Agent: Buffalo also interested in Kenny Britt

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Receiver Kenny Britt spent most of the 2013 season in the doghouse of former Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Munchak. Britt played in 12 games but was limited to just 11 catches for 96 yards on the season. Though his opportunities were limited last season, he’s still attracting interest on the free agent market.

In an interview with Alex Marvez and Phil Savage on Sirius XM NFL Radio, Britt’s agent, Pat Dye, said the Buffalo Bills have also expressed interest in the former Titans first-round draft pick.

The interest from Buffalo is in addition to interest from the St. Louis Rams, Washington Redskins, New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers. Britt has already taken visits to St. Louis, Washington and New England. Dye said that visits to Carolina and Buffalo remain a possibility as well.

The Panthers have a significant need at receiver and a deal with the Rams would reunite Britt with former Titans head coach Jeff Fisher. The Bills could also use additional help. Scott Chandler was the only receiver to gain more than 600 yards last season and no player had more than three receiving touchdowns.

Dye said a short-term contract for Britt is likely and they are looking for an opportunity for Britt to get playing time to help restore his value. Britt caught 42 passes for 775 yards and nine touchdowns in his best season in 2010. He missed most of the following season due to injury and less productive upon his return in 2012.

20 responses to “Agent: Buffalo also interested in Kenny Britt

  1. Britt would be a good signing for Buffalo, provided that they also hire a designated driver for him.

  2. If Britt is looking to re establish his value and not be out of the NFL by this time next year…the answer is obvious, isn’t it? Go to The pats and play with the best QB of all time (and a strong overall supporting roster), while making a deep post season run where Britt can showcase his skills on a national stage…please don’t over think it Mr.Britt/silly agent..the answer is obvious as can be.

  3. Dave Gettleman can bring in every bum under the sun but this potential beast remains waiting for the Panthers to call him and he hasn’t pulled the trigger. He obviously wants to go to a team like Carolina after leaving St. Louis, Washington and New England (Tom Brady!). I don’t understand what the problem is… BRING HIM IN AND SIGN HIM ALREADY. Him and Cotchery would be solid together. And then you could get a WR in the 2nd round after addressing the O-line in the first. Very simple.

  4. And who wouldn’t want to play in Buffalo…. Everybody loves those 16 degree night games with a wind chill factor of -4 in December. Especially on a one year contract playing for a team that never makes the playoffs.

  5. Why doesn’t this agent understand that Britt needs to go to an organization that will revive his career by developing him as a complete player. He needs help. Just going for a contract is foolish at this point.

  6. Realnflmaster do you troll bills posts in hopes that it will some how turn the tide of the Bills surpassing the Yets in the East? I know it sucks when you have a team based in NYC and players still won’t come there because they are aware what a joke the franchise has become.
    Have fun with Vick and Geno.

  7. Realnflmaster your sad… Have fun mocking the Bills while your team stays stagnant and can’t improve because no FA wants to play for that joke of a franchise… Can’t wait to see the Bills sweep that garbage roster you guys call a team Hahahhaha keep trolling I loves seeing the distress in your posts knowing the Bills will be moving past you in the East this season

  8. When I think of Britt, nothing really stands out beside the fact that he was a first round draft pick. Being 6-3, 225 will help him land somewhere, but if he is planning on sticking around this league, he is best to go where the QB position is strongest.

  9. Why go to an NFL wasteland? Only if it’s the only place to earn a check. But only sign for one year.

  10. Let’s see, low character guy who tends to run where he likes instead of where he is supposed to. Also drops half the balls that hit him. 8M per year?

    Wouldn’t touch this guy with someone else’s ten foot pole.

  11. Good lord, please NO. Bills already have Stevie. They dont need another loser who’s mouth is way better than his game and cant catch in clutch situations.

  12. If he stayed out of trouble and worked and studied hard, I could see Brady putting 70 balls in his hands, and him maybe hanging a thousand yard season on the books. That’ll restore your rep real fast.

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