Status quo for Jermichael Finley


Last week, free-agent tight end Jermichael Finley made good on his vow to hop a plane to Seattle if free agency opened and he didn’t have a deal to stay in Green Bay.  But the Seattle trip has come and gone, and Finley remains unsigned.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Finley’s situation remains unchanged.  While Finley believed he’d receive medical clearance by the end of February, medical clearance hasn’t come — and there’s no timetable for it.

Finley suffered a serious neck injury during the 2013 season.  He underwent spinal fusion surgery, which in many cases is career ending.   Optimism remains that Finley will be cleared to play, eventually.

For now, several teams are interested, but Finley remains in a holding pattern.

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  1. I think Finley fits the Seahawks organization very well. He has that grind/chip on his shoulder mentality. I just don’t know if we need him since we signed mccoy and miller.

  2. Geesh, that still sounds scary. Just retire dude. Its just football. You have a wife and kids at home, you’re still really young, and you should have a boatload of money still

  3. What, I wonder is his and or his agent’s main selling point when negotiating with potential teams? Does he somehow maintain that a tight end with a FUSED neck is an asset that is unique and desirable? Seems like a rather tough sell to convince a team to accept the liability. Not only is there little protection for anyone playing this position, the TE is pretty much constantly colliding with opponents on EVERY snap…too risky for future litigation.

  4. He should walk IMO. He’s got a $10mil insurance policy he can collect if he can’t play. He was looking great last season and I’d hate to see him have to hang it up but it’s not worth the risk.

  5. Inconsistent play when healthy, plus a fused neck? Either retire, or accept that you’re playing for something close to the veteran’s minimum this year.

  6. If he passes a physical Seattle should offer him a 1-yr prove it deal at minimum salary. That’s a fair deal for both sides.

  7. Finley has an insurance policy for $10 million net after tax if he opts to retire. This is not a joke. Look it up. If he truly is cleared and comes back, you would think he needs to play 2-3 years to ensure surpassing that.
    I don’t think any team is going to give him a contract that isn’t heavily weighted to games played with incentives on numbers.
    If I was his advisor and friend, I’d do an intervention to make him retire and take the $10 M. His youth and pride are in the way of making right decision for him and his family.

  8. He as athletic as anyone for his size, but he was a product of Rodgers. I would like to see him without a MVP QB and see how he does. Too many drops in the years with GB and honestly GB is just as potent when he’s not playing

  9. Deride the Packers all you want, but remember this….any negative characterization whatsoever and the Vikings are worse. The Packers own the Vikings. Until that fact changes…nothing changes.

  10. It is an opportunity to retire. He should not risk another injury that may paralyze him for life. I’m sure he does not have “a lot of money”, these guys have everyone sucking them dry for uncle sam to agents, investors, etc. They live a life style that wastes money. He had a lousy attitude when he was flying high now he isn’t so almighty. He also had a tendency to drop balls when it was a crucial time, (of course with the packer defense all passes are crucial). Take you health and run.

  11. I don’t need to remember that the Packers own the Vikings…it gets posted on every thread. I’m only surprised there are no men’s league basketball scores posted with it.

  12. Would Seattle be trying to blow money just to blow money if they sign Finley? Why would they need another tight end when they’ve resigned Miller? Plus what sense does it make to sign many tight ends that they underuse (like last year) anyway?

  13. Dude’s ALWAYS been injured since the Packers first drafted him. He didn’t help them go to the Superbowl, that was Donald Lee and Tom Crabtree. He was good when he was healthy….. whenever that was….

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