Idzik on Vick: Having inside knowledge of a player is a tremendous advantage

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Jets General Manager John Idzik had a conference call on Thursday and there were two main topics of conversation.

One was the team’s failure to be more active in free agency and Idzik stuck to upbeat, vague answers about being selective while stressing that he feels the team hasn’t missed out on an opportunity to get better this offseason. The other big topic was the reported visit from quarterback Michael Vick on Friday.

Idzik would not confirm or deny that Vick would meet with the team, choosing to focus on the value that comes from offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg’s familiarity with how Vick “manages the team” when it comes to making “a wise decision.”

“Whenever you have inside knowledge on a player, with a coach who has worked with them, a player who has played with them, there’s some member of your staff that has been around that player for a while — that is a tremendous advantage,” Idzik said, via Kimberley Martin of Newsday. “There is less projection. Especially if you’re dealing with a position that entails a lot.”

You’d imagine that Vick would be nowhere close to the team’s radar if Mornhinweg’s reports on his time with the quarterback in Philadelphia were overwhelmingly negative, although that doesn’t eliminate the possibility that the two sides fail to agree on issues of compensation and playing time that would be part of any negotiation.

Idzik also said that he’s been in regular contact with the representatives for Mark Sanchez, who is due a $2 million roster bonus on Tuesday that he’s unlikely to get whether or not Vick signs with the Jets.

27 responses to “Idzik on Vick: Having inside knowledge of a player is a tremendous advantage

  1. By inside the player, do you mean you check the xrays and only sign him for a 6 game season?

  2. If you had the right ‘inside information’ you wouldn’t even be considering this career disappointment. He has gotten 3 coaches fired in his career & still after 10 NFL seasons cannot read a blitz.

    He is a career 2-3 in the playoffs. Vick is a waste of time, especially at his current age. Rex Ryan WILL be unemployed next year if he takes on & starts Mike Vick.

    Vey few guys have been as hyped & have disappointed as much as Mike Vick has.

  3. Idzik The Inkstain. Pencil necked geek is totally out of his element in his current job. He should be adding up columns of numbers above a 24 hour convenience store somewhere.

  4. they dont need him since the Jets are awesome at developing qb’s historically .
    rex is well versed in that area as well. you haters will all see

  5. Vick would be better then Geno and Sanchez this year but that won’t solve your long term problems

  6. Not a Vick or Jets fan first off, but if they don’t sign him what are they thinking. He is light years ahead of anyone else they can get to play QB for the Jets. Sign him and start him, Geno can learn a little till Vick goes down with his regular injury about mid-season.

  7. neilanblomi says:
    Mar 20, 2014 3:39 PM
    If they sign Vick and trade for Desean Jackson the jets suddenly become interesting.


    And yet, when both were key Eagles starters, they were often cited as the reason why the Eagles blew chunks. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

    Vick should stay in Philly and back up Foles. Any day of the week, any minute of the day, that’s a far better situation than going to NYC and backing up Geno while receiving play calls from Marty Morning Whatdownisitnow?

  8. sign him and I no longer will support the team, go to my 1-3 games, or ever watch anything involoving the Jets. I will never root for this man or any team that signs him.

    And he stinks!!!

  9. Pats fans live on the Jet site. Know they were lucky to beat the Jets once last year (40-40 total score) Still can’t get over the butt whipping in 2011 Foxboro playoff. But, “We win allot in the regular season!”

  10. Tampa Fan mocking Jet QB’s. That’s rich. Nice #1 pick with Freeman!
    Is he in the arena league now????

  11. Pats fans go to Jets articles for laughter. Jets fans go to Pats articles to feed their inferiority complex. Only someone with the “mentality” of a Jets fan could attempt to argue the Jet’s “superiority” over any team, let alone their “daddy”, the Pats.

  12. Pats fans know who they’re “daddy” is. The Yankees. And the gap between the Pats and Jets in the championship department is a pothole next to the crater between the Yankees and Red Sox.

  13. Leave Deseans spoiled complaining small ass right where he is and sure up other positions. Like RB= MJD and get a nice big corner and a bigger prototype WR in the draft. Thank you

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