Trade market heating up for Chris Johnson

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The Titans want to trade Chris Johnson.  Johnson is willing to take less money (but not much less money) to make it happen.

For now, it could be working.

Per a league source, a trade market is emerging for Johnson.  The market arises from real interest in Johnson from multiple teams.

For now, nothing is imminent.  A trade would require both the Titans to be happy with the compensation and Johnson to be happy with the destination.  Johnson also would have to be happy with his contract.

Because the Titans owe Johnson no guaranteed money or bonuses, they can take their time.  The situation becomes awkward only if the issue lingers until the offseason program opens and Johnson shows up and insists on participating in sessions that, if a serious injury happens, would require the Titans to pay his full $8 million for the coming season.

Johnson has rushed for more than 1,000 yards in each of his six NFL seasons.  Last year, however, he had a career-low 3.9 yards per carry.

His best season came in 2009, when Johnson rushed for 2,006 yards, one of seven players to break the 2,000-yard barrier.

55 responses to “Trade market heating up for Chris Johnson

  1. How much would you pay for this rb? I’d say not much. Rb’s in today’s NFL should be young & inexpensive. Good enough Running Backs are everywhere and can be easily obtained. The NFL simply isn’t a power running league anymore. You need LT’s, DB’s and WR’s.

  2. Maybe Ryan Grigson can give away our 1st round pick for next year to get Johnson. Smh

  3. A new contract with guaranteed money?

    Doesn’t take Kreskin to see his effort after that……..

  4. Cj was so much fun to watch in 09.

    I had him on my fantasy team and every time he touched the ball it was a chunk of yards.

  5. the kid will have something to prove and his talent is still there.

    Love to see him in a Baltimore uniform…..thou he doesn’t seem like an Ozzie type kid

  6. Oakland has a ton of cap space, decent young receivers, and is willing to be in the Darren McFadden business. Something tells me that CJ2.5YPC would fit right in.

  7. As a Titans fan I hope we can get something for him. But aside from that, why in the hell would any team give up anything for him & his huge salary?

    Also, there is no reason he has to be happy with his destination. He doesn’t have a no-trade clause or anything. They can ship him off to any team willing to take on that salary without any approval from Johnson himself. I still just don’t see why any team would do that.

  8. I’ve never thought he belonged with the Titans, his incredible speed always reminded me of the Greek God Hermes who, as we all know was an Olympian! Part of the regime that disposed of the Titans!

  9. As a hardcore Titans fan, the primary reason I want Johnson gone has nothing to do with his decreasing production. He still has significant skills and he still has gas in the tank. What he is not, however, is a team player. Not even close. Mike Munchak started the methodical process of getting guys like him out of the locker room and replacing them with good teammates. Coach Whisenhunt seems to be continuing in that direction, thank God.

  10. He’s so much better when he’s catching passing out of the backfield. Wish he would take Kibbles and Bits to be Norv Turner’s Darren Sproles.

    One can dream cant he?

  11. CJ held the cards and forced his hand to get his big contract, then took it easy after that.

    This time the Titans own him and I hope they return the favor by making him wait, then hopefully ship him to a crap team.

  12. I keep hearing RB are a dime a dozen but every RB the Titans have drafted besides CJ have been major busts. He may not be the ideal team player but he’s a million times better than Shon Greene who will most likely start.

  13. Johnson seems like a bit of a prima donna that is as much or more concerned with the number of touches he gets, and the stats he accumulates, as he is with his team winning.
    Add to that a RB with six years in the league and a career low YPC last season, and while he still has talent, I don’t see the Titans receiving much, or another team giving too much, to obtain him.

  14. He’s a track man playing runningback. He goes down very easy and doesn’t follow blocks well either. He’s just a track man playing runningback.

  15. Would love Johnson in Tampa, but Lovie wouldn’t put up with the attitude. Wouldn’t mind seeing him in Cleveland in tandem with Tate. That would be a nice backfield.

  16. “Trade market heating up for CJ”?


    And what Teams would be stupid enough to trade for him?

    More Excellent reporting by Florio!

