Antoine Cason expected to sign with Panthers soon

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The Panthers need help at cornerback, and Antoine Cason needed a job.

So the fit seems perfect.

According to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic, Cason is expected to sign with the Panthers soon.

There, he can lay claim to the disposable veteran role played by Drayton Florence last year.

The 27-year-old Cason barely played for the Cardinals last year, but played well for Ron Rivera when he was the Chargers defensive coordinator.

Playing behind the Panthers’ front seven makes it easier for anyone to look good. And as Captain Munnerlyn (Vikings) and safety Mike Mitchell (Steelers) proved, it makes it easier to get paid.


26 responses to “Antoine Cason expected to sign with Panthers soon

  1. Still no wide receivers. Doesn’t Gettleman get the message or is he just thick. Go figure.

  2. Hate to burst your bubble, kids. Cason did not play well in San Diego. He was adequate at best. He is far from a “beast.”

  3. My favorite Cason play as a Cardinals fan in 2013 was vs. the 49ers in the last game of the season, when Kapernick bounced the winning TD pass off Cason’s head into the hands of Vernon Davis. See ya, ‘Twon !

  4. He’s an OK backup. Had a pick 6 vs. TEN, and then had that play versus SF that dwoofer mentioned. Not accounting for more wins than losses at best.

  5. My god some people need to just calm down about the wideout situation. Most people didn’t expect us get above 500 last season and with Gettlemans smart additions on defense we became contenders. Whats so hard to understand? WE DID NOT HAVE A GOOD RECEIVING CORPS LAST SEASON! We were carried by our front seven. WOW, it blows my mind how the same person who drastically improved the team last season is being ridiculed because he cant and wont supply instant gratification. People have allowed the media to blow this way out of proportion like always. When Gettleman builds the team and we have another good or possibly better season, all those left with egg on your face need to find another team. And yes Cason is a beast and is an upgrade to our DB corp. I guess no one saw how many of our DB’s got burned on the deep ball last season. Whatever people, I trust my organization. PANTHER NATION

  6. I think you Panther fans are in loser denial here or something. I’m telling you honestly what kind of player Cason is. And it’s adequate at best. If you’re expecting more then be prepared to be disappointed. If you think he is a “beast,” then I don’t know what to tell you. Except he’s not. Sorry.

  7. Panthers defense is set. They replaced Mitchell with Roman Harper and Florence with Cason. They’ve got James Dockery coming off injury to replace Munnerlyn and still have some young corners in the pipe that can play. Front 7 is exactly the same. Watch them draft offense in the first 4 rounds and get 4 starters and Gettleman makes everyone shut up.

  8. We’re looking for CBs. If Cason could actually play, don’t ya think he’d still be a Charger? Have fun Carolina.

  9. love how people are doubting the panthers and talking sideways about us and its only the second week into the free agency. do you honestly think gettleman is not going to get a wr for us?? if you answered yes then you are dumb my friend . we only truly lost 2 good players and thats steve smith and jordan gross.

  10. Just b/c he isn’t in SD anymore doesn’t mean he isn’t a decent player like someone earlier inferred. In case you forgot, the NFL is a business…and to everyone who is saying he is adequate @ best, if you knew anything about the panthers, then you would know, that’s exactly what we need! Our front 7 is a beast! We don’t need Cason to be a beast by himself. I’ll def. take 6’1” almost 200 lbs over 5’8” 190 (Capt. Munnerlyn) any day. Hasn’t anyone heard of an “upgrade”? We aren’t bringing him in to be a damn shutdown pro bowl corner..

    As far as all these fans freaking out over Gettleman, somebody else said it best earlier: We didn’t really lose any GREAT players, other than Jordan Gross and Steve Smith. Let Gettleman do his job. I can’t believe people are bent out of shape so bad about WR. It’s a deep draft @ that position and who knows, when it’s all said and done, the 3 individuals who end up taking LaFell, Ginn, and Hixon’s places might be better overall! I’m sure all of you that are so upset probably don’t understand our cap scenario Gettleman was thrust into..oh well, I’m pumped!

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