Tarrell Brown says 49ers made “slap in the face” offer


Free-agent cornerback Tarell Brown signed a one-year, $3.5 million deal to remain in the Bay Area, jumping from the 49ers to the Raiders.  So if that’s what Oakland offered to get Brown, what did the 49ers pony up to keep him?

“[I]t wasn’t what I wanted and it was to me more of a slap in the face,” Brown told Erik Kuselias of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.  “But I understand that it’s a business and I understand that they have to do what is best for them and it’s no hard feelings.  But what they offered me definitely wasn’t what I wanted and definitely wasn’t worth my value of what I’ve done in this league and how well I played these past 3-4 years in the league.  So it’s understandable and like I said there’s never any hard feelings.  They are doing a great job over there and I wish them the best.”

Brown exercised admirable restraint, given that the 49ers failed to tell Brown last year that he was blowing $2 million in base salary by not participating in the offseason workout program.  (The team said it didn’t know Brown was in danger of losing the money, but few in league circles believe that.)

While the team eventually gave Brown a $300,000 bonus, he was still $1.7 million short.  Surely, he was hoping the team would further make it right during negotiations.  Based on his description of the offer, the 49ers surely didn’t.

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  1. Most of the people in the world would kill for that money. He should be blacklisted from the NFL for being greedy and senseless.

    I am so tired of hearing players say they want to stay with a team but they are not sure how things will work out and its in their agents hands…. wrong, it is in your hands and you can stay if you make a sensible decision.

  2. Hey I wish u nothing but the best tarrell!!
    But how many pics did u have last yr?? Its a good thing u did not get paid for ints or u would of played for free!!!

  3. 3 years 12 million 9 guaranteed is what I’m hearing the Niners offered. Seems right in the TB range if you ask me.

  4. haha. I like Terrell Brown but since when is it the team’s duty to tell him about that 2 million. I would think he would know that or his agent… good luck in OAK.

  5. I may be wrong but didn’t they offer him 10 mill for 3 years? Making it a little over 3.3mill per year? I know it’s not all guaranteed but that’s why its his job to work to get it. Come on now!

  6. He was offered 10 million for three years. Not sure about how much was guaranteed. But he was only a standard player. Why else was no one calling on him?

  7. Since no other team would offer him close to what he thinks he is worth, every other team, except the Raiders, lined up and slapped Brown in the face.

  8. Brown needs to look at himself in the mirror…and say repeatedly “I am a dumbXXX”. How as a player can you not know what’s coming to you? Oh, he fired his agent, but now he wants to blame the Niners? Pa-leeze. Baalke reportedly offered him 3 yrs, $10M. The Raiders are paying him $3.5 for 1 year. Do the math…look at the “commitment” Oakland made. As they say on the ESPN Countdown panel, “Come on, man”.

  9. He was merely an average (at best) player for the 49ers, while playing behind perhaps the best front 7 in the league.

    Just wait until next offseason when it is time for a new contract Tarell. Something tells me that the Oakland D won’t hide your deficiencies and you would kill for that 3 year deal that you turned down.

  10. This is nothing new. Another player said the same thing about the Patriots last week. These players are all the same. They make millions of dollars and still cry and complain like a little bitch.

  11. I bet he wishes he had taken the Niners offer after the Raiderettes go 1 – 15, and the Niners are back in the playoffs. It’s not always about the money.

  12. There was such a crazy demand for him, and the Niners offer was so insulting, that he had to take the only other offer out there – from OAK, 2 weeks into free agency.

    I liked him as a player, but some of these guys need to realistically evaluate their own worth and appreciate their situation more.

  13. Being offered a 3 year deal for 10 million is not a slap in the face. His swelling is from his inflated ego. Steve Young took a pay cut to stay with the 9ers. Good luck in Oakland chasing 6 wins while the 9ers r chasing their 6th superbowl.

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