  17. As a Titans fan, CJ is not a team guy. Only cares about his touches and his stats. Good results – I di. that. Bad results – OL issue.

    His time here is clearly over. I think he does have gas in the tank but only behind a strong OL. His ego is too big to accept the maybe 2M that somebody would offer. Titans can hold him to the end of training camp and then cut him. Hope it doesn’t come to that but I don’t see anyone paying him even 2M plus a pick, and I don’t think CJ will work for that until after he gets cut and understands the real market.

    Titans might cut him when and if there is no market, but they could just hang on to him cause it’s free until September.

    Most fungible position in the league. I’m fine with cutting him now, but if some desperate team wants to offer a pick, might as well wait and see what happens…

  18. It’s a bit stupid of people to say that he sucks and that he’s really not that good.

    To be fair he had one good season and bet the farm that he could leverage the Titans. He fleeced them of a contract he was never worth, that’s not his fault that’s on the Titans.

    When he continued to under perform that contract again, that’s not his fault, that’s on the Titans.

    Nobody had to give him the deal he got. To put it into perspective, if they hadn’t give Chris Johnson that deal would the Titans be any closer or any farther away from winning a Superbowl? With or without him the Titans roster isn’t winning anything, so good for him for getting as much as he can.

  19. Oakland, San Diego, Denver, Cleveland, Arizona, St Louis, Philly, Miami, Pittsburgh. Are some of the teams that could make a play for his services

  20. I’m a titans fan and we are in limbo. Jake looked good but the guy cant stay healthy for nothing, if we trade cj, we have Shonn Greene as a starter. We just dropped fitz and got good ol Charlie. This team is a freaking joke with no studs on offense. We need a QB and if we lose Johnson we will need a new RB. i know MJd is getting old and his prod has been dropping but i feel like we can get rid of Johnson and pick him up for cheaper and sign him to a 1 or 2 year deal in the same division he has always played in. I just don’t want to regress anymore than we really need to if possible.

  21. No team in their right mind will pay this dude close to $8 million a year.

    The very sight of defensive linemen makes him run the other direction.

  22. Had they not just traded for Sproles, I would have suggested that the Eagles traded DeSean Jackson for Chris Johnson (with a revised contract).

  23. Contract should be backloaded, incentive driven. Might keep his attitude right when he knows he has to perform to get paid what he thinks he’s worth.

  24. Maybe in NFL trading cards. Can’t see a “heated up market” for a player that mailed it in since he got the fat contract. My guess his agent is putting this out to try to shake trees.

  25. In 2009, the titans offensive line was the best run blocking line i have ever seen. Holes were ginormous and Johnson took full advantage of that, having one of the best rushing seasons ever. I said then, he is very dependent on that line, and as that line deteriorated so did his ypc. He’s a very selfish player, pointing fingers at everyone but himself. A don’t see a team biting. This is definitely leaked by the titans to try and drum up any offer out there. Keep him till after the draft, and cut him if someone makes no offer during.

  26. He’d make a nice backup in MN behind Peterson or a solid 3rd down back. He can also help carry Peterson’s jock around the locker room.

  27. CJ would be a major upgrade at RB1 for about 28 different teams in the league. He is probably the best pass protecting RB in the league and still has some moves when not being swarmed behind the line. If he’ll take around 5mil look for him to be great for a contender this year.

  28. It’s amazing the ignorance that comes from most football fans. The “got paid, got lazy” argument is so ridiculous since CJ is completely obsessed with himself and obsessed with his stats. He still puts all the effort in because trust me he wants every yard he can get to show up in his stats. The guy was even calling meetings on his own this past season with his o-line to get the kinks worked out week after week. The fact is that his o-line is really bad and has gotten worse each of the past 3 years and he is not the type of back that is going to get you yards when you don’t have good blocking and lanes. He also played the entire season with a significant knee injury so I wouldn’t be so quick to write him off as some lazy bum who is done. He could have easily sat out the whole season, gotten paid, and gotten knee surgery when the injury happened in week 3. A change of scenery is probably the best thing for him right now.

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