Vic Fangio gets extension, raise from 49ers

Getty Images

It appears 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh’s lobbying efforts are working.

According to Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee, 49ers defensive coordinator Vic Fangio got a raise and a contract extension, which pairs the longtime assistant’s deal with Harbaugh’s.

Now both of them have expiring contracts after the 2015 season, and Fangio is among the highest-paid coordinators in the league.

The 49ers have been in the top five in the league in defense each of their three years together with the 49ers. Fangio also coaches the team’s outside linebackers.

He’s also a trusted agent of Harbaugh, who has the run of the defense while Harbaugh concentrates on the other side of the ball. While Fangio’s name gets tossed into coaching search speculation from time to time, he hasn’t gotten enough attention for the work he’s doing there.