Vikings visiting with Vladimir Ducasse

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Vladimir Ducasse was talented enough for the Jets to keep giving him chances.

And apparently he’s doing enough to keep other teams interested as well.

The Vikings announced the former second-rounder was there for a free agent visit.

He had previously traveled to Cincinnati along with former Jaguars guard Uche Nwaneri.

Ducasse was given multiple chances to win a job with the Jets, but never really did. He might benefit from a change of scenery, or he might just be a guy who bounces around for backup jobs.

37 responses to “Vikings visiting with Vladimir Ducasse

  1. His face in that photo says it all:

    OL Coach: Ducasse, all we need you to do in block the guy in front of you.

    Ducasse: But coach, I see four of them.

    OL Coach: Dude just focus on the one guy in front of you.

    Ducasse: Ok, the tackle, linebacker or safety?

    OL Coach: (shaking head) just put your hands on somebody.

  2. Pre-season fodder only. If they sign him, it will be for a body they know won’t be around once season starts. The signing if it happens, means nothing.

  3. When the Vikes play in that college stadium for two years I hope people don’t forget that they still are in the NFL even though they don’t play like they are!!

  4. Sounds like they might give him a chance to be a backup guard. Nothing wrong with depth on the offensive line. Then when one guy gets hurt, you don’t have to change the position of everyone on the line, like a certain team I know.

  5. I can see why the Vikings are interested, the guy scored a 13 on his Wonderlic Test (putting him in the top 1/3 of the Viking’s locker room and top 1% of Viking fans) and he lost his starting job to an unknown rookie.

    The Jet’s screwed the pooch taking this guy in the 2nd round and the Vikings are comfortable for high draft reaches that don’t work out, just ask Christian Ponder.

  6. When the Vikes play in that college stadium for two years I hope people don’t forget that they still are in the NFL even though they don’t play like they are!!

    The Packers are a 3 win team if Rodgers goes down. The past 4 drafts have been a disaster for Ted. I hope it is 40 below when the Vikings host the Packers…

  7. Don’t worry Backdapacker well sweep your team and end end Aron Rodger career on that hard cold field just ask farve lol

  8. This guy is the exact reason that I can not understand why fans get all worked up and excited on draft day (or all pissed off, depending on who the team drafts). In this case, there were a LOT of Jets fans that were thrilled with the Vlad selection (some werent, but there was so much positive talk about this guys future).

    I dont even think that after the player finishes his rookie season you can know what he will become. Plenty of rookie sensations end up regressing and being busts. Plenty of rookie busts end up being great players. It is all a crap shoot

  9. The Vikings are going to be just fine no matter how much people want to bitch about them, and no one
    said anything about signing him yet. We have a new coaching staff which is pretty damn good, and a new stadium on the horizon. Viking fans get frustrated when things don’t go right, but we also don’t go around bashing other teams. We have a good understanding of football here just as much as anyone else. Ponder didn’t work out, we wanted him to, but he didn’t. Sanchez has been just as bug a bust for the Jets too. Sometimes players don’t work out, sometimes they do, and sometimes a change of scenery does help. People that bitch about other teams usually do so because their own home team is nothing to shout about either. get over it, The Vikings aren’t going anywhere but upward.

  10. Our offensive line is set. It has been for years. Vladimir will be a solid backup. Just like berger. Just like j’marcus webb. Our oline backups could even start on the packers or bears!

  11. Anything, Anything! Is better than Brandon Fusco at right guard.

    The Vikings will pick between 7-15 next year by the way. 15-20 in 2016 and we’ll see where Zimmer takes them from there. Finally have good coaching on both sides of the ball

  12. Packers sign guys they feel will work in their system, and add depth, just as they do with drafting.

    Vikings sign guys just to sign them, like Jennings a shorter speedster in a run first offense, or trade an abundance of picks, because Spielman can’t draft well just look at Ponder.

    Why do you think their team is up and down and all over the place.

  13. Haven’t we heard the same story from vikequeen posters about the last 5 coaches? You have no idea regarding Zimmer because he has never been a head coach. Turner has been on as many teams as Peterson has illegitimate kids. In SD Rivers had his worst year under Turner and soon as he is discarded Rivers is back to all pro form. Turner in Cleveland, do I really need to go any further? Just because he helped Cleveland beat woeful minnesota last year doesn’t give him any credibility.

    Let the dynasty of futility live on for another 53 years!

  14. He doesn’t look much like a Vladimir, and from reading the posts of Jets fans, he apparently doesn’t look like much of a football player either. Maybe Spielman’s just looking to add the unique name of a dictator to go with our Captain and Shariff.

  15. Ah Vladimir, my friend. Things are not so good in the Big Apple? They didn’t give you Revis money, as I promised? Do not worry, Minnesota is being perfect place for you. Absolutely perfect. A place where you will shine and be a star. A place where your talents will be the envy of the team. Go there. Go to Minnesota.

    –Boris N.

  16. Apparently he graded out very similar to Matt Slauson a couple yrs ago when they split time on the Jets line. That being said, he did lose his job to an unproven rookie this yr so who really knows. Good luck young man and I hope he gets it turned around.

  17. At the moment this picture was taken Vladimir is wondering what that squishy feeling in his pants is and why does it smell so bad all of a sudden.

    I really hope we don’t sign this guy. Having competition in training camp is great but bad players don’t make for good competition.

  18. Wow , look at the packer trolls crawling out of the cheese wedge and turpentine can for a post about a visit to the Vikings.

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