Report: Vick to visit Jets this weekend


Yes, Mike Vick is indeed moving closer to making a decision.  And the New York tabloids likely are already coming up with some creative back pages.

According to Eliot Shorr-Parks of, Vick will visit the Jets this weekend.

The Jets’ interest in Vick has been well documented.  They want a viable backup to Geno Smith, in the event the second-round pick doesn’t play well in his second NFL season.

Vick had been believed to be cool on the possibility of joining the Jets, given the presumption that Smith would be the Week One starter, with Vick playing only if Smith stumbles.  The contract, if any, offered to Vick could paint a far different picture regarding the team’s view of Vick, and regarding his chances of winning the job.

It’s unknown whether Vick has other visits planned.  With the Raiders apparently using their salary cap space to pursue multiple veterans who can turn the thing around quickly, it’s impossible to rule them out — if they’re willing to privately rule out using the fifth overall pick on a quarterback.

News of the impending Vick visit to the Jets comes at a time when the team is six days away from owing Mark Sanchez a $2 million roster bonus.  Absent a dramatic pay reduction, he’ll be cut (and possibly traded) before then.

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  1. What Geno Smith doesn’t need is fans and media screaming for Vick the first time there’s a turnover or the Jets offense stalls.
    It appears that the Jets are considering this a rebuilding year with a lame duck coach, so why bring in Vick who is at best a very short term solution?

  2. Lol, “Tabloids”? Don’t you mean newspapers? That’s what they’re supposed to be called ain’t it? I don’t think actual tabloids care about football in March, those “tabloid newspapers” maybe, but then we’re basically admitting that everything with the Jets is turned into tabloid journalism & that’s all anyone cares about. What a joke. This is what sports journalism has become in 2014.

  3. No…no….no…..not him!!!

    Can we move our facility to another state without letting Vick know? We can do another “mid-night move” like the Colts did a few years ago….Sneak out of town without anyone knowing about it!!

  4. seanpbeck says:
    Mar 19, 2014 10:25 AM
    Jets fans: does Mark Sanchez have a chance at resurrecting his career with a change of scenery or does he just not have “it?”


    Sanchez is a good qb, and I think he is better than Vick at this point in both of their careers. I think he suffered from a poor supporting cast (Wayne Hunter, the human turnstile for one) at times and tried to force it. I think the NY Media ate him up, and all of the Manish Mehta whispers finally did him in here. That, and he ran into another man’s rear head first on Thanksgiving in front of the nation. So, I think he has it, but he needs to get out of dodge. Raiders will do well with him.

  5. So Vick will be the starting Jets qb , and I have this odd feeling the Seahawks will sign Sanchez with his connection to Pete Carroll . Just as a reclamation backup qb project ugh!

  6. I didn’t realize it was possible to both cut and trade a player….learn something from pft everyday

  7. Jets coddled Sanchez by not having any realistic competition behind him. They’re not going to handle Geno the same way. Idzik has said they’re going to stoke competition at each position including QB.

    If Geno is good enough, he’ll keep his job.

    As for Sanchez, he’s a good teammate, but he always seems more in content just making it to the NFL than wanting to excel.

    At the end though, the laid back West Coast attitude of “It’s all good.” and getting paid top dollar, despite the team not winning and him not getting any better, pretty much sealed his fate with the fan base.

  8. Any truth to the rumor that when Geno took his first snap last preseason he tried to clear the ball over the OL by hitting it like a volleyball serve?

  9. From the jets blog:

    “30% of fans polled said they would stop being a Jets fan. Just under half of those people say they would never return and the rest would only return once he was off the team.

    Less than a quarter of fans would be completely on board with the move. That’s fewer than the number of fans that would abandon the team.

    That means that over three quarters of fans would be not happy with the move or worse.”

  10. Like Vick really has a choice where he can go? If he is getting interest he better take it or he may wind up in minnesota.

