Titans releasing longtime kicker Rob Bironas


Perhaps no position in free agency got as thin, as fast as the kicker market.

Now the Titans are looking for one.

According to Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean, the Titans are releasing veteran Rob Bironas.

They’ll save $2.875 million against the cap with the move, but there aren’t many experienced options to replace the guy who spent his entire career with the Titans.

Most of the free agents were quickly re-signed by their teams, with old man David Akers and Rian Lindell and Lawrence Tynes among the few experienced kickers on the street.

But the Titans must be convinced they can replace him with someone as consistent on field goals (including 7-of-10 from 40 and beyond) at a cheaper price tag, with more of a leg for kickoffs.

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  1. Could be a good year for UDFA Kickers, and if everybody feels that way then nobody has to draft a Kicker and those teams can all save a pick if they don’t find a clear cut favorite to draft.

  2. Titans should definately get Lawrence Tynes. He’s a good kicker; making his kicks with consistency. Granted his percentage drops from outside 40+ yards but he’s pretty much automatic from less than 40. As a NYG fan, I know his work pretty well. He contributed heavily in getting the NYG to not 1 but 2 Superbowls with his game winning kicks. 1 Year for about $1-$2M should do it.

  3. Why!?!? This is such a dumb move. Maybe the 2.8 mil a yr was to high for a kicker.. Idk. I’m really starting to question Webster and Whisenhunt. They said they want to get younger at the position. Maybe there trying to get rid of the older guys that have been on the team a long time but damn. For them to kick off one of the most accurate kickers in then NFL and/or history with no one better to replace him… Just baffles me. I can see how this season is gonna be, Locker will go down by game 3, Whitehurst will replace him, our defense will not be adjusted to the 3-4 defense yet and with no pass rush will struggle. And now will have some unproven college kicker..

  4. I liked Bironas too. He’s a damn good kicker. But $2.875M for a kicker can be better spent on other positions. I would like to have seen an attempt to restructure his deal first, & maybe they did, but for the good of the team this is probably a good move.

  5. Hey, at least he won’t have to go back to Best Buy. No matter what happens with the rest of his career, he made millions and qualified for a pension. He’s still only 36 and he played a non-contact position.

  6. Look what the Ravens got in Justin Tucker as an UDFA….kickers are going to be less important in some aspects of the game going forward.

  7. If this guy has anything left, the Eagles should be all over him. A Gramatica brother would be an upgrade over Henley.

  8. As a season ticket holder since the Titans moved to Nashville in 1999, I agree with this move. Wiz and Webster are shaking things up and moving past the mediocracy we have had in TN for years. Bironis was a great kicker for us for years but his numbers have declined the past 3 seasons and his touch back percentage has drastically dropped. 2.875M is too much for an average kicker on the decline. It’s a new era in TItans football and the fans need to get on board and stop settling for average!!

  9. Good Kickers are a rare breed and Bironas is a great kicker. Those type of moves make me question their motives!

  10. For all the people questioning this move just look at how many times hes kicked the ball out back of endzone on kickoffs lately. Then 7-10 from 40+ last yr? Come on this is a no brainer move for $3million. I recall asking myself last year – when can i get kicker that kicks touchbacks? He was great kicker but past his prime if there is one for kickers idk.

  11. I remember the “no-name” camp battle that included Bironas the last time the Titans went looking for a new kicker (Bironas vs. Ola Kimrin?).

    It’s always scary to go with an unknown — a lot of fans weren’t sold on Bironas back then — but if they’re making this move now, I’d rather they not just recycle another veteran. Might as well try to go young again.

    As I recall, the camp leg they had last summer (Bonani) didn’t look half bad in preseason. Maybe this is his year to break in.

  12. I would rather pay a different position 3 million. Good move. Kickers looking for work are out there.

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