Troy Vincent becomes NFL’s new executive V.P. of football operations


With Ray Anderson, the NFL’s former executive V.P. of football operations, now the A.D. at Arizona State, the league needed a replacement.

That replacement is former NFL cornerback Troy Vincent.

The league has announced that Vincent has succeeded Anderson in one of the most important positions in the front office, overseeing all of the league’s game operations and, at times, having a direct hand in the imposition of discipline — especially on non-players.

“Troy Vincent brings a uniquely well-rounded perspective to this leadership position,” Commissioner Roger Goodell said. “He knows the game inside out from the locker room to the board room. He has done an exceptional job growing services to our players and former players, and he is ready and eager to lead our football operations group. Troy’s passion for education, personal development, and innovation will bring a new vitality and vision to our football group.”

Vincent, who once was believed to be on track to replace Gene Upshaw as executive director of the NFLPA, had a falling out with Upshaw in the months before the Hall of Fame offensive lineman died in 2008, after a brief battle with pancreatic cancer.  Vincent, who ran for NFLPA executive director in 2009, ruffled some feathers at the players union by taking a job in the league office with the 2011 lockout on the horizon.

Since then, Vincent has thrived in his role as an employee of the NFL.  While the NFLPA executive director gig likely will never happen, the 43-year-old Vincent should placed on the short list of candidates to replace Commissioner Roger Goodell, whenever Goodell decides to retire.

29 responses to “Troy Vincent becomes NFL’s new executive V.P. of football operations

  1. Hopefully this new VP has a word with this refs, because the JETS should have made the playoffs this year but too many calls went against them.

    8-8 with a rookie QB and the refs against us all year. Best defensive line in football. Best receiver in football in Decker. Future HOF head coach in Ryan. 2014 is looking up!

    #GangGreen #JETSDynasty #NamathLegend

  2. Roger Goodell is a CEO who makes, what $45 million? Is a 43 year old man, who spent most of his adult life playing football, really ready for such a large position even though he hardly has any experience?

    Not a fan of Roger, but how much time did he spend working for the NFL before he was commissioner?

    Its a huge job and its not to be taken lightly. I dont think Vincent is ready, or will be ready any time soon.

  3. youtubeingravenvids says:
    Mar 19, 2014 11:05 AM
    Ahhh somebody who played football while it still had some toughness involved in it. hopefully he will help to NOT impose some of those pointless fines we see.

    Um……. you do realize the current VP in charge of player conduct (aka, the guy who determines player fines) is former 49ers Safety Merton Hanks, right?

  4. Remember, the commissioner job is not a football job. Its a business job.

    Putting a football player in the position will not change that.

    The commissioner is chosen by the owners to advance their business interests. That is the case even if its bad for the game. Thats just the sad reality that the owners have created.

    Thats why you see Roger make so many peculiar decisions, yet the value of the franchises, as well as his salary, continue to sky rocket.

    That is also why the owners would never chose a former player with limited business experience.

  5. I can also repeat “Great idea, Mr. Goodell!” 20 times a day, and I’ll do it for half what this guy is making.

  6. Hey Troy, remember when the Bills drafted JP Losman, and signed you in the same offseason, and you broke his leg in training camp?! I do!

  7. First order of business to stop making officiating the dominant discussion point of every game…….the NFL and Goodell have made each play about whether a penalty is being called……the game is actually eroding while we all wait on the next yellow flag to hit the ground.

    First action item for ya Troy……

  8. You really think they are going to go from back to back lawyers to a former player / NFLPA president? Never going to happen.

    Why are you even floating this idea? Does his agent have photos of you doing something illegal?

  9. It’s healthy for the league that they get a player that so many people respected for his play on the field, in the front office, but this is a result of being pushed out of the NFLPA and im guessing some people are really not happy about this on the players side.

  10. Merton Hanks doesn’t even hide is bias. His”boy” is colin kaepernick, he openly pulls for his old team. Hopefully Vincent displays integrity

  11. I actually got a chance to chat with Troy Vincent – sat next to him for a couple of hours on the Amtrak – and was completely impressed with him. Very smart guy and understands the game itself, the business aspects of the game as well as the issues that players go through. Excellent choice!

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