Lions officials to meet with Ndamukong Suh’s agent next week

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Lions administration is making no bones about it, they expect big things this year.

They might take a big step toward making something happen next week.

Team president Tom Lewand told radio station WJR this morning (via Tim Twentyman of the team’s official website) that he expected to meet with Ndamuking Suh’s agent Jimmy Sexton next week.

Lewand and the rest of the league’s officials will be in Orlando for the owner’s meetings, and Lewand was hopeful business could be done.

“We’ll see if we can put a deal together and I’m hopeful we can,” Lewand said.

Suh and Sexton have a good bargaining position, as the defensive tackle has a $22.4 million cap number the Lions would like to get back under control, so they can make more moves around their big three (earners) to put a contender on the field.

9 responses to “Lions officials to meet with Ndamukong Suh’s agent next week

  1. Suh has been a great player for Detroit. Everyone here wants him back. If he wants to be the highest paid DT, he will be, as he should. 5 years, 60 million is a fair number. Here’s to hoping it happens.

  2. Trading Suh creates $19MM in dead money, though creates $3MM in 2014 cap space.

    Keeping Suh w/o an extension allows for a tag and trade strategy or letting him walk and getting a comp pick for free, plus getting a year of his play on the field.

    An extension gets him top dollar so the NFLPA is happy, his agent is happy, he is happy. It drops his cap hit in 2014 to around $15-16MM, freeing up $6MM or so to add a DE or S. It keeps his cap number manageable but high throughout the extension, possibly without the need for restructures which is what made it so huge in the first place.

    Get it done, Lewand….

  3. I’m assuming that putting the word “earners” in parenthesis was your way of taking a subtle cheap shot at the Lions but did you know that Suh is the best defensive tackle in the league, Megatron is the best receiver in the league and Stafford is a top 12-15 quarterback? I’m pretty sure they’re all worth what they’re making and I’m very glad that they’re on my team.

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