Decision day coming for Jets on Sanchez

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The timing of Mike Vick’s visit to the Jets makes sense.  They need to know quickly whether they’ll be signing Vick, because they soon will have to decide what to do with Mark Sanchez.

He’s due to receive a $2 million roster bonus on Tuesday.  This means that, to avoid the payment, he’ll have to be removed from the roster by 3:59 p.m. ET on Monday.

It’s quite possible that Sanchez will be the fallback option to Vick, on a reduced contract.  It’s also possible (but not likely) that Sanchez will be traded.  Absent a revised contract or a trade, Sanchez undoubtedly will be cut before the roster bonus becomes due.

Sanchez could become an intriguing option for a team that needs a quarterback.  He generated four road playoff wins in his first two NFL seasons, with the last one coming at New England in the divisional round.  In the right offense with the right supporting cast and the right coaching, he could take a team back to the conference title game, and possibly farther.

Potentially interested teams could include the Raiders, Texans, and Browns.

73 responses to “Decision day coming for Jets on Sanchez

  1. This is an interesting choice. People would obviously say cut him but Sanchez isn’t really bad. As in he has the toolset to be a QB but man his mechanics, he plays the game like I play Madden or basically a wannabe Rex Grossman.


  2. year after year it amazes me how many jets articles you guys publish on here. it almost rivals the blog site i frequent for real jets news.

  3. Anyone who believes the jets could trade Sanchez and his current contract or think that Sanchez will reduce his contract to back up Geno Smith should be drug tested asap.

  4. In fairness to Mark, that photograph is from the third quarter of a Jets-Titans game when Rex Ryan started talking about his wife’s feet on the sideline for some reason.

  5. This would be a good time for him to come out and say he’s gay. You can’t cut a gay guy at the moment. And let’s face it, everybody reading this would say they’re gay for $2 million.

  6. thinks it’s safe to say that 3 of these guys Vick, Sanchez, Freeman, or Schaub, will end up on the Browns, Texan’s and Raiders rosters

  7. If Sanchez were on the 1970 Steelers’ Steel Curtain team and they only had to play in a 2 team league versus the Expansion year New England Patriots, Sanchez could possibly make it back to the conference title game or further.

    Those are the only “right circumstances” I can think of where he could still make it happen. Otherwise, he’s toast.

  8. Nobody is going to trade for him and that cap number. Teams will just wait until he gets cut or find another option. If the Jets want to move him then they should be packaging him with some other players of interest and figuring out how they can make a deal that improves their overall position. I doubt Idzik will come up with anything interesting though. He will get cut and they will get nothing. His best play is to politely ask Sanchez to do him a solid and hope he has enough to offer to get him to agree to do that. Mark’s going to ask for no QB drama though.

  9. He is one of the biggest jokes at the QB position in the past decade…quite laughable really

  10. .

    If ever there was a team whose philosophy is “let’s blow the whole thing up and start over” , it’s the Jets.

    However, come next year they should be in a position to draft one of the better QBs ( Mariota, Winston, Handley, Petty ) and be flush with cap space. The “suck for luck” strategy worked well for the Colts.


  11. People our really giving Sanchez not enough credit. He not as bad of a QB as people think.

    You’re right, he’s worse.

  12. I always liked Sanchez, I think he never got the coaching he needed when he struggled and at times had nobody dependable to throw to. He can still be a very good quarterback in the right situation

  13. The Browns traded their #5 draft pick so the jets could take him. Here’s a second chance at him.

  14. justareasonablevoice says: Mar 20, 2014 2:37 PM

    I always liked Sanchez, I think he never got the coaching he needed when he struggled and at times had nobody dependable to throw to. He can still be a very good quarterback in the right situation


    Seriously? This guy got every single chance to be a leader and to be a great QB. For years he played behind one of the best O-lines in football, had a great Defense and Special Teams that always put them in great scoring position…

    Sometimes buddy it is the QB and not the other 51 guys on the team.

  15. jetslakersfan,
    Sanchez is actually worse than people think. This guy being a starter & getting re-signed a few years ago was basically stealing.

    I feel the same about McCown getting paid by the Bucs. McCown was lucky to be a 3rd stringer throughout his career until last year with the Bears. McCown just won the lottery.

  16. I think the Jets would have been a playoff team last year if Sanchez were healthy.

    Given a stout starting line and a good RB, Sanchez is a solid QB.

    He gets happy feet under pressure. The first two years with the Jets he had a good line and did a nice job. The third and fourth years the Jets line was atrocious.

    Last year the Jets OL + RB situation was similar to his first two years. Geno couldn’t do anything with it, because he just doesn’t have it. Jets should give Sanchez another crack.

