Incognito wants to return to the Dolphins

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Richie Incognito recently resurfaced on Twitter, after exiting the facility he entered to address severe mental stress he was experiencing in the aftermath of the release of the Ted Wells report.

And despite all the things that went wrong in Miami for Incognito, Incognito wants to return to Miami.

Returning to the Dolphins was my number one goal from the time I got suspended,” Incognito told WSVN-TV on Wednesday.

Richie’s biggest problem is that his contract has expired, and that the Dolphins have shown no inclination to bring him back.  Still, he wants to come back.

“I want to return to the community in Miami and resume my playing career as soon as possible,” Incognito said.

He confirmed that he entered a private mental-health facility to deal with the stress he was experiencing.

“I was stressed,” Incognito said. “I believe in post traumatic stress syndrome, and I believe in private mental health care.”

Asked if he had a message for Miami fans, Richie slid into the third person.

“Dolphins fans, Richie is well,” Richie said. “Richie wants to come back and play.  But the business has to handle the business end, and that’s it.”

He makes it sound far simpler than it is.  Anyone can want to play for any NFL team.  Unless and until the NFL wants it, it’s not happening.

39 responses to “Incognito wants to return to the Dolphins

  1. I, like Richie Incognito, would like to play for the Dolphins.

    I, like Richie Incognito, will never play for the Dolphins.

  2. Where is Tony Dungy and the other NFL mentors who have sought out troubled players and helped them get back into the league?

    If Michael Vick gets welcomed back, why does Incognito get left swinging in the wind?

  3. Give him a chance Miami! If Ray Lewis or Michael Vick deserves a chance, Richie definitely deserves a shot. He was our best lineman and team mates liked him. Sign him to a team friendly prove you have changed contract and let the healing begin!

  4. “If Michael Vick gets welcomed back, why does Incognito get left swinging in the wind?”

    POTENTIAL LAWSUIT thats why he gets left hanging in the wind plus the dude cant manage to shut the hell up on Twitter.

  5. “He makes it sound far simpler than it is. Anyone can want to play for any NFL team. Unless and until the NFL wants it, it’s not happening.”

    If the lowest form of life, Martin, can get back in the NFL, than Incognoito can and should get back in too.

  6. I would like Richie back with the Dolphins. He didn’t do anything any worse than plenty of other players out there. How about the ones who have had DUI’s and killed people?? They got back into the game. Jonathon Martin was as much to blame, he was a wimp.

  7. I think Incognito will do well for another team. Just not the dolphins. The Dolphins want to put this behind them and move on. They would get blasted if they brought him back. Its all about perception.

  8. Richie is just too tough for the new NFL, where sensitivity and diversity training are the order of the day, where Adam and Steve can openly play and everyone gets a trophy at the end of the season because they are all very special.

  9. Vick killed dogs and is welcomed back. Martin bullies a 320 lb weirdo and is forever more a pariah. Welcome to today’s NFL and it’s new moral relativism. Europe, here we come!

  10. This guy is nothing but a bully. He’s not a football player. He’s not even a real man. I don’t care to here anymore about this guy. If some kid was constantly picking on your kid everyday when he goes to school you tell me how your kid would feel. I can tell you he wouldn’t want to go to school anymore. As a parent, how would YOU feel once your kid finally says something about it to you? This Incognito character needs some serious counciling. Learn how to be a better teammate. Learn how to be a better person.

  11. Dolphin fans do not blame that meathead incognito we blame Martin!! Bring Richie back!!!!!!

  12. Incognito gets left “swinging in the wind” because he has been booted from or told not to come back from EVERY team he has ever played on. Kicked off Nebtaska, kept fighting with teammates, lasted less than a week at Oregon, kicked out of St Louis, Bills had zero interest in bringing him back, kicked out of Miami….the best thing Richie can do is fix Richie and continue his program of therapy, judging by his recent behavior, he belongs nowhere near a football field.

  13. A star QB rapes two women, another QB is involved in dog fighting, two players commit vehicular homicide and another knocks a female out ON TAPE and they are all welcomed back. This guy acted like a 5th grader and he’s blackballed. Go figure. Go ahead and remove my comments because the truth will set you free.

  14. Ritchi is at best an average OL. With the baggage he brings I cant imagine any team picking up the guy. Miami you had enough trouble protecting your QB with guys like Ritchie….get some guys that can block…why do you think my Bills let him go after 1/2 a season….we know all about sub par OL’s that cant block….

  15. Still waiting for the league to announce some sort of discipline for the players involved. Might be a long wait.

  16. Incognito did not play well enough to deserve a “new” contract. The M. Vick comparison is not a good one because when Vick left the league he was under Contract. Incognito got his pay for the last suspension period and is now a FA. The Fins would never sign him because of the controversy AND he did not perform well enough to be resigned. This coming from a Team that has arguably the biggest Offensive line problem. That speaks volumes!

  17. Welcome home Ritchie. God I hope we take him back. The line was bad last year, with the notable exception of Ritchie who played pretty well.

  18. No, just no! Miami is trying to move on from the bullying “scandal” and the HUGE embarrassment of having one of the worst offensive lines in NFL history (58 sacks given up), Incognito should move on as well. People keep forgetting that, and are defending either Martin or Incognito. Miami`s offensive line SUCKED last season; Shula would`ve never tolerated surrendering 58 sacks!

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