Kevin Williams knows it’s over for him in Minnesota

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Four years ago, the Vikings boasted a defense line consisting of Jared Allen, Kevin Williams, Pat Williams, and Ray Edwards.

Now, they’re all gone.

Ray Edwards washed out of the league after signing a big-money deal in Atlanta, Pat Williams retired while the StarCaps case was pending, Jared Allen will sign elsewhere, and now Kevin Williams has been rendered unnecessary after the Vikings signed three defensive tackles in free agency.

Following the arrival of Tom Johnson on Wednesday and Corey Wootton on Thursday, Kevin Williams told Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press that the 2003 first-round selection won’t be back in 2014.

A starter in all 11 seasons, Williams said the team’s approach “speaks for itself.”  But he expressed no disappointment or unhappiness about the team’s decision.

“I put in a lot,” Williams said.  “I gave it all I had when I was there.  I have no regrets.”

Williams also said he has no offers from other teams, but that he hopes to keep playing.

His departure from Minnesota comes with far less drama than his arrival.  Back in April 2003, the Vikings held the seventh overall pick in the draft.  They were trying to swing a trade with the Ravens, who held the 10th pick, so that Baltimore could draft quarterback Byron Leftwich.  The time ran out on Minnesota’s pick, and the Jaguars promptly leapfrogged Minnesota, taking Leftwich.  The Panthers then pounced on tackle Jordan Gross before the Vikings could select Williams with the ninth pick.

54 responses to “Kevin Williams knows it’s over for him in Minnesota

  1. Kevin Williams – CLASS ACT!! Look for his name on the Vikings Ring of Honor in the new stadium! It was sure fun watching running backs bounce backwards against the Williams Wall during those years! Happy trails #93!!

  2. Kevin was a member of the Williams Wall that boasted the best run defense in the NFL for 3 straight seasons from 2006-2008.

    Besides obviously being a great player, he also is one of the classiest players to ever put on a Vikings uniform. I will miss seeing him in purple, and I hope at the end of his career he’ll retire a Viking.

  3. I’ll never forget the moment they drafted Christian Ponder. I jumped up like I was sitting on a spring and called my dad and started rejoicing like I was a little kid. They had such a good core and opportunity with Adrian Peterson and then they blew their chance to rise to greatness and completely fell off the grid.

  4. Never say never…

    I still think the Vikings have you in their plans… but feel that they need you to realise that it will be a situational player, not a starter.

    If it is the end of your journey with the Vikings, then please know that you will always be fondly remembered by us fans. I particularly remember those awesome season with you and Pat simply dominating!

    Can’t wait to see you added to the Ring of Honor at the new stadium.

  5. Damn. It’s been over a decade since Kevin Williams & Byron Leftwich (who I thought would be a great QB for a long time) entered the league? What the hell have I been doing with my life these last 11 years?

  6. Good for him. Get out of that pathetic excuse for an football organization.. Time to play for a real team, with a real chance to win; A super bowl, a conference championship, a playoff game, a division, a .500 record. Can the vikings do any of those things in the next decade? . .Bill doesn’t call you, you call bill! #SKOLpftpoet #Checkmate

  7. The DL use to be the best part of the Vikings defense.

    They did pick up Joseph which should be a good move, but that team needs a lot of pieces to contend.

    So if the Vikings are serious about trying to turn this ship around, they should trade Peterson get a couple of draft picks, even though it will be near impossible to get fair value, then sign MJD and show how much of a magician spielman truly is in this upcoming draft.

  8. Sorry to see him go, but that’s the football business.

    Maybe in a few years he can come back for a joint John Randle/Kevin Williams number retirement ceremony.

  9. I’ve always liked this guy, Looks like he is laughing all the time. Good pick for the Pack if they can get him cheap. This guy is a good inside rusher.

  10. All things considered, the Vikes made out with that mishap.

    KW was one of the best defensive players the Vikes have drafted in my 29 years of hating them. Even fans of other teams can see how valuable he’s been to them. Objective fans, anyways.

  11. The Vikings got a really good player in that draft, despite the typical Minnesota assclownery that caused them to stand around bumbling while two other teams picked. I’m sure the PFTPoet was mesmerized by that showing and thought it was a stroke of genius.

  12. I remember when he was drafted. Time flies. Classy player who was an absolute force in his prime. Good luck, Kevin. You made the rivalry that much better.

    Go Pack Go

    -Packers fan

  13. If I remember correctly, the Vikings messed up two drafts in a row not being able to make timely selections. Great organisation.

  14. The Vikings must retain Kevin Williams he’s the longest tenured Viking on the defensive side of the ball. He’s still productive, will be a disappointment if they don’t resign him…!!