  11. If there’s a decent QB at #5, TAKE HIM OAKLAND !!

    Don’t make any promises to Vick about that



  12. Jets, I beg of you, do not pick him up. Not only is he a dog killer but he is a horrible, old, injury prone QB. I’d rather keep Sanchez if this is the route you wanna take. If you do pick up Vick, on principle, I will not support the team.

  13. Jets fans: does Mark Sanchez have a chance at resurrecting his career with a change of scenery or does he just not have “it?”


    Sanchez could make a few good plays when he had a strong cast around him, but they were always coaching to minimize his mental shortcomings. Remember the color code of situations to help him recognize that this would be a terrible time/place to throw an interception? And he never progressed that way—the dude is always one brain-fart waiting to happen, resulting in an INT, fumble or pick-6.

  14. This is AWESOME news.
    Vick = Solid insurance policy who will push Geno.
    Matt Simms is a capable #3 QB.
    Send Sanchez packing…
    Draft stud WR in 1st round, CB and TE
    Use 4th rounder from Revis trade on OLB
    Sign Colon and Cromartie.

    Jets = Playoff team w Vick in 2014.

  15. Is it possible to cut AND trade Sanchez as this article suggests?

    Please don’t sign Vick, Rex. I like you. You’re a likeable guy with a fine defensive pedigree. If you sign Vick, I’ll have to start hating you.

  16. Vick thinks it’s great entertainment to chain a 45lb plate to a dog and throw it in his pool and watch it drown. Stay classy dog killer.

  17. Why is Vick still in football? He admitted to running a gambling ring with his dog thing. Gambling is supposed to carry a lifetime suspension, not to mention the appalling things he did to his dogs!!!

  18. Good for him…I never liked him being the face of the Eagles, but he certainly has seemed to say all of the right things when Foles was made starter. He isn’t going to win you any playoff games, though…

  19. What an absolutely god awful decision this would be for the jets. One year after you draft your future quarterback, you’re already considering moving on? Every bad pass smith throws will result in chants for Vick. Then when Vick gets hurt, what are you going to do? Stupid stupid stupid

  20. I hate Vic – Dislike the Jets organization. But it think Vic and Smith have a lot in common. For the right price, Vic would likely hold a clipboard if he gets a multi year deal. His “rehab” back into the NFL and to a high-profile team is what I think makes him an attractive veteran for NYJ. Do I think he’s good and can help the Jets, or any team in the NFL – Nope. But I see some of the logic going on here.

  21. Oh, I say there Jets, please do sign young Master Vick to a long term contract. I would rather imagine that Messers Marrone, Philbin, and Belichick would wholeheartedly applaud such an outstanding move as that.

  22. God I love the Jets – the comic relief just keeps on coming.

    My browser starting playing circus big-top tunes when I clicked into this article.

    I will hate to see Rex go at the end of this season … he keeps things interesting at least, even though the Jets cannot say the same on the field.


  23. When are you going to learn? The jets are not about winning, they are about publicity and selling seat licenses & jerseys. Just take a look at the Tebow signing, his only purpose was to draw attention away from the Giants and sell jerseys, same as Vick will be.

  24. Nearly a half century has passed since the Joe Namath led Jets Super Bowl victory. I do not think signing Michael Vick will make much difference. They will cut Sanchez or trade him so this deal could go down but with Idzik…..who knows? We shall see…AFC East.

  25. Vick can only stay on the field for 4 games or so per year. Anyone who signs him will lose millions. He’ll be out of the league in 2015. His decline over the past two years has been breathtaking.

  26. Keep Sanchez, he is best QB out there, knows the play book, has winning playoff experience and was scheduled to start in 2013 before he got hurt. Vick is too old and get hurt often

  27. Please please please do not take my Sundays away from me by signing this bum. I am not one of these people who contend that he should not be allowed to play in the league, but I will never root for a guy who did what he did. I can’t sit here with my pit and cheer for that louse.

    On top of that this guy is a turnover and injury waiting to happen.

    Keep Sanchez and let him compete in the new system with better(?) talent around him. Oh and get more talent!

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