Eric Winston: No 18-game season on my watch


Shortly after he was elected president of the players’ union, Eric Winston made clear that he’ll never accept an 18-game season.

Asked about expanding the schedule from 16 games to 18 games, Winston said that isn’t even something the NFL Players Association is willing to entertain.

“I can tell you 16 to 18’s dead in the water. I won’t let it happen. I don’t think any of these other guys are going to let it happen. It’s a safety issue,” Winston told USA Today.

Under the old Collective Bargaining Agreement, the owners had the unilateral authority to expand the regular season without the players’ consent. But under the new CBA established after the lockout of 2011, the players won the authority to reject any expansion of the regular season. And the players plan to exercise that.

The owners, however, are widely expected to expand the playoffs following the 2015 regular season, and Winston indicated that the players can accept that. If the NFL is going to add games, it’s going to add two playoff games. Not 32 regular-season games.

16 responses to “Eric Winston: No 18-game season on my watch

  1. Every season this becomes a faster, more dangerous and violent game (which is why we love it). 16 games is enough. We just need the teams to stop ripping off the season ticket holders by forcing them to purchase the garbage meaningless pre season games like the NY Jets and Giants do.

  2. Of course they will accept expanded playoffs because that puts more money into the players pockets but expanded regular season does not so they won’t agree to it. It’s not about safety it’s all about money.

  3. Expanding playoffs means that the regular season is even more meaningless, which it already is anyway. When you can lose 6 times and still make the super bowl? The reg season is the new exhibition season.

    It’s all about the money.

  4. More football can’t be a bad thing. I wish they wouldn’t bring up safety issues, give me a break. Football is game where guys get hurt, it’s going to happen. 16 games is hardly enough for a major sport. Hockey plays 82 games and I would argue that it’s just as tough as football. Expand the playoffs and add more regular season games. Lost all credit for Winston after this nonsense. Leave us fans, who pay out the hoop year after year and watch guys pull in multimillions to play only 16 games?? I feel robbed of half a season. NFL should start in late July early august. I would stop at 18 games, should be more like 20 games, and 2 preseason games. That would be nothing but a success for fans of football. If you guys don’t want this to happen then your obviously not very big football fans.

  5. It’s all about getting into the dance. Teams will have ups and downs during a season and shouldn’t be punished by bit having enough games to fix the issues. Or looking at it the other way, I’ve seen teams start the season hot and it’s enough to make the playoffs, when they have no business being there. Another four game set would allow those teams that deserve to get in to make it. More is ALWAYS better.

  6. Knowing a few friends who are in the league the universal outlook on expansion is that it provides extremely more risk compared to reward . Most of them see this as the nfl attempting a money grab and that money doesn’t trickle down to the players . Adding games to them is completely against the stance of making the game safer . It shows the hypocrisy of what they are saying publicly .

    How can you endanger players with kickoff and helmet shots amongst other things the NFL is claiming but they want to march those same players out their for more contact ..

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