Patriots propose making extra points harder


NFL extra points are currently the equivalent of a 20-yard field goal, which is an easy chip shot for any professional kicker. If the Patriots get their way, next year extra points will become the equivalent of a 43-yard field goal.

Among the rule proposals unveiled today by the Competition Committee is a suggestion by the Patriots to move the spot of extra point kicks back from the 2-yard line to the 25-yard line.

That would make field goals significantly harder. Although NFL kickers would likely make 43-yard extra points at least 90 percent of the time, that’s still a significant difference from the 99.6 percent of the time that extra points were made last season. It would also make two-point conversion attempts more tempting because under the proposal, the spot for two-point conversions would still be the 2-yard line.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick has said several times that he believes extra points have become so easy that they’re all but meaningless, so it’s not surprising that it was the Patriots who proposed this new rule.

But it will be surprising if the Patriots can convince 23 other NFL teams to join them, which is what they would need to do to generate the three-fourths majority needed for a rule change to pass. NFL owners tend to be conservative about changing the game, and moving the extra point back would be a significant change. It’s more likely that this preseason, extra points will be moved back on a trial basis. Then, if the feedback from fans is positive, extra points may be moved back next year.

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  1. After hearing the latest Patriots cheating scandal, nothing this organization says should be taken into consideration.


  2. Not all that long ago, the NBA had proponents of backing out the 3 point line to make 3 balls harder. That seemed to make sense to most of us.

    But the NBA also has people lobbying for an 11′ high rim — claiming the players growth, athleticism and leaping ability has rendered the 10′ high rim an absurdity. It seems like we should keep the 10′ high rim.

    The question is, is making extra points harder a worthy change or not. My vote is to just leave XPs as they are. It’s all the same to everyone — and it doesn’t have a warping effect upon historical statistics.

  3. I don’t get the appeal. Kickers are still over 80% accurate from 40-45 yards out (86%, I believe). That’s not really enough to add that much tension to the extra point, and yet enough to really piss people off when they lose a game because of it. I hate to say it, but I’d rather they just eliminate it altogether with the plan Goodell proposed.

  4. What’s the purpose of making the extra point harder? Instead of making the extra point harder, make it difficult for the opposing team to score a touchdown.

  5. I like the idea. Rather than having the extra points be automatic, introduce a little more risk to kicking it. I’m sure fans would love to see a team decide to go for two instead because of the wind or the weather conditions.

  6. I completely support this idea. To my fellow Patriot fans, Don’t be at all upset with the negative and hateful comments that are sure to follow on this thread. After all, it’s the sincerest form of flattery.

  7. Automatically award 7 points for the touchdown and allow teams to run or pass for an additional point. If they make it they have 8; if they lose deduct a point resulting in 6.

    That adds strategy without making the game longer.

  8. Move the XP to the 22 (40yd try). If its missed the defending team has a choice to take the ball at the 40 or receive a kickoff. This makes the XP less automatic and will eliminate some kickoffs, which the NFL is trying to make obsolete anyway. Possibly increase 2pt conversion attempts.

  9. How can anyone think this is a good idea? Can you imagine a 2 minute 98 yard Td drive only to lose on a missed PAT because it is a windy day. Give me a break.

  10. What is everyone talking about , LEAVE THE GAME ALONE ! it doesn’t need to be changed.
    My guess is all those who are in favor of the change are those who play Fantasy Football and aren’t even true football fans.

  11. Give a team 2 points for a drop kick from 15 yards back instead of a straight kick. That should make the conversion a lot more interesting.

  12. think of how furious you’ll be the first time your team loses a close game with a rival because of a missed extra point.


    Yes he should, but do you REALLY want to leave a game hanging on something that for decades has been automatic? In the long run, maybe it will be a good change. but in the short term the fan fury for teams losing based on a game mechanic that has been long understood as automatic is going to be understandable.

    As fans we love the drama of close games. Think of how deflating and awful it will be if the drama of close games is completely ruined because of a windy day or a fluke kick.

  13. I hate seeing the rules of the game changed every year. However, this time something should be done. Belichick is right. The PAT has been reduced to a meaningless exercise. There’s an opportunity to do something here that would add to the excitement of the game.

  14. Unless you’re going to implement more of it’s Rugby roots, leave the game alone. This doesn’t need to be changed and there is still an off chance that the kicker can miss, which DOES happen, and when it does it makes things interesting.

    Maybe extra points would be blocked more if the game didn’t have these insane ‘protection’ rules that result in a 15 yard penalty for just barely touching them.

  15. Interesting that the NFL has moved up the kickoff, making it, for the most part, a meaningless play, but at the same time they want to push back the extra point to give it more value.

    A kickoff return can be exciting, not so sure about a longer extra pt kick.

  16. It would be a 42 yard kick not 43 in the NFL you add 17 yards to where the ball is placed to get the distance of your kick.

    10 yards for endzone and 7 yards back for holder.

