Steve Tisch believes Goodell will “make a statement” in disciplining Irsay

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Plenty of NFL owners will be asked about the Jim Irsay situation when they gather in Orlando for the annual league meetings next week.

One got a head start on the process by talking to a guy on the street with a camera, from TMZ.

Giants co-owner Steve Tisch said he believes Commissioner Roger Goodell will take action in this situation.

“I feel he’s gonna do something, and I think he’s gonna make a statement,” Tisch told the unidentified reporter who tried to interrupt the surprisingly talkative Tisch several times during the 90-second-or-so session.  “Again, you know, Jim’s got some felony charges against him.”  (Four, to be exact.)

Tisch made it clear that he’s merely commenting on the league’s rules and precedents, not attacking or judging Irsay.

“Jim’s a great guy, and I think a lot of people are wishing him all the best,” Tisch said.  “Certainly me included.  And I think he’s getting the help that he needs, and it’s gonna make his life a lot better.”

To the extent a double standard is suspected regarding players and owners, Tisch doesn’t seem to believe two sets of rules will apply.

“An owner is just as vulnerable to disciplinary actions as a player,” Tisch said.  “By putting ownership as well as coaches and players in the bylaws, it’s gotta be applied equally.”

It’s still unclear how to apply the rules equally between players and owners, especially when the owner has a net worth of $1.6 billion.

For a first-offense DUI, players routinely lose two game checks.  Under that standard, maybe Irsay should lose two weeks of his own paycheck from the league, via the team’s share of TV and other revenue that gets carved up and divided among the 32 franchises.

52 responses to “Steve Tisch believes Goodell will “make a statement” in disciplining Irsay

  1. Good grief….the only way to hurt an owner is to take away draft picks. Why is this so hard to figure out? Im not advocating that at all….but how else can you actually hurt a billionaire owner?

  2. Can we get T.O. to replace RG1 as commissioner? T.O. is so much more humble than RG1, and isn’t nearly as nacisistic.

  3. Seeing as how giant ownership works this guy Marra included prob want a punishment that will help the giants out when the colts come to town. Maybe suspend luck for a game because of his owner and let it happen to be the giants game. Anything to swing the tables kinda like the cap penalties against Dallas and Washington when 4-5 other teams committed the same foul

  4. What a load of crap.
    The double standard will be in full force effect.

    If he is not made an example of, then it will be a travesty.
    To think, Irsay cold have easily ended someone’s life while behind the wheel of a 2000 lb weapon.
    The worst kind of egomaniacs are these impaired drivers…

  5. “An owner is just as vulnerable to disciplinary actions as a player,” Tisch said. “By putting ownership as well as coaches and players in the bylaws, it’s gotta be applied equally.”

    Boy – this is going to put fear into the heart of all those Packer “stockholders”.

    If the NFL starts treating all NFL “owners” equally – there will be many “owners” of the Packers that are going to have to open their wallets.

    Or will those “owners” claim that their “stock certificate” is just a souvenir (as the rest of the NFL already knows)?

  6. Again, these are real people with real families. Drugs and alcohol can ruin a persons life. I hope he comes to the end of himself and gets this fixed.

  7. Maybe a statement about a society that glorifies alcohol and prescription drug use while demonizing something as harmless as cannabis for so many years?

  8. I genuinely hope Irsay gets the help he needs to better his life. The only thing that bothers me is the judiciary system. Put me, a middle class working American in his shoes. I GUARANTEE I would serve jail time. Not because of who I am, but because of the financial resources I lack compared to Irsay. I know this is how things are and there’s virtually no way to change this, BUT, none the less, it still bothers me and I’m sure plenty of others.

    All of that aside, I wish Irsay the best. Prescription drugs and alcohol combined are a deadly combination and I hope he gets control of this demon.

  9. Force him to sell. Get rid of this nfl black eye, the irsay’s, once and for all.

  10. Giants including bob tisch should be fined for teaching their players to fake injuries….

  11. Why should the NFL punish someone who has an addiction problem? It’s not going to help him get better at all. Or is punishment not about what is beneficial?

  12. “How do you disciplin a billionaire?”

    Easy. Take his toy away from him. Suspend him from the Colts. Zero contact for two years.

  13. At least the patriots had a dynasty….I don’t see the giants on NFLN’s dynasty month programming

  14. I’m pretty confident in saying all NFL owners and commissioners should have a permanent chauffeur so they never get in this situation driving nor so much as a speeding ticket in the news.

  15. paulsmith107
    Mar 19, 2014, 8:21 AM EDT
    “Seeing as how giant ownership works this guy Marra included prob want a punishment that will help the giants out when the colts come to town. Maybe suspend luck for a game because of his owner and let it happen to be the giants game. Anything to swing the tables kinda like the cap penalties against Dallas and Washington when 4-5 other teams committed the same foul.” In other news the cowgirls are still irrelevant clowns with a high school caliber defense and a owner who is half retarded and just signed Brandon weeden.we laugh at you.

