Cotchery to Carolina, Panthers finally find a receiver

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The Carolina Panthers have a new No. 1 receiver.

Granted, Jerricho Cotchery has been a backup for most of his career and is about to turn 32, but Cotchery will soon be the top receiver on the Panthers’ depth chart. Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that the deal is being finalized now.

Obviously, the Panthers will need to make a few more moves at wide receiver before the season starts. But at the moment, with Steve Smith, Brandon LaFell, Ted Ginn and Domenik Hixon all having left in free agency, Cotchery is by far the best receiver the Panthers have.

Last year Cotchery played in all 16 games and started six for the Steelers, catching 46 passes for 602 yards and a career-high 10 touchdowns. It was his third season in Pittsburgh; he previously played for the Jets from 2004 to 2010.

Cotchery was also weighing an offer to return to the Steelers, but instead he’ll call Carolina home this year.

46 responses to “Cotchery to Carolina, Panthers finally find a receiver

  1. They’ll probably trade up to draft a wideout, and use Cotchery as a mentor. I’ve heard worse ideas.

  2. Now go and sign Kenny Britt. I hope they do find a way to trade up and draft either Benjamin or Evans. Cam deserves to have some big physical WRs that are explosive. Cotchery signing is a plus in the redzone. This line needs to be fixed too so it’ll be interesting what happens in the draft.

  3. Cotchery is a good receiver against zone coverage, but doesn’t have the wiggle to get open against man coverage.

    However, I assume with Cam’s mobility most defences play zone against him, so Cotchery seems like a decent fit. Not a #1 but decent pick up.

  4. ughh I was hoping the Steelers would resign him. Good luck Jerrico I hate to see you go. Thank you for the great seasons. We appreciate you.

  5. This is it for Cotchery. Can’t blame him for taking this opportunity to be a #1 at the age of 32. He is a tough pro. A savvy vet that will help a young offense out. He will give Cam the confidence he needs to get through and is reliable, even though it could be shorterm, he’s a wonderful addition and loved him in Pittsburgh. Sucks to see him go. He’s not anything jaw-dropping, but I’d take him on my team anyday.

    Good luck, Cotch.

  6. At least we have one capable receiver now, he is not a #1 but it’s a start. I’m hoping for a good young receiver in the draft too. However knowing Gettleman’s affinity for “hogmollies” we may be looking at the 2nd round before we find a receiver… Marvin McNutt anyone??

  7. One player who should hopefully still be on the board at 28, is Martavis Bryant of Clemson. He’s 6’4″ and runs 4.34. With everybody jumping on Watkins , Benjamin and Evans, Bryant could be a steal.

    This kid is seriously underrated. Bigger and faster than Watkins.

  8. As close as the Panthers got last year, they seem like a rebuilding team rather than an aggresive one looking for the piece or two to get them over the top. Where’s the “Riverboat Ron” attitude??

  9. James Jones would have been an excellent signing there. Understand why he went to Oak – but Panthers could have and should have pushed hard for him.

    James is a solid dude and would have been great there.

  10. I love all the people saying the Panthers are going to trade up for a WR in the first, or take a WR in the first at all. They’re going O Line in the 1st, folks. And will still get some nice receivers later in the draft.

  11. as a steeler fan I smiled when mike Wallace left, I laughed when Emmanuel sanders left. but this…this hurts to the bone. cotchery is not just a good receiver. he is a model citizen also! good luck cotch. da burgh will miss you! you got a good 1 Carolina! congrats

  12. Steelers just let 16 TDs walk between Sanders and Cotchery ..Another GREAT move by the Gurus Colbert & what’s next signing a 5’9 beat up Lance Moore in desperation? Im waiting on someone to post “Its the Steelers way” or “Its worked for 50 years” when this team is 8-8 again dont wana hear anybody blame Tomlin for continued blunders by the front office Rooney included. It all falls back on bad contracts and not having $ to spend during free agency.

  13. The panthers will definitely go WR a number 1 unless they send mid round picks to Philly for Desean Jackson. They have to give Cam a reason to stay around and sign a franchise QB contract. Jordan Mathews is another name to look out for. He’d fit great in Carolina

  14. I’ve got a lot of respect for Cotchery, but this is a joke. So much for the scrappy up and coming team that they had going. They let all their receivers go plus most of their secondary that did a great job for them a year ago. It looks like the plan is to leverage the entire team on a guy whose response to any adversity is to wince and whine and roll around on the ground like a baby.

  15. Never underestimate how important it is to have a reliable posession receiver on third down. Cotchery has been Mr Reliable. Good luck in Carolina.

  16. Carolina is getting a good player and a good locker room presence. I was hoping the Steelers would re-sign him, but not to be. I wish him the best.

  17. Oh man. Oh man. They’re really going ham now. Triple Option with a #2 receiver. They don’t need a #1 or #3 or #4 or #5 Panthers!!!

  18. ghlatty says:
    Mar 20, 2014 1:28 PM
    As close as the Panthers got last year, they seem like a rebuilding team rather than an aggresive one looking for the piece or two to get them over the top. Where’s the “Riverboat Ron” attitude??
    “Riverboat” Ron is the coach, not the GM. The GM is doing exactly what he did last year – sit on the sidelines at the start of free agency and let other teams over-pay for people, then go get some guys when the price tags go down.

    We the Panthers fans are still mad at losing Smith. But it’s still nearly 6 months until game 1. Now, if he goes and signs Kenny Britt and gets a decent receiver in the draft, things won’t look nearly as bad as they did a week ago.

    Welcome home to Carolina, Jerricho!

  19. Of course Lance Moore won’t go to Pitsburgh.

    That would require Pittsburgh having money under the salary cap.

    Technically, they are over $2 million under the cap with another $8 million coming on June 1. Not a lot but still enough for them to sign another player or 2 before the draft.

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