Vick could be moving toward a decision


Last week, it appeared that free-agent quarterback Mike Vick would wait — possibly until after the draft — to pick his next team.

This week, there are early indications that Vick could be moving toward making a decision.

Several teams have signed veteran quarterbacks over the last two weeks, presumably narrowing the scope of Vick’s available options.  Running back Adrian Peterson openly lobbied for Vick to come to Minnesota, but the team re-signed Matt Cassel to a two-year, $10 million contract.  It’s unlikely that the Vikings would pay that much or more for Vick.

Ditto for the Jaguars and the Buccaneers, who gave similar contracts to Chad Henne and Josh McCown, respectively.

The only teams with clear and obvious needs at quarterback are the Raiders, Texans, and Browns.  Like the Vikings, Jaguars, and Buccaneers, those teams surely will be looking at the top of the draft for a rookie, who likely would supplant a veteran “starter” as early as the moment the rookie’s name is written on the draft card.

Vick, by all appearances, wants to avoid being the starter for less than two months and then yielding to a first-round hotshot who’ll relegate Vick to the bench.  If Vick’s going to be the backup, he may as well stay in Philly.

The Jets and Bills could be options.  While the Bills have said they’re not looking for a veteran to push EJ Manuel, the Jets most likely are looking for someone to turn to if Geno Smith stumbles.  Either way, Vick would have a hard time winning the job in either place for Week One.  The more likely scenario would entail Vick as the Plan B if the 2013 high-round rookie selection flames out in either place.

Injury concerns could help Vick’s cause.  In St. Louis, Sam Bradford is recovering from a torn ACL.  In Carolina, Cam Newton suddenly will be gone for the next four months.  In either city, however, Vick would likely be holding a spot until the starter is healthy.

There’s one other team that bears watching:  the Titans.  Jake Locker is recovering from surgery to repair a LIsfrance injury in his foot.  (One league source recently remarked that Locker may still be on crutches.)  Beyond Locker, the options are Charlie Whitehurst, Rusty Smith, and Tyler Wilson.

When did new Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt have his greatest success in Arizona?  When using a youngster or a proven veteran in the final years of his career?

Maybe Vick, the starter in Philly when Whisenhunt made the ill-fated trade for Kevin Kolb, gives Whisenhunt a way to quickly turn things around in Tennessee, at least for a year or two.  Yes, Vick has injury concerns, but the presumed starter in Tennessee has had an even harder time staying healthy during the first three years of his career.

Regardless of destination, Vick could be making a move sooner than it seemed he would.

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  1. A team with a young quarterback or a team that is searching for some depth at the quarterback position should quickly swoop in and sign Michael Vick.

    It’s always a question mark if a former starter can transition into a backup role but Vick spent most of last season as the backup and the entire Philadelphia Eagles franchise sung his praise especially Nick Foles, the man who replaced him.

    He can provide a young quarterback with important lessons while being able to come in and be an asset.

  2. It would be interesting to see how he’d perform with a very solid o-line negating him from needing to run unless necessary.

    I’d love to see him finish his career up more of a pocket qb using his head when to use his feet. His big year he never had, philly’s o-line was decimated before the season barely got under way.

    I think it would male for a great situation to have him as a 2 year mentor/starter to a rookie… Not everyone is going to play like Luck, RGIII, RW3 – those guys were the exception

  3. Don’t understand why anyone would sign him as a mentor for a younger qb. He already admitted to not watching film. With his kind of talent when he was younger he got away with it, but these guys coming out in this years draft don’t have his kind of talent.

  4. Hopefully, Vick’s career path will mirror Tebow’s. A lot of press attention and speculation about where he might go and the poof! Disappears into a black hole never to be heard from again.

  5. Woof Woof…..The ASPCA is looking for a middle-aged wash out willing to work part time as a dog groomer!

  6. Vick could very well become the best backup in the NFL. Now that McCown is a starter again. Its time Vick accepts his reality.