  17. This may be the most dumb idea I have ever heard. I wonder if the league would even consider it if the rule was suggested by the another team. oh, but since its the patriots, oh, it must be a good idea. what a joke. remember patriots fans, you are only good every year because the NFL says so. The league is fixed. Goodell and Kraft are best friends. Kraft is head of programming at CBS. You’re team is allowed to hold all game every game. Its a joke. It will all come crashing down soon. Open your eyes people, my god. Try not believing everything you are told and maybe our lives would be a bit more “free”.

  18. If your complaint is weather, losing because of a missed kick, penalty backing it up further, etc.

    Uhm, same goes for field goals.

    That’s the point, to make them less automatic.

  19. Keep it where it is, but a player on the field at the time of the TD must attempt the PAT.

  20. don’t do anything that takes the 2 point conversion a thing of the past. Move it back to the 25 and no one will try.

    The reason it’s there was just pointed out. A touchdown is worth more than two field goals.

  21. I like some sort of change to the PAT. It’s so automatic that it is known that a team down 21-14 is down “by a touchdown” – not a TD and extra point. Either eliminate it altogether or change something. 43 yards is a long kick for one point; maybe make this worth 2 points also.

    It makes no sense to make it worth 3, which is the same as if they hadn’t even scored the TD. Or leave it at only 1 point, but only back it up to the 15 yard line.

  22. If Roger Goddell was the Commish in Soccer they would be able to play with their hands.

    IF he was head of NBA he would eliminate the free throw, either that or he’d move it back to the half court line.

  23. This isn’t news. They started discussing this issue a month or two ago. I watched it on NFL network. And it wasn’t proposed by just the Patriots, or at least there was no mention of the Patriots being any special part of it.

    But yeah, I agree. It would add more excitement to the game for sure. Change it. Make it happen!

  24. Ditch the 2 point play and make the play from the 25 worth 6 if the ball makes it to the end zone.

  25. I think they should just try to make teams not so easily decide to kick it. Force more action with 2 point play decisions.

    Rather than move where PAT is kicked from or changing its point value why not just move where teams would get ball on a touchback? If a touchback occurs after PAT attempt (make or miss) ball goes to the 35 yard line. If team elects to go for 2pt conversion (made or failed conversion) and a touchback occurs ball goes to the 20……Or change where ball is kicked off from with same type of scenario (though prevention of injuries factored here). You elect for XP try you kickoff from further away than if you tried to go for two.

    Changes field position, increases two points play attempts and overall strategy after a TD – especially after end of half and end of game touchdowns.

  26. Why not change the rules to make it easier to block XPs? Let defenders vault off each other’s backs. Let them “goaltend”.

    Let teams put a cheerleader on the 53-man whose job it is to get launched into the air and block the thing before it crosses.

    If you want to make it harder to make an XP, make it easier to stop the XP.

  27. Instead of having a professional kicker kick the extra point. Make the person who scored the touchdown kick. That would prevent it from being automatic and also increase fantasy value for offensive players.

  28. By moving the extra point back it takes out most fake or bad snap opportunities to still get 2. Leave the line of scrimmage where it is and have extra points still worth 1. This still gives you the option to run a fake for 2 points or just line up and go for 2. Make an option to kick from the 43 worth 2 points but if you miss the opponent can have the ball there or elect to receive the kickoff.

  29. And for the record…

    This change would only be for field goals, not for a 2-point conversion. This would make 2-point conversions more popular.

    Also, I am not for changing aspects like how many points are awarded, but I do hate extra points being automatic. I think it ads to the suspense of the game for both the team that’s ahead as well as the team that’s behind. It depends on how you look at it.

    In a close game, where the extra point often seals the win when teams are tied, now neither team will know for sure that they’ve lost or won. The team on defense can have some hope they might not lose. The team on offense is no longer as assured of their victory.

    I hate knowing the result of the play before it’s over, and when over 90% of all extra points in a season are successful, it’s easy to guess what will happen currently.

  30. Just eliminate the PAT – 7 points for a TD. Conversion could be 1 point up for grabs for either team scoring team or defense (if they make the stop). This way you are never taking points off the board.

    Most importantly, let real football players decide football games. It would be nice to have the roster made up of 52 athletes and a punter, rather than 51 athletes, a punter, and some guy built like a 7th grade girl.

    Kickers suck.

  31. Here’s a thought, they wish to add drama to the XP, figure out a type of field goal posts that for a field goal they remain at their present width. For an XP attempt the posts are narrowed to a specific width, say half what they normally are. This way you still have it at the same spot so faking the kick while running/passing it for 2 is still an option.

  32. Make extra points harder? Kick them from where the TD was scored like in Rugby. So if you score right up the middle, you kick straight on. If you score at the pylon, then the xtra point is taken at that severe angle. There. The xtra point is harder.

  33. @ jr507

    The first 3 kickers I randomly looked up were:

    6’1″ 215 lbs
    6’1″ 222 lbs
    6’2″ 228 lbs

    Where did you go to school where 7th grade girls were this big? It’s the 2010s, my friend. The days of Matt Bahr and the Gramaticas are over. Even the next 2 kickers I looked up were both 5’9″ and 200+ lbs. The “smallest” guy I could find was Robbie Gould at 6’1″ and 180 lbs. Henery is about that too.

    And let’s not forget about Janikowski at 6’2″ and 250lbs!

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