  17. Naes,
    The Jets won those first 2 years in spite of Sanchez, not because of him. They loaded up with veterans to win now. Their window passed & without those veterans, Sanchez has been exposed.

    Plus one of those years the only reason they went to the AFC title game was San Diego’s kicker couldn’t make field goals that day.

  18. Sanchez isn’t as bad as everybody plays him out to be.did everyone forget he led the jets to back 2 back AFC championship games?!it’s not his fault that GM mike tannenbaum kept drafting defense and not surrounding him with offensive weapons.sometimes a change of scenery does a player good,wouldn’t mind him in oakland.

  19. If he’s cut – I wouldn’t have a problem with Green Bay taking a look.

    1. He’s a vet and can play a little bit of QB in this league.

    2. McCarthy’s QB school that breaks the guys right down to fundamentals first would do wonders for him. Aaron still does it every year and you’d be hard pressed to find someone who is willing to say that he needs help with his fundamentals – the school works

    3. He’s young and I think McCarthy would enjoy the challenge

    4. If forced to play for some reason, he’s going to have weapons. Bulaga’s back on the right side, Barclay at Center (maybe Tretter), Bak’s a good LT and Lacy/Starks in the backfield with Nelson and Cobb to help in the passing game. He’ll have weapons and tools to lean on.

    5. NO ONE will be calling for him to start over #12 – no pressure and gives him time to actually learn how to be an NFL QB

    Sanchez as a back up in GB

  20. With the right offensive line, coach, receivers, and Bo Jackson circa tecmo bowl, I could be an nfl caliber qb too! I think I have a better shot than Sanchez.

  21. They cant sign Vick without first interviewing a caucasian QB….it’s the Rooney rule. & Sanchez is on a team where u can’t judge players by their performance there….or the Browns, because they are destined to lose….

  22. How can anyone say the Jets had a good running game last year? How many RB’s did they use? Did they have a 1,000, yard rusher? 1,000, yards isn’t that much any more.

    Sanchez has sucked since day 1. The Jets made the AFC title games 2, years running because of the defense and because of the running game, in spite of Sanchez, not because of Sanchez. Face it, he is a big BUST. Especially for a team that traded up to draft him in the top 5. He sucks and is a career back up at best.

  23. sickoe47
    The Jets won those first 2 years in spite of Sanchez, not because of him. They loaded up with veterans to win now. Their window passed & without those veterans, Sanchez has been exposed.

    Plus one of those years the only reason they went to the AFC title game was San Diego’s kicker couldn’t make field goals that day.
    Had to repost my earlier comment because you made a post right after this that looks like you didn’t read the above post.

  24. Raiders are just starting to turn around their franchise….DO NOT bring the butt fumble here. I’d rather watch Pryor all year. Maybe even Tebow…er, strike that.

  25. Sanchez brought that team back in both playoff runs in the last 2 minutes leading game winning drives. He beat Tom Brady & Peyton Manning in their buildings in back to back weeks in the playoffs. With a strong run game & decent receivers he is much better than people give him credit for.

    Mike Vick had Shady McCoy, Jackson & Macklin & never won a single playoff game as an Eagle.

    You guys need to pull your head out of your rears. Sanchez has proven he can win in the playoffs with a team around him. Vick has proven he can’t win in the playoffs even with a team around him.

  26. Most of you commenting are trolls and have no clue about the Jets roster or how Sanchez has been short changed since the 2011 season is he a great QB heck no but I know he’s better than half the QBs in the NFL when given a decent supporting cast and he’s proven that check your facts, and if you don’t care to it’s because he’s beat your team in the playoffs.


  28. 11stanleycups says:
    Mar 20, 2014 2:49 PM
    Can he play Cornerback?


    Nope. He can only throw to them.

  29. I do not want to intrude on this sage discussion by so many obviously expert player evaluaters, but it seems to me that Sanchez is , at least, an adequate journeyman QB in the NFL. I would compare him to Romo. He does some things really well, but can get rattled and look ridiculous. The Jets have gotten worse every year on offense because they haven’t had much in the way of weapons to put into his hands. A decent running game, an underneath passing game and a deep threat would do wonders for Sanchez. Is he Peyton, Brady, Brees or Roethlisberger? No. Is he better than Geno Smith, Duh!

    The Jets are running him out of town. But, this years crop of QBs reminds me of 2003: Palmer, Lefwich, Boller, & Grossman. One of the teams that desperately needs a QB, Cleveland, Minnesota, Texas, or Jacksonville could do a lot worse than signing Sanchez and using their first round pick(s) on playmakers. Even Cincinnati might find that he is an improvement over Dalton, who has the same problems, but in spades. If I ran Cleveland, this I’d sign Sanchez, as long as he was cheap enough. Then I’d use my 2 first rounders for a defensive and an offensive playmaker.