  7. Pocket QB??

    what have you been watching the past 13 years?

    Vick cannot operate in the pocket. Most, if not all of his big plays come from outside the pocket on the move. Vick can’t see over 6’6 OL and doesn’t have the presence of mind like Brees does.

    To think that this guy can change his game at this point in his career is laughable. Just ask Andy Reid.

    with Vick, you will get what he has been

  8. I just can’t shake the connection between Vick and the Raiders in my mind. If Al Davis were still alive, you know that he’d swoop him up in a second!

  9. I hope Vick finds himself a good situation preferably where he can start….ideally I would like him back with the Eagles (Philly fan here) but I know he wants to start. I just wish him the best because of the turn around he made in his life. It irks me to see the intolerance displayed towards Vick from those who claim to be tolerant. To them I say suck a rock! Best of luck to you, Michael, wherever you land!

  10. It is nearly impossible to see Vick catch on as a starter anywhere. The fall from being a $100 million man and redemption story to being aging QB with a limited skill set now that the physical gifts are fading who is struggling to find a backup role has been a long one.

    When Blaine Gabbert, Brandon Weeden, and Chad Henne all hold more value than you, it could be time to think about hanging up the cleats. Too bad he’s broke and can’t retire with some dignity.

  11. I cant stand you ignorant b!tches..Vick is a better QB then at LEAST 25 Starting in the league right now. In fact theres only about 5 I would have a hard time NOT replacing him over (but could still do it). So the insulting racist ignorant comments on this article and a disgrace and slap in the face to him. He WILL start and your great “saviors” manning and brady are at least 4 years older and vick has 2 years more since he was so wrongly imprisoned. Do your thing vick, come back as mvp you should have been already and hopefully with my browns!

  12. I hear the local Humane Society is looking for someone to clean kennels + shovel dog poop…

  13. Vick fooled the masses for years but no more, everyone but his home boys can plainly see he’s worthless.

    Completely and totally worthless AND a turd to boot.

  14. Some team will take a flyer on Vick but, basically, he’s done. Given his injury history, he’s only good for a handful of games. I mean, why bother?

  15. I’m sure there will be many who’ll look to the Raiders to scoop up someone else’s trash, like they have done so many times in the past. But, that’s the past and this is no Al Davis’ team to goof around with anymore.
    Reggie McKenzie comes from one of the most respected pro franchises on the planet and wants only high character guys; i.e. not Vick.
    There’s NO way he lands in Oakland. Zero chance. Period.

  16. Vick isn’t good enough to have the power to “make a decision”. That right is reserved for elite talent at a position.

    Vick isn’t elite. He’s an injury prone QB that can’t read defenses well and has only passed for over 60 percent ONCE in his entire career.

    He’s a a backup at best. He should be happy to still get a paycheck.

  17. mdobrasz says:
    Mar 19, 2014 10:06 AM
    I’m sure there will be many who’ll look to the Raiders to scoop up someone else’s trash, like they have done so many times in the past. But, that’s the past and this is no Al Davis’ team to goof around with anymore.
    Reggie McKenzie comes from one of the most respected pro franchises on the planet and wants only high character guys; i.e. not Vick.
    There’s NO way he lands in Oakland. Zero chance. Period.

    Reggie McKenzie still has a good shot to be fired before the draft.

  18. The irony of Vick playing in Cleveland is too much to hope for. Could you imagine the fun could be had? Every interception would “kill” the Dawg Pound. But no seriously, this is a terrible idea.

  19. Vick had an outstanding comeback in Philly but it’s clear his best days are behind him. You can’t help but wonder how good he might have been had he kept his nose clean and had a better work ethic in his prime. Now he’s destined to be a backup.

