Competition Committee supports expansion of playoffs

The various proposals from the Competition Committee and the teams (eight from the Redskins, four from the Patriots, one from the Eagles, and one from the Colts) during Wednesday’s conference call did not contain any reference to expanding the playoffs.

After the Competition Committee unveiled the proposals, Mark Maske of the Washington Post asked about the status of the potential expansion of the postseason. In response, Falcons CEO Rich McKay explained that the issue is covered in other materials submitted by the Committee to ownership, and that the Committee expresses support for the possibility.

Ultimately, the owners decide which rules will or won’t change. While the Competition Committee tees up multiple possibilities, the owners can do whatever they want — as long as at least 24 support the move.

All proposals will be considered next week in Orlando by the full ownership.

41 responses to “Competition Committee supports expansion of playoffs

  1. Here’s one NFL fan with a resounding NO vote to expanding the playoff field — and my team has been eliminated from the playoffs by the slimmest of margins.

    NO on expanding the playoffs.

    P.S. How much cred does the NFL or Goodell have fining the crap out of players under the pre-text of “player safety” — while pushing more games??? Seriously.

  2. I started thinking about how this makes the playoffs less special blah blah blah, then I realized it means I get to watch one more game a season. So, whatever.

  3. Increase roster sizes to 60 active and 12 Practice Squad. Reduce preseason to 2 games. Increase regular season to 18 games. Increase playoff teams by 2 each conference.

  4. They don’t have to expand it. They could just flip-flop it to having 8 division losers and the next bottom 2 teams from each conference that make up the 12 teams that get “played-off” the semi-postseason schedule.

  5. why have a committee?

    Why not just go through this simple process:

    Will it make me more money? IF yes, do it. If no, don’t do it.

    Why do you need a committee?

  6. Considering how long and dull all the other sports playoffs can be, O’d rather nip this in the bud before we start seeing a 7 game series superbowl.

  7. Almost every pro league has 30+ teams. Hockey and Basketball each let 16 in to the playoffs. 14 isn’t crazy for the NFL.

    MLB is the stingiest league, and even they are expanding playoffs every decade or so.

  8. Sure, add more teams. The more the merrier. It’s not like it will make a difference when the upcoming Vikings dynasty teams are slaughtering them all in the playoffs anyway. In fact, just let the AFC Pro Bowl roster play the Vikings in the Super Bowl, they at least might last a little longer than 5 minutes with Minnesota, which can’t be said about any individual team from the pathetic AFC.

  9. No to expanded playoffs. There are more than enough teams in them now. The only change they should make is that playoff eligibility and seeding should be based solely on win/loss record, not winning the division.

  10. The best thing to do is leave it alone. If a change must be made, then get serious about it. Just adding one team from each conference leaving one team with a bye is wrong. My preference is to add two teams and eliminate the bye altogether. I understand the argument about diminishing the regular season but it doesn’t seem to be a problem for some of the other professional sports.

  11. I feel expanding the playoffs diminishes the importance of regular season and is bad for the game. I think it would be better to roll back the playoffs to just eight teams – the division winners. But there is more money to be made expanding the playoffs so that is what will happen. The league will continue to dilute the game for more profit and eventually it won’t be worth watching anymore.

  12. On pass plays, if a defender’s arm is up with hand pronated near receiver’s head and defender is not looking and receiver has at least one foot in the end zone and receiver’s back is facing out of bounds and defender is on his way out of bounds and receiver is in defenders way and the defender’s momentum is perpendicular to the ball’s direction, this has to be some kind of penalty.

  13. I hope nothing is changed. Football and the NFL for the most part is great now because of the way it is. My biggest fear is for example NASCAR, I use to love watching the races but now they have changed their points system, throw all sorts of BS caution flags, have more commercials then race broadcast, fans voting in drivers for certain races, and so on. Let’s just go back to the way it was when a race was a race.

    Keep football, football. I love the NFL because of what it is.

  14. Just cut to the chase and put everyone in. The regular season will be 34 games for each team – home and home in your division and one against every other team, and will simply determine the all-important “seeding.” Season can start in June and end with the Super Bowl in May.
    Woooo!!! Can’t wait!!!
    (All said with extreme sarcasm.)

  15. Don’t expand the playoffs, fix them. Do away with the automatic playoff slot for division winners. Send the teams with the 6 best records in each conference to the playoffs regardless of division.

  16. yeah lets expand and get more teams with under 500 record into the playoffs. hell lets make it like baseball where half your games dont even matter.

  17. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it… this is the NFL, but the it has a case of March Madness.

    This isn’t hoops or baseball where you can play 3-5 games a week, so adding on game or squeezing a few teams in doesn’t cheapen it.

    Making the season longer in the NFL is foolish. Players have a hard enough time trying to dodge landmines known as the injury bug.

  18. Three out of every eight NFL teams qualify for the playoffs every year. Why does that percentage (37.5) need to increase?

    What is the optimal number of playoff teams? Should we expand the number to eight teams per conference, and eliminate the first round bye?

    Qualifying for the playoffs used to be something special. Now we’re headed for an NBA style playoffs where half the teams qualify for the post-season, and we’ll see sub .500 teams make the playoffs on an annual basis.

    No thanks.

  19. its all a money grab…i’m sooooooo stoked to have 6-10 & 7-9 teams in now. *sarcasm mode off*

  20. Whats the old adage ” Can’t leave well enough alone”. Welcome to being one step closer to the NBA where the playoffs are so watered down no one watches anymore.

  21. Is this a move so that sorry franchises like Dallas who has finished 8-8 for 3 years in row and Jacksonville will have their owners feel better aobut their franchises?

    So much for player’s safety….I knew it was Bs all the time!

  22. I can’t believe that the NFL is turning into the NBA where half the league makes the playoffs. How sad.

  23. I don’t mind it. Either way you will all be on your couches glued to your TV come January and Mr. Roger knows it.

  24. There are already one or two teams every year that obviously don’t belong in.

    Do we really want to add to that?

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