  30. thepftpoet says:
    Mar 20, 2014 2:31 PM
    Vick is a better quarterback than Geno Smith.

    Say Vick, like Geno gives the Jets an 8-win season.
    You could never get an elite QB with say the 13th-18th pick.
    Another 45 years of see-saw excitement?

  31. Sanchez is a better quarterback than Geno Smith. As a matter of fact, he’s just as good as the current(Not the younger version) Vick. Problem is, he is making way too much money. The only way the Jets keep him is to start him. I sincerely doubt he will take a pay cut and it is highly unlikely that he would stay to back up Geno Smith. I don’t think even Jason Campbell would want to sit on the bench behind Smith.

  32. leftyman says:
    Mar 20, 2014 2:33 PM
    J-E-S-T JESTS!

    Do you honestly think that’s original and funny??

    For your sake I hope your under 13.

    You’re not the least bit ashamed exposing your wit and intelligence limits here??

  33. It’s the best lefty can do, dude’s a Cretan.
    jets release Sanchez and Raiders will give him 10 mil for 2 years. Book it.

  34. The guy does have more road playoff wins than Brady or Manning in the past 10 years.
    As good as those guys are, never been road warriors.

  35. How can anyone say the Jets had a good running game last year? Because they were #2 in the AFC in rushing. Learn some fact, folks. Yes, outrushed the mighty PATS.

  36. Have to dump Sanchez to save 2 million. The Vick deal could be something to replace Sanchez. Bottom line, the Jets still won’t have a QB unless they draft another one this year and he pans out.

    Sanchez is a horrible QB. His bloated contract is a result of the Jets D winning games for them. For whatever reason, a lot of people give all the praise to the QB these instances. “He has X amount of wins and blah blah blah”. Man, that is a tiring thing to read from fans who know little or nothing about football.

    Every time anyone thinks that they need to give credit for a teams success to a QB when it is the D that is getting it done (sanchez, kaepernick and many many others over the years), remember this. Trent Dilfer has a SB ring as a starting QB. Think he got them there? Not a chance. And he didn’t get paid elite QB money for it either.

  37. Ray Farmer has been pretty smart since taking over the personnel decisions and undoing all of the “dumardi” shenanigans… please, please, please, PLEASE don’t sign this guy and create some bad media karma hysteria… Sign someone who has a decent completion %, doesn’t throw INT’s at the drop of a helmet and can game manage… (aka – NOT SANCHEZ!!!)

  38. More Playoff wins than Tony Romo who has had great weapons around him his whole career. Thats just to put it in perspective…. He’s not as horrible as people make it appear.

  39. In the right offense with the right supporting cast and the right coaching, ANYBODY could take a team to the conference title game.

  40. I’d actually like the Raiders to take a flyer on him.
    He’s better than what they have, and all hype aside, there really isn’t a great QB prospect in this draft. Not a franchise guy, anyway.
    I’d rather see them fill other needs in the first round.

  41. Mark Sanchez is a disaster. The Jets need him gone gone gone. He’s a slacker, doesnt work hard, has no respect among his teammates, aseems like a drug user, and has been the fourth worst QB through 4-5 seasons in NFL HISTORY. He has no football IQ, and Pete Carroll warned everyone. The Jets lost two legit super bowl shots thanks to this third rater on a great team. Hes had all kinds of legal trouble people dont talk about. Hes a greedy, useless, talentless, pig and a whiner, and if he comes back to NY and gets in games and makes his usual endless stupid pick six throws, terrible fumbles, buttfumbles, and forgets what plays he calls, Idzik will wind up getting fired in two years. sign Vick, draft another kid, and build on Geno. he has the tools, the drive, and the balls. sanchez just wants to lie around, het laid, and play video games. Maybe he and Rex can move in together. What a walking trainwreck Sanchez is. He will be on the bench three games into the season if anyone picks him up as a starter. Honestly, he is not an NFL QB.

  42. Sanchez is easily a backup on any team in the NFL. He would be an upgrade for a lot of teams being the starter.

    Getting out of NY is the best thing he can do for his career.

  43. Say what you want about Sanchez, the guy has played well in the playoffs. Beating Brady in NE, Manning at Indy, Palmer at Cincy, Rivers at SD… Two playoff losses he played well in as well – The Jets D let them down 2nd half of both the Championship game in Indy & Pitt… Bottom line The guy deserves another chance in this league

  44. Sanchez had it all laid out for him, and couldn’t take advantage of it.

    Imo, he’s hit his ceiling as a QB, he’s good in the lockerroom, will play for peanuts. If theres room for Charlie Whitehurst in the NFL, then surely there’s a spot for Sanchez….

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