Competition Committee unveils 2014 agenda later today


Next week, owners will vote on a variety of proposed rule changes for the next NFL season.  Later today, the NFL will unveil the items that will be considered.

At 3:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Falcons CEO Rich McKay and Rams coach Jeff Fisher will unveil and discuss the Competition Committee’s agenda for the annual meetings.

We’ll be tweeting and posting and otherwise dissecting the proposed changes.  Potential topics include expansion of the postseason, alterations to replay review, and additional limits on low hits.

Packers CEO Mark Murphy, a member of the Competition Committee, previously listed the topics addressed by the group during a meeting at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

29 responses to “Competition Committee unveils 2014 agenda later today

  1. I’m scheduling to make my rebuttal complaint post at about 3:05 pm.

    Eh forget it I don’t want to plan around that, just post it for me, I’m just going to say “this sucks cause there is no plan to fix the officiating or replay systems”.

  2. i really hope theyll consider coaches being able to challenge certain fouls that impact plays. far too often refs are calling penalties due to a bad angle on the play and it is negatively impacting the outcome of the game

  3. It’d be nice if they did something to encourage guys to hit/tackle correctly.

    As soon as they cracked down on head shots, every DB thought it was OK to launch at players knees and ankles.

  4. The competition committee contains no players, yet they’re going to discuss expanding the playoffs which cannot happen without the players approval. And, that, kids, is just one of the reasons people like to make fun of the competition committee.

  5. Rule Number 1: stop any nfc team by any means possible, so the league can give manning a sb ring.

  6. I tell you fellas we’ll be watching the Flag National Football League with in 5 years!!! Goodell is USELESS… Rozelle is rolling in his grave to see all the B/S CHANGES THAT DON’T DO SQUAT!!!

  7. You know, if one were to gauge the popularity of the NFL based on comments sections like this, one would never guess that the NFL is by far the most popular spectator sport in a country that has a slew of professional sports leagues.

    I agree that some things need to be changed, but there’s a lot of anger about a sport that is more popular than ever.

  8. ‘…I agree that some things need to be changed, but there’s a lot of anger about a sport that is more popular than ever.’


    I think that has a lot to do w/ fantasy football. The truth is that true diehards of the game of football recognize that the heart of the game is being taken out. The rules that are in place for offenses to score more points & protect the QB are ridiculous & are an insult to the guys who are trying to play defense.

  9. There is no need for a competition committee, because there will simply be no competition. It is a given that when the Vikings draft a real QB this spring to add to the most talented roster in the NFL, the fate of the rest of the league will be sealed as the Vikings win Super Bowl after Super Bowl beginning with the upcoming season. It will be like women’s college basketball where one team just dominates everybody else and no other team even has a remote chance of winning a championship before the season even begins.

  10. if were going to tweak it to become more popular…just put all players in a nascar and make each end zone have a basketball hoop and on extra points everybody on defense gets to use a bat to block the kick….. LEAVE THE GAME ALONE!

  11. Agenda item #1: How can we make this game wussier?
    Agenda item #2: Along the same line as item #1, how can we make it easier for shorter QBs and receivers and smaller players in general to succeed and penalize defenders for even breathing on them?

  12. I’m curious as to why the Bronco haters believe there is ANYTHING on that list skewed towards helping the Broncos or Manning?

  13. It’s ludicrous that players seasons/careers can be ended by cheap shots to the knee’s, this has to be stopped.

  14. Expand the number of TV timeouts so the games can be longer and Roger can make more money from advertising revenue for the NFL and the owners can make more money from selling more concessions.

  15. I think, on pass plays, if a defender’s arm is up with hand pronated near receiver’s head and defender is not looking and receiver has at least one foot in the end zone and receiver’s back is facing out of bounds and defender is on his way out of bounds and receiver is in defenders way and the defender’s momentum is perpendicular to the ball’s direction, this has to be some kind of penalty.

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