Eric Weems expected to be released after declining pay cut

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Earlier this week, the Bears released wide receiver Earl Bennett after Bennett declined to take a pay cut for the 2014 season.

Wide receiver and special teams stalwart Eric Weems was faced with the same decision. He was set to make $1.1 million and the Bears wanted him to take less in exchange for keeping his job in Chicago.

Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune reports that he made the same choice as Bennett and is expected to follow Bennett off the roster. Weems will leave $500,000 in dead money on the cap because of the signing bonus he got from the team when he signed as a free agent before the 2012 season.

Weems will be missed on the team’s coverage units and his skills in that area will likely have him finding work, if not $1.1 million, before too long.

17 responses to “Eric Weems expected to be released after declining pay cut

  1. 500K in dead money? And his salary was $1.1 million? Doesn’t seem like the Bears would have saved much on the cap space even if he had reduced his salary for 2015. They were penny-pinchers on this one.

  2. They really can’t afford to give him 1 mill? Especially since they have 500k cap hit no matter what? I’d say no too

  3. Over-rated. He and Castanzo basically took cheap shots at guys all the way down the field and tried to draw personal fouls. Neither of them will be missed. Hixon, McManis, and some of the developmental kids (Hurst, CJ Wilson) as well as McCray will more than make up for their absence.

    Earl Bennett will be missed until they know for sure Marquess Wilson can step up and take over the slot role. Imagine Wilson (6’3) in the slot, Marshall(6’5) and Jeffrey(6’3) on the outside, Martellus Bennett (6’6) at tight end, and Matt Forte coming out of the backfield….I think defensive coordinators will not like that very much.

  4. 500,000 in dead money minus the salary of the player to replace him. Only way it makes any sense is if they don’t think he is worth a roster spot.

  5. What are the Bears thinking on this one? So you can’t pay the guy 600k for the season.. Seems very very cheap especially after letting Bennett go.

  6. His cap hit this year is $1.6mil ($500k in prorated bonus and $1.1 mil in salary), by cutting him the Bears save $1.1 mil on the cap. Might not seem like much but since they just signed Hixon (who should provide more on offense) there was not much need for 2 WRs who contribute almost only on ST.

  7. The question isn’t if he’s worth $1.1 million. The question is if the Bears can upgrade him for under $600k. If not, they actually lose money to replace him for someone that isn’t any better.

  8. If they plan to replace him with someone already on the roster, then they are saving the full $1.1 million. My guess is that they no longer need him at any price

  9. With the saved cap hit that should just about cover the cap hit to bring back Patrick Mannelly. Bears have enough help on special teams with a lot of their signings, and anyone that actually watched the games last year knows Weems had a bunch of boneheaded plays.

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