Goal posts could narrow, eventually

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As the NFL prepares to consider a proposal from the Patriots to push the extra point try back to the 25, another change could be looming that would affect the degree of difficulty for all kick attempts.

During Wednesday’s conference call to present and discuss the proposed rule changes, Falcons CEO Rich McKay addressed the question of whether the goal posts could be narrowed.

“We have talked about that a lot this year,” McKay said.  “We have looked at it and I think it will be something that will be talked about a lot going forward.  Really, that discussion gets a little past the extra point and starts getting to the actual field goal statistics themselves.  We are at a place where field goals are made 86.6 percent of the time.  Which is really an amazing thing because in 1970 that number was around 59 percent.  We have really moved up.  We have had some really good discussions about that.  I do not think there is enough momentum to do it this year, but I think there will be discussions with the goal post going forward.”

The Patriots also have proposed extending the goal posts by five feet, which would reduce the situations in which the kick goes over the top of the apparatus.  In those cases, it’s harder to determine whether the kick was successful.

Here’s another solution that could make the concept of the field goal more interesting — put another crossbar atop the structure and require the kick to pass through the ensuing box.

Regardless of what happens, the fact that the NFL constantly is willing to explore ways to change the game shows that the NFL constantly wants to improve the game.  As long as that attitude prevails, it’ll be hard for any other major American sport to gain on pro football.

18 responses to “Goal posts could narrow, eventually

  1. “…put another cross bar atop the structure and require the kick to pass through the ensuing box’

    Why stop there ? Why not put a sliding bull’s eye behind the goal post and if the ball hits it, the team gets 10 points and everyone in the stadium gets a free beer.

    lol You crack me up Florio

  2. How about a giant foam Jerry Jones head that swings back and forth in front of the uprights? You have to manage the play clock to time the snap and kick so it doesn’t bounce off the head and goes through the goalposts. But if you can get the ball to go in Jerruh’s mouth, you get an additional point — 2 on a PAT and 4 for a field goal.

  3. Do you want to lose fans? Cause this is how you lose fans NFL. Stop changing the game we love.

  4. Corporate culture is ruining the nfl. A room full of useless executives are trying to justify their ridiculous salaries by implementing change for the sake of change. Leave the game alone. Sit back and collect the checks.

  5. I’d prefer to see the NFL narrow the amount of bogus pass interference calls that tom brady gets (compared to all other NFL teams).

  6. Lets narrow the goal posts and make a 40 yard extra point. So you really want a kicker to determine the outcome of a game on an extra point.

  7. i would be all for slimming the goal posts like 3 feet on each side. I don’t think there needs to be a drastic rule change.

  8. I am not against changing rules for safety or to improve the game. But don’t keep making changes just to make changes. NASCAR, kept changing the rules, year after year and their fan base has gotten smaller and smaller.

  9. Or, how about Naveh Davenport leaves a “present” on the field goal crossbar? If the kicker can knock it off, the field goal is worth as much as a touchdown!

  10. “We are at a place where field goals are made 86.6 percent of the time. Which is really an amazing thing because in 1970 that number was around 59 percent. ”

    Previous to 1970 almost all field goal kickers were “straight on” style kickers. The 70’s brought on the evolution of “soccer style” kickers who, on average, had more range and accuracy, hence the reason for the evolution to that style kicker and the increase in percentage.

  11. When were the goal posts moved from the goal line to the end line?

    At one point, I think after Miami won a Super Bowl running a lot to the short side, the hash marks were narrowed. I dunno if making field goals easier/straighter on was a factor in this decision or not.

    I would like to see the posts narrower and the hash marks wider as it would add to the game.

  12. I personally would love to see them add a crossbar or just get rid of the extra point and make a touchdown worth 7pts….kickers already determine the outcome of the game 25% of the time…..field goals are made 86.6% of the time you I’d love to see a bunch of crosbys out there

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