Henry Melton on biting lawsuit: It’s just a money grab

Getty Images

Defensive tackle Henry Melton is a newly signed member of the Cowboys and he made an appearance on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas/Ft. Worth on Wednesday to talk about playing near where he grew up.

Melton credited the presence of defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli, who coached him in Chicago, with helping bring him to Dallas this offseason and said that he thinks he’ll make a quick transition to the Cowboys’ 4-3 front once he starts working with the team. Melton also said that his torn ACL has healed well and that he and the team expect that he’ll be on the field for the start of camp this summer.

Melton also talked briefly about the lawsuit he’s facing in Grapevine, Texas for allegedly biting a bar owner in the back while being kicked out of the bar before his December 23, 2013 arrest on charges of public intoxication and assault. Melton’s agent released a statement refuting the allegations and Melton said it wasn’t something that would cause him any worry.

“It’s just a bad situation that’s getting blown up by people trying to have a money grab,” Melton said. “Other than that, it’s pretty much behind me. It’s not anything that will affect me, especially my play, nothing that I have to do time for or anything like that. It’s just people trying to get money.”

The Cowboys will be thrilled if a healthy Melton limits himself to taking bites out of opposing offenses for the rest of the year, especially if his knee has recovered enough to allow Melton to reach his previous level of play.