Andre Roberts thinks Redskins offense will be “passing more than running”

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In quarterback Robert Griffin III’s rookie season, the Redskins ranked third in the league in rushing attempts.

They fell to No. 13 last season, although you probably would have expected an even bigger tumble given how often the Redskins were playing from behind on their way to a 3-13 record. The expectation is that Griffin’s knee will be in better shape for the 2014 season, but one member of the team thinks that Griffin, Alfred Morris and everyone else will be running the ball less often.

Wide receiver Andre Roberts said that studying Jay Gruden’s offenses with the Bengals and speaking with former Cardinals teammate John Skelton, who played for Gruden in Cincinnati, about the Redskins head coach has left him with the impression that things will be moving in the other direction in 2014.

“He was telling me about his style of coaching and what he likes to do and how he likes to use players,” Roberts said, via John Keim of “I think we’ll be passing more than running. We’ll have plenty of talent at the running back and receiver position for Robert to throw the ball around a little bit.”

Roberts said he’s excited to play with Griffin, who he describes as “motivated” and with a chip on his shoulder after the disappointing way the 2013 season played out. If Roberts is right about the direction of the offense, the Redskins will have to hope that chip doesn’t interfere with Griffin’s throwing motion.

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  1. There aren’t many teams that run the ball more than they pass the ball these days.

    Two of those teams are Seattle and San Francisco, who many would say are the two best teams in the game today.

    Is this a coincidence? You make the call.

  2. Rawbbqsauce beat me to it. 3-13

    I think the Redskins will pass more, but they shouldn’t abandoned the run because the one-two punch of Morris & Helu is one of the best tandems in the NFL and they have two different skill sets whom compliment each other well, then, if Chris Thompson can stay healthy that adds another element of elite speed out of the backfield.

    In top of all that don’t forget RG3 is going to get them 500 to 600 YDs also.

  3. With a proven stud like Alfred Morris you want to pass the ball more? Fix your defense, beef up you offensive line, run the ball and protect Griffen. You guys traded 3 first rounders for the guy. It’s asisinine to expose an injury prone player (yes, he is people) to more hits by passing more when you have a pro-bowl running back in Morris.

  4. If they were smart, (which they are not) they would improve that shady offensive line so they could run the ball better with their best offensive player. (Morris) RGMe is not accurate enough to throw the ball every play and his offensive line doesn’t help matters any. None of it really matters if they do not improve on defense as well. They’re fortunate to play in the NFC Least where defense is a rumor…

  5. Of course. RGKnee will be passing out after all the running around he’ll be doing. Maybe MDs B team should have “passed” on him.


    You’re clearly mad that Baltimore isn’t accepted in the DMV area. You guys are treated like the unwanted adopted step child, you just don’t belong.

  6. Thankfully the OL is being addressed, but there’s still work to do. With that said, Morris is a beast and will set up the passing game nicely. Garcon, Roberts, Reed & Hankerson, the passing game is looking up!
    Also, the D is being addressed, still work to do, but looking better than last year. It will be interesting to see if Haslett really sucks or if it truly was Shanny’s ego that proved disastrous.

  7. There are never any clear winners in free agency!

    There’s just hope!

    Anyone see the Broncos falling from the weight of there expectations???

    Whole-lota old guys signed…..

  8. Here we go again now RG can’t throw he is injury prone he is a me first player y’all keep a grown man in your mouth more than hookers but it’s all talk we shall see come next season. I heard the same about cam until this year and none if this RG3 rookie season and the one consistent fact is they were winning. HTTR

  9. The RGknee and RG3-13 jokes are honestly played out make it even worse rg3 didnt even play last 3 games of seasons but we can put those last3 games on him and for the people that call rg3 injury prone getting hurt 1 time for a mistake of diving makes you injury prone? everyone gets hurt through college and pros so does that make every player injury prone? cause if he was I’m pretty sure he would have been hurt this past season… i’ll wait for you answer that.

  10. Here’s your answer. He is a gimmick quarterback and the league figured him out. Now he has to play pocket passer, and he got his arse handed to him.

    Mix that in with being an arrogant premadonna, and you have an all time bust for the amount your team gave up to get him.

  11. The Burgandy & Gold can’t wait to win the division again next year! The GMen are over the hill. Philly will regress and Dallas is a punch line! HTTR!

  12. Run More ? – Pass More ?
    it all equals . . . . Last Place / NFC East !

  13. I think its premature at this point to say with any certainty what the Reds will be doing this season, other than trying to win games. How they accomplish those will be determined by a lot more than what RGIII can and can’t do. We know that he’ll never be the big-time scrambler he was in his first season, and he will be confined to the pocket more. That will put the pressure on the O-line to step up and get him the time he needs to make his reads and his throws. The D is going to have to up their game as well, as big scores from RG, will not be likely, and that means that the opposing offenses will have to be stymied. Just because Shanarat is gone, doesn’t mean that his legacy in D.C. won’t live on. Best of luck to the Reds.

  14. Griffin is a lot better than he is getting credit for. His biggest problems last year were that he was gunshy after being injured, the brace on his knee was throwing off his mechanics, their punt and kick return units were historically bad which resulted in terrible field position, and there was no scramble drill when protection inevitably broke down because Shanny was so certain that his master playbook would execute perfectly every time.

    One more year of recovery, a full offseason, improvements on the offensive line, and some additional targets in the passing game should have him bouncing back from his sophmore slump.

  15. The Redslurs are a joke. Robert Griffin III is a joke.

    Although I do hope they make it to the playoffs so the Seahawks can end their playoff dreams for the 4th time in a row.

    LOL!! Redslurs… biggest clown-show in the NFL.

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