  15. Seattle is licking it chops… They’re already envision it! K William n Jared Allen! Who kan stop us! 2peat here we kome! Then reality set in lol

  16. Great football player. This guy was the foundation of the Vikings D for many years and will be missed.
    Hope he catches on with a good club this year. And one with fans that aren’t the world’s cheesiest; the way some of you clowns carry on one might be fooled into thinking the Pack accomplished something last year.

  17. IIRC, the Ravens were supposed to call in the trade, because they were seeking to trade up. They couldn’t or didn’t get the call done in time, supposedly because there weren’t enough phone lines in the NFL office. Made Tice look bad, like he needed help. Then KW’s agent had him hold out to try and get 7th slot money instead of 9th slot money.

  18. How is Ray Edwards not worth boasting about? Have you read about the boasting their 1st rounders from last year received?

    Floyd has been given the nick name Motor Mouth the 2nd.

    Patterson is the next Jerry Rice.

    Rhodes is going to be better than Revis and Sherman…. combined.

    At least, Edwards had more than 1 marginal season, in his career before talking him up.

  19. Well, he seems like a great fit for the Patriots, especially given they just hired Brendan Daly. If I am Kevin, and the money is reasonably close, I pick the Pats.

  20. He was a pain as a Packer fan, some players should just retired with the franchise they came in with. Classy guy that should always be a Viking. Best of luck to him.

  21. Thank you to the real Packer and Bears fans who posted classy comments about K-Will. He was a great player who played at a high level for many years. His leadership will be missed on that defense. Nice to see respect given where it is deserved from other NFCN fans.

  22. I think draft day probably gave him a good indication of what it would be like to be a Viking!

  23. I hate to see this happen, but part of me thinks it was time. His production over last few seasons, especially since the retirement of Pat Williams, has fallen off significantly. While his contributions didn’t always show up on the stat sheet, the fact that no other team has offered him a contract to this point almost confirms why the Vikings didn’t sign him back.

    He will go down as one of the best DTs in Viking history, no question.

    Good luck with your future endeavors, Kevin, and thanks for some great years.

  24. I am sure the Packers would love to have him. With TT acumen for the draft since Schneider left..they have 6 busts at DE (wothy, Perry, Jones..ouch) and a Raji who will probably do nothing to improve GB run stopping.

    Williams could probably come in start at Nose tackle over that stiff..

  25. Thanks for detailing the draft story of 2003, I recall reading about back then but soon forgot about it because there were so many other embarrassing stories with the Vikings; (in no particular order; Love Boat, 2 first round draft picks in 2005 and neither one was Aaron Rodgers, getting knocked out of the 2003 playoffs on the final play vs. the Cardinals, 12 man in the huddle, I could go on and on, but you get the point).

    Good luck to Kevin Williams, now he is free to sign with a team that has a chance to compete for the Superbowl, a description that wouldn’t be used for the Vikings.

  26. I also love the trade Adrian post. I am sure GB would love to see Adrian traded, he gets 1/2 of his 1000 yards against the 2 packer games each year..

  27. Ray Edwards was a very solid player for the Vikings but they knew when to let him go. Have you ever noticed that free agents who do well for the Vikings and then leave never do anything when they sign with a new team?

  28. This bums me out — he is a good guy, a great player and still was playing well. I really wish the Vikes would have signed him for one more year to play periodically, but maybe he didn’t want that. If he doesn’t retire, I hope he goes to a team that wins it all next season — as long as it’s not in WI.

  29. What good is 5oo yards rushing do when you can’t help your team win back to back games, the Vikings had their best season when he had under 1500 yards…

    Trading Peterson may take the team a step back, but they would have a chance to take a few steps forward.

    Sometimes its not easy to do or believe in, but Dallas did it a while back… have you ever heard of Herschel Walker?

  30. Did you know that in a recent report, the valley of shame know as “wisconsin” is now ranked 35th in the nation in job growth.. Mean while the Great State of Minnesota has been ranked 7th. Good thing “wisconsin” has a neighbor that is so hospitable, providing basic every day needs such as Jobs, non-pretend health care, exceptional education and overall quality of life. (which the Great State of Minnesota recently ranked 2nd in the nation) . Hopefully someday the village of regret to the east of the Great State of Minnesota can follow the model that we have provided to becoming a successful state…

    Also thank you to all of the true NFCN fans who have shown respect for Kwill..

  31. strange that he hasn’t visited Seattle yet. I wonder if they know he’s an ex Viking?

  32. As much as I despise the Vikings as a team since they are division rivals I’ve always admired and respected many of their players, and Kevin Williams was one of those players. Good luck, Kevin. Go Pack.

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