Chip Kelly has talked to DeSean Jackson, unless he hasn’t

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A strange situation in Philly reached a new level on Wednesday, thanks to a report that Eagles coach Chip Kelly has called receiver DeSean Jackson to put the wideout’s mind at ease regarding rampant rumors that he could be traded or released.

Les Bowen of initially reported that Kelly has called Jackson to tell the $10.5 million receiver not to worry.  Bowen later explained that Kelly has not talked to Jackson.

Bowen writes that Jackson has tried to talk to Kelly, but that Kelly has been “too busy with free agency, etc.”

Too busy to put at ease the mind of a key player at a time when there are increasing signs he’s on the block?  Folks, the Eagles clearly want to trade Jackson.  Regardless of what anyone has reported or said or speculated, Kelly freezing DeSean out when all Kelly needs to do is tell the player “we’re not trading you” means they will if they can.

If they can’t, the next question becomes whether they’d cut him.  We’ll see whether Kelly finds the time to call Jackson if/when those reports begin to percolate.

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  1. Bad move. He is the perfect player for Kellys offense and without him as a threat to stretch the field, Foles will have issues.

  2. I don’t understand why the Philadelphia Eagles would want to trade DeSean Jackson.

    I’ll be the first to say he has his fair-share of moments when you want to yank his head off but he’s been playing good football and helps his fellow receivers get open because of his presence.

    I’d be hesitant to rely solely on Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin because neither is a true number one receiver. While Jackson doesn’t fit the mold of a number one, he surely is on that team. Cooper and Maclin will not experience similar success once they become focal point of coverage.

  3. If they cut him there will be riots in Philadelphia. Not only is he one of the most productive players on that offense, but we don’t even need the cap room! This is absurd.

  4. I really think this story is overblown. I think this is just the case of a front office keeping their options open. They did the same thing last year. Most good front offices understand that players are expendible. If the Eagles were desperate to trade Jackson I really think he would have been gone. I know this is a receiver rich draft but Jackson is a special talent. I can’t imagine a receiver-needy team (with cap space) not giving up a 3rd rounder for DeSean.

  5. Desean is already gone mentally whether he comes back or not physically. He is too much of a diva to be able to get over this situation. Eagle’s have shot themselves in the foot with this one. Even if he comes back we know that he will wine and cry and give a half hearted effort all season. They either have to pay him to make him get over this or trade him for next to nothing, or cut him. Either way good luck finding someone to take the top off of the defense. This is what happens when you put a socailly awkward college coach in charge of your team.

  6. Dude is getting paid 10.5mill this year and told the Eagles last year that he needs more. I will trade or cut you if I was the Eagles. Desean you used to make 600k three years ago.

  7. In what universe would it be acceptable to release a player who caught 82 balls for 1,332 yards and 9 touches? So what he asked for more money. Who the hell doesn’t think they’re worth more money than they’re being paid, even if it’s millions? And as far as the so-called character issues are concerned: so what if he had an argument with a coach on the sidelines in the heat of battle. Happens on every sideline, every Sunday. And so what if he has hip hop aspirations, the man can’t have a life outside of football? Tell you what: 82-1,332-9 TD’s buys a hell of a lot of grace. Go on, D-Jax, do your thing. The rest of the world can just hate. He’s not going anywhere.

  8. I still don’t see why this would be good for the Eagles. Desean is a playmaker. Unless there is something going on behind the scenes that ruined their relationship, I don’t see how getting rid of a top WR makes sense…even if they get a 1st round pick there is no guarantee he comes close to Jackson in terms of skill.

  9. Chip Kelly has talked to DeSean Jackson, unless he hasn’t

    He voted for DeSean before he voted against him?

    He can read the contract after he signs it?

  10. DJax is an immature, whiny punk but he IS the best WR the Iggles have by FAR.

    Trade? With who? For $10 mil/yr?! No way.
    Al has passed and Jerrah’s cap is busted broke.

  11. That immature punk couldn’t hold Victor Cruz’s jockstrap. Kelly gets it…he wants a mature team. Can’t blame him.

  12. GEE i thought the coaching staff was NOT allowed to have contact with players till “OTA’s” hmmmm

  13. Management around the league is falling in love with these cheap 5 year rookie deals under the new CBA. Suddenly if you are not absolutely critical to your team more than 5 million a year seems like too much. Meanwhile avg quarterbacks are making all the $$$

  14. I wonder if all this crap is coming out of another NFC East team? Maybe Tom Coughlin is rolling on the floor laughing.

  15. If Vick heads up the NJ Turnpike to the other team in green, don’t be surprised if DeSean follows him there…

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