Bridgewater putting glove back on for future workouts


After a so-so Pro Day workout, Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater explained to Shaun King of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN that he didn’t wear a glove on his throwing hand because he hadn’t been wearing a glove while working out in the Florida heat.

In the aftermath of a scripted, rehearsed workout that didn’t go nearly as well as a scripted, rehearsed workout should, Bridgewater told Gil Brandt of that Bridgewater will put the glove back on for private workouts with teams.

“He’s going to do a number of workouts. He’ll probably have 10-12 workouts for clubs,” Brandt said, via  “I don’t believe the decision-makers at the club level thought his workout was as bad as some of the media people did.  He was in great spirits.  He didn’t feel like it was a disaster or anything, and I think he’ll come back and do well.”

Pro Day workouts should be nearly perfect.  Anything less than that fairly can be described as a disaster, since few are anything but perfect.  While that alone won’t result in a player plunging, it’s a piece of the puzzle.  And it necessarily places more pressure on Bridgewater to have far better showings when throwing for scouts.

Besides, even if the decision-makers with the various teams weren’t troubled by Bridgewater’s Pro Day workout, the media reaction makes the pick harder to justify if Bridgewater goes bust at the next level.  And if ultimately bad picks can’t be justified, men with jobs become men without jobs.  Or hats.