Players elect Eric Winston president of their union


Eric Winston is the new president of the NFL Players Association.

In a show of unity within the union, the first people to reveal the news of Winston’s election were the two candidates running against him: Saints tight end Ben Watson and free agent safety Ryan Clark both wrote congratulatory messages to Winston on Twitter.

The election was conducted today at a meeting of the 32 player representatives. Domonique Foxworth, the previous president, was not eligible to run for re-election because he is no longer an active player.

Winston is a free agent offensive tackle who played last season for the Cardinals after previously playing for the Chiefs and Texans.

14 responses to “Players elect Eric Winston president of their union

  1. Evidently he’s a much better politician than a tackle. I expect his first act as the NFLPA president will be to produce a series of instructional videos and handbooks explaining how and when the fans in the stands are supposed to cheer.

  2. Why haven’t the Seahawks called Winston yet? They don’t have a RT after Giacomini was overpaid by the Jets, unless they plan on starting one of the 2nd year undrafted backups. The offensive line was probably the weak spot on the team last year (partly due to injury), especially pass protection. It’s surprising they won a Super Bowl with such poor pass protection throughout the season, but Wilson can be a wizard when the play breaks down. I think Winston still has something in the tank and I would see if he’d sign for $2 million on a 1 year deal, maybe with incentives that reach $3 million if he starts all 16 games and makes the Pro Bowl.

  3. Winston’s character is perfect for a union president.

    After all, this is the guy who, before even being asked a question post-game, preemptively deflected responsibility of an entire game of poor team blocking causing his QB to get hurt by ripping an entire fan base. His popularity is about as high as Lin Elliott’s in KC.

  4. Kam Chancellor: Union Buster.

    For those unaware, plug in the names “Eric Winston” and “Kam Chancellor” on Google or YouTube and you’ll know what is being referred to here.

  5. Order of business #1:

    Call a meeting with Sean Gilbert.
    Have lunch.
    Knock Gilbert’s teeth out.
    Place a healthy tip on the table and exit.

  6. Highly intelligent guy. Miss him hearing him regularly on the radio in Houston. The love/hate for him as a tackle was probably 50/50 when he was here, but I remember those are also the years the line was absolutely and without a doubt, never better.

  7. Thought he played well for Cards last year. Would like to see them resign him as they still need a RT.

  8. I was in the stands when Cassel got hurt. The fans were cheering for the pass play down the field, not Cassel’s injury. By the way, it was Winston’s missed block that allowed Cassel’s clock to get cleaned.

  9. What is it with these beards NFL lineman are sporting these days? They look like fat, doofus hipsters, unlike what they think they are portraying, which is some mountain man stalking their prey.

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