Unscripted NFL chatter with MDS

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In recent weeks on PFT Live, I’ve periodically pressed MDS into service with little advance notice and no coordination or planning.

The end result becomes essentially the result of a phone call (does anyone talk on the phone anymore?) consisting of two guys talking about recent developments in the NFL.

It has worked pretty well, which makes me wonder why I waste so much time actually preparing for all other segments of PFT Live.

The most recent example is posted below, featuring talk about Jim Irsay’s discipline, Calvin Johnson’s future, whether the Bucs should have tried to trade Darrelle Revis sooner (MDS has a great take on this), and other stuff I’ve likely forgotten.

So click the box or download the podcast version of the show on iTunes.  We prefer you watch it below, for reasons fairly obvious at the outset of the segment, in 15-second or 30-second chunks.

3 responses to “Unscripted NFL chatter with MDS

  1. Mike, reading the NFL.coms site today I could not find anything on Irsay. Typically, they cover every detail about a players run-in with the law. They keep it in the news for days to come sometimes a week or more with updates. Not with Irsay. A double standard by the NFL. How can they fine players that hurt them financially and a punishment in a dollar figure that surely will not be meaningful as a deterrent to a 1.6 billion dollar bombastic silver spoon owner. I’m a huge fan of pro football but starting not to care about the game with outrageous salaries for commissioner, players and owners with tickets out of reach for blue collar fans, continuing cost spiral for TV service like cable because of sports TV contracts like the NFL and higher cost for services and goods when companies pay premium commercial time dollars and pass on to customers.

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