  16. $500k fine is a good place to start, along with some sort of probation. Something humiliating so that the message gets across to him and other heedless owners who think that they are above the rules.

  17. I can’t wait for the holier than thou Mara’s and Tisch’s to get theirs…maybe Tisch should get a fine for tampering in the commish’s business and putting Goddell in a box.

  18. Thinking outside the box here . . . .

    How about the NFL makes him suit up and play in a game?? And not at kicker or punter. He’s gotta play receiver and go across the middle.

  19. Irsay can easily make back the fine money by selling his weight loss secrets to Viking fans. Most of them find those first 70lbs. to be the trickiest.

  20. Jimmy Haslam in Cleveland will be watching this very closely. He still is in the crosshairs over his company’s fraud scandal and will probably be indicted. If Goodell drops the hammer hard on Irsay, Haslam will be next.

  21. Gronk87….

    I don’t see a Lombardi in New England’s trophy case without a video camera next to it. Neither does the majority of the NFL fan base.

    The Yankees and Giants dominate your life….

    I can feel your anger.

  22. Its comical that the Giants owners take heat from NE fans. Especially because if the world saw those video tapes, we all know there would be NO airing of the “dynasty” that New England cheated their way into…. Kraft and Goodell are just as close as the Maras and Tisch’s are.

    Somebody get Gronk87 some ketchup with that waaaaaaaaamburger..

  23. Are we going to go there, giants fans? You want to accuse belichick of taping signals, fine. Where do you think he learned it from? Could it be he picked that up from a certain head coach of the New York giants? In any event belichick essentially won the giants their first two Super Bowls. #defense

  24. The other 31 owners should keep quiet about this situation. They should allow Goodell to do his job. There is a code of conduct so let it play out.

  25. @gtodriver Every Packer fan, who owns “Packer Stock” and even the ones who don’t, knows without a shadow of a doubt that it’s 100% memorabilia just like our autographed everything and the jerseys we wear to the stadium. -No one- thinks they have a direct say in the operations of the team, or that they can hostile takeover the team buy purchasing all the Packer stock. The only people who bring it up are trolls and morons, like you. We will continue to hang them proudly in our man caves, knowing that we donated some of our hard earned money to help the team we love expand the stadium so that more of us can then go to the games. But not only can we enjoy the games, but so can you! I mean, what football fan doesn’t want to go to the iconic Lambeau field? A liar, that’s who. I personally fly from NJ to Wisconsin at least 6 times a year. Lambeau is and forever will be an iconic stadium in North America. It’s the old Yankee Stadium or Fenway Park to baseball, the Madison Square Garden of basketball. So why wouldn’t we donate the money for it’s upkeep, we all love it.

  26. What I don’t get is, who is Goodell? He is nothing more than a business administrator hired by the owners to manage the league… Are owners, including Irsay, going to allow their employee to dictate rules they must abide by?! I don’t see him punishing one of his bosses. The Irsay’s will simply have to remind him where the $20+ million salary comes from- it comes from them.

  27. Suspend him from any committees he’s on and take away any votes on league rules/business. Simple as that.
    I hate that the Mara’s sold half the team to the Tish’s

  28. The sock puppet commissioner will perform his duties, which is to be the mouthpiece of the owners. It’s time to suspend this illogical scam of the commissioner being an independent office. The owners pay his overinflated salary, and he answers to no on but them.

  29. Sorry, a suspension wouldn’t work as the NFL could not enforce “no contact” with the Colts. He’s still the owner and responsible for the livelihood and careers of his employees. The only way to “punish” Irsay and by default, the Colts, is to take away draft picks. A fine is nothing for a multi-billionaire who inherited his fortune.

  30. could somebody let the maras know that steve tisch got out again? he’s running around pretending to be an owner…we’ve gotta get new locks for those doors…

  31. Roger Godell will only hand down a punishment that the other owners agree upon. With most of them having skeletons of their own, they’ll think about themselves being in those shoes. (Truckstop Jimmy Haslam, in particular). What is the punishment they would be willing to take on?

    I expect a lot of Pontificating about how wrong it was but he took the right steps in recognizing his problems, therefore blah, blah, blah…….. He’s a great owner and humanitarian blah, blah, blah…….

    I expect nothing more than a sizable donation to some “politically correct” charity with lots of photo ops in the process. Maybe some community service where he can send some scrubs to clean up a park and give away some left over Colts stuff….with more photo ops of Jimmy in a pink T-shirt, or something.

    Some BS double standard again. (What would happen to you or I with a DUI and 4 FELONY counts of possession?)

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