  20. Bn2n2me. .people are not racist because they don’t like Vick. He has been in the league. long? Still can’t read a defense, can’t get around the edge, slowed down, makes bad decisions in life and on the field. Doesn’t go through all his progressions. Wrongfully in jail. Hardly, electrocution, drowning, shooting and hanging shows he is a demented man. If you ask me, he has had a charmed life. Anyone else would have been ruined.

  21. If he’s going to find work, it’ll be backing up another mobile QB. You don’t want to change the protection scheme when the backup comes in. Running two different offenses doesn’t make sense.

    I think he would have the most value and best fit in Washington, but that would only happen if they trade Cousins.

  22. The Vikings won’t touch this guy and I don’t blame them. Vick does not represent a “Favre” opportunity. They need to see what comes out of the draft, if not this year, then next. Work with Cassell until an heir-apparent surfaces. One step at a time.

  23. i’ll always have a soft spot for vick. dude won me a lot of madden games back in the day when he was the only scrambling qb in the nfl.

  24. You guys love to hate Vick , the man paid for mistakes in many ways ( legal and financial). Let it go !!! The people giving him a hard time are the ones with dog hair, fecal matter , and houses that smell terrible. Im just saying !!!

  25. He could always go back to Atlanta and back up Matty Ice. Never mind he burned his bridges there.

  26. Raiders should go after him hard and draft a qb later in the draft. They aren’t a first round quarterback away from competing so I think they should take the best available player in the first round. Let Vick start for a year or two.

  27. I guess my mentor comment was off.. I meant more as a fill-in gap while qb of the future develops – they’ll have at least 6 games before he gets a multi-week injury lol.

    The guy can still ball, and at this point in age the guys still here is because of the cerebral aspect even though their arms don’t have the same zip, or their legs and in his case that would be good.

    “myeaglescantwin says: Mar 19, 2014 9:24 AM

    Pocket QB??”

    Respect you don’t think it’s possible, but in my eyes it’ll happen out of necessity. NBA’s Larry Johnson went from ferocious power dunker to finesse shooter because of back issues.. Look at Dwayne Wade.

    More to the point, I was actually tinking of Randall Cunningham as someone who went from scrambler to legit pocket QB. McNabb did the same for me – him being near perfect on a broken leg cemented that to me.

  28. Two things I love about this article:

    1) The impression it seems to give that Vick is staring at a table covered with contract offers, with one hand stroking his goatee while he considers the pros and cons of each of his many, many choice opportunities.

    2) The subtle comparison between Vick and Kurt Warner in the Titans paragraph. The ONLY thing those two guys have in common is that they were both veterans in the final years of their careers.

    Let’s stick to the facts, shall we? The following QBs have all found work before Mike Vick:

    Charlie Whitehurst
    Brandon Weeden
    Josh McCown
    Chad Henne
    Matt Cassel
    Tavaris Jackson
    Kellen Clemons
    Derek Anderson
    Curtis Painter

    He’s a backup level QB who can’t stay healthy looking for a starting job. There are 2 people on earth who think Mike Vick is still a starting QB in the NFL: Mike Vick and bn2n2me.

    That’s it, that’s the list.

  29. I don’t know why the Titans would pick up a capable backup that has good chance of playing half the season; that would just make too much sense for GM Ruston Webster to go for it. I mean, come on, he just added Clipboard Jesus.

  30. Vick has nothing left in the tank, and teams know it–witness the fact that he’s still unemployed. Not only that, he’s a despicable human being. Time to retire.

  31. What a sad way to finish out a career.

    He took the Falcons one game away from the 2004 Super Bowl on physical attributes alone. If he had actually been a student of the game, acted like an adult, and prepared for opponents he probably would have gone down as one of the greatest of all time.

    What could have been…

  32. I think he’d be a perfect fit for the Jets. He could take in the “NY essence” like Braylon Edwards did. Where is (hands of) Stone Cold Braylon? Maybe KW2 would share his jelly.

  33. Mike Vick and Johnny Manziel in Cleveland would be put them back on espn in a good way for once, kinda.

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