker or Sanders or even Kenny Britt. Neither TB or NO can play on the same field as Seattle.

  9. Great move by the Saints. This guy reminds me of Alsttot. Remember him? He ran thru the Saints carrying and dragging and knocking down defenders all the time. I’m sure coach has him blocking in mind but he could move the chains on 3rd or 4th and short. I hold my breath every time the Saints get 3rd or 4th and short. Ha Ha. Not this year baby! And we still have the draft to go. That’s where we’ll get our speedy receiver and depth at CB and LB and OL. The Saints new Offense they will unveil this year will be lean, fast and brutally tough! That’s what it’s gonna take to dethrone the Hawks. Who dat! Geaux Saints!

  10. With teams like Seattle holding receivers he will be an excellent option to throw to out of the back field. He was the number 8 tight end coming out of highschool. Sean drafted this guy to use as a weapon so lookout haters.

  11. How can a FB that doesn’t run with ball remind anyone of Alstott? That is the dumbest thing I’ve read in this thread full of questionable statements, lol.

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