Redskins sign Akeem Jordan


Linebacker Akeem Jordan played for Andy Reid in Philadelphia and Kansas City for the first seven years of his NFL career, but the partnership will not continue into a eighth season.

The Redskins announced Wednesday morning that they have signed Jordan as a free agent. Jordan is the third linebacker to join the Redskins this offseason along with Adam Hayward and Darryl Sharpton.

Jordan made the Eagles as an undrafted free agent in 2007 and went on to start 34 games for the team over six seasons before moving on to Kansas City along with Reid for the 2013 season. Jordan made 10 starts in Kansas City, making 67 tackles and forcing two fumbles while helping the team earn a playoff bid.

The Redskins re-signed Perry Riley and he’s almost certain to man one inside linebacker spot come next season. Sharpton and Jordan should be in the mix for the other spot once the Redskins get back on the field.

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  1. I don’t know anything about this guy but the DC Eleven is willing to pay him $1m for 6 months of football and other teams have been doing it for 7 years. So, at minimum, he has earned around $4.5m playing football. Now, what does Heaven pay the all-knowing “FootballGod”, $32k per year for 50 weeks? If you were as good at what you do as this guy is at what he does, you wouldn’t be the schlep that you are, “thefootballgodsays”.

  2. Good Luck Akeem. I hope you do well in Washington.

    As a Chiefs Fan, I will say he is an average linebacker. maybe he will play better for you guys.

  3. I like that my skins are filling role player spots and signing guys who also play special teams. Now we really need a strong draft and one or two big play makers on defense. I doubt they are going to be contenders this year, but it appears they are continuing to build the team the right way. Vinnys damage plus the cap penalty made building the right way a long process.

  4. kst2074 says:
    Mar 19, 2014 9:51 AM
    another smart signing by the skins. They are not making the mistakes of the past HTTR
    Yes and no. I love the Ted Thompson approach of very limited spending in order to keep the team together and build through the draft. Still, none of that will matter if Griff keeps getting beat up the way he did last year. Keep up the frugal depth signings, but for god’s sake, break the bank on an etting right tackle already.

  5. There was no cap penalty … the R-words were just stopped from writing off the Haynesworth contract. Same as all contracts for all teams. It’s not a penalty to have to play by the rules … unless you’re a fanboy.

  6. he used to get his haircut in my neighborhood barbershop while he was an eagle. always was a real stand up kid when we talked. very polite and very humble. i pulled so hard for him to make an impact when he got a chance to start, but unfortunately he just doesn’t have the athleticism to be a game changing type of LB. he’s a great guy to have as back up at multiple lb spots and will contibute on special teams for the skins the way he did for his 6 years in philly…not a bad signing for them

  7. I grew up with Akeem, he’s a tough local kid coming home to play for his home town team. He’ll def be a help on special teams if nothing else. Good signing! HTTR!

  8. This dude is hard to not root for. I went to school with him at JMU when the Dukes won the Div I-AA national title against Montana. In that game, JMU rushed 61 times for 314 yards, while Montana ran 23 times for 44!

  9. Thank the Lord. Jordan is a spiritual name, and he will use the hands of god to strip the ball from opponents like McCoy, Murray and Wilson. He will hawk the ball from Foles, Romo and Eli. He will rally the men in that locker room to Gods Will and do more than London Fletcher ever dreamed of. #LordsTeam #LordHasAPlan


    That is what free agency is for!

    And like fans say after the signings… CAN THEY PLAY??

  11. Redskins did good with free agency they got some really good players hope they do well thats my team and this football god dude running his trap glad most vale hir opinion like a good case of the clap,ans if u have some thing to say i would be glad to me u somewhere and we could discuss this in person

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