Bucs land Mike Jenkins


Buccaneers coach Lovie Smith said he wanted a strong finish to free agency and the Bucs have obliged by adding a cornerback to go with Alterraun Verner and Johnthan Banks.

The Buccaneers have announced that they have reached agreement on a contract with cornerback Mike Jenkins. Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports reports that it is a one-year deal, $1.5 million deal for the former Raider and Cowboy with another $500,000 available in incentives.

The move to Tampa also offers Jenkins a chance to get back to some of the defensive schemes that served him well enough at South Florida to become a first-round pick of the Cowboys. While Smith has made it clear that the Bucs won’t be all about the Tampa Two, Jenkins’ familiarity with the principles probably didn’t hurt him when he met with the Bucs.

Jenkins is the 11th free agent from outside the organization to sign with the Buccaneers since free agency opened last week. The team is expected to keep looking for help at wide receiver as they turn over the roster from the Greg Schiano/Mark Dominik era.

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  1. Forgive me for dousing water on this Mike Jenkins love fest but everyone seems to be forgetting that he stinks. On the bright side, he should have no trouble blanketing Carolina’s WRs.

  2. Nice signing for the money.

    Some people get down on FA pickups. if you can get your 4th CB for 2 million a year total you are doing something. If he turns into the 3rd CB you’ve struck gold.

    I’d have liked to see him back in Oakland on that deal.

  3. “Gotta smirk at the fickle. The media always say “you can’t build through FA”. But this year “TB won in FA”.”


    As a Tampa fan, I don’t really care about “winning” free agency or “building” through free agency.

    At this point, all I care about is “cleaning up the Raheem Morris/Greg Schiano mess” through free agency.

    And the Bucs are doing that without question

  4. Two players that HAD to be replaced. Matador Donald Penn and WHERE’D HE GO Leonard Johnson. Great job Bucs! Jenkins is a great signing, especially at nickel and for depth.

  5. Mike Jenkins is a fragile player who, when healthy, takes plays off and makes “business decisions” when it comes time to play tackle football. When he does try to hit (never tackle) a player, he often gets injured. He should be banned from wearing the number 21. Good luck with that, Lovie. He’s not going to win games for you but he may very well lose a few.

  6. Remember, the Bucs have only 5 selections in this upcoming draft, so right now, Lovie and Licht are flushing out a large percentage of the 4-12 roster and stocking it up with their guys. I don’t expect the Bucs to be as active in free agency next season, since they’ll have their nucleus in place and a full complement of draft picks to work with.

    As for Jenkins, I was never crazy about the guy, but for that price I think he’ll be a solid fit for the Bucs. I expect them to target at least one receiver and probably a couple depth signings after the draft.

    So far, so good. This team should be much improved, and at the very least, the stink of the Raheem/Schiano years has been washed away, so kudos for that.

  7. Not all 22 players on the field are going to be all-pros.

    The Bucs didn’t sign this guy for 6 years 60 million here.

    Let’s be real.

  8. I’m not a Bucs fan but I must say as a Raider fan Mike Jenkins is a baller with alot of upside left in the tank. Hate to see him go. Good luck with the Bucs Mike

  9. i was ok with losing tracy porter this off season, but i really wanted us to resign jenkins. Good luck in Tampa Mike.

  10. Funny how Bucs fans are excited about Jenkins. It just shows they have never seen him play. He’s short, slow, and is only a good matchup against the 4th or 5th receiver. He’s injury prone and only plays just well enough, which is not good at all, to get a pay check. Cowboys and Raiders fans have seen this joker give up on plays time and time again. You have your head up about this guy Bucs fans, don’t be disappointed when it happens. Also his “Pro Bowl” year he was the 2nd alternate so theres that.

  11. Good inexpensive signing. And much needed depth. Would fit nicely in the nickel slot. Hopefully, he’ll thrive in Lovie’s system.

  12. Man I love haters. He will not be a full time starter!!! He is for depth and relief. Jbanks and verner are the starters. We’re most likely gonna play him in the nickel where he fits well. Some people are so ignorant.

  13. As a Bucs fan, I’m a bit disappointed in this choice. I watched Jenkins play several games in Dallas and he take a LOT of plays OFF! I watched him not even try and cover a receiver f he “thought” he had help. Most of the time the help wasn’t there and thus resulted in a touchdown. And usually he was just standing around watching the result unfold without even trying to deter it. Not really sure what benefit he brings to the team. On a grade of 1-10, with 10 being the best…he is a 5

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