Knowshon Moreno finally gets a call, visiting Dolphins

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For a guy who played well for a Super Bowl team, there has been no market thus far for running back Knowshon Moreno. Of course, that makes him like most running backs.

Things appear to be changing.

According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, the Broncos free agent is scheduled to visit the Dolphins Friday.

While the Broncos have given no indication they want the 26-year-old back, there’s little doubt he could help Dolphins.

Moreno ran for 1,039 yards (at 4.3 per carry) with 10 touchdowns, playing for a record-setting offense.

That hasn’t translated into interest from other teams, at least until now.

47 responses to “Knowshon Moreno finally gets a call, visiting Dolphins

  1. Moreno is average ar best. Peyton comes in and has record setting numbers and he can only avg 4.3 while the D only focuses on the pass?

    And like 25% of his yards were in one game against the pats

  2. NO KNOWSHON!!! Wasted talent & CAN’T hang on to the ball!!! The ONLY reason he has a decent season is because its a contract year!!! Why do you think the Broncows are letting him walk he stinks!!! GO GET BLOUNT!!!

  3. This guy is purely a product of Peyton Manning. With that being said, he is still probably an upgrade over Daniel Thomas but not by much. The fact that Denver made zero attempt to resign him despite having his best season is telling. BUYER BEWARE

  4. The argument against signing him is that he’s mediocre at best.
    The argument in favor of signing him is that not one of the RB’s currently on Miami’s roster can pick up the blitz any better than my grandmother.

  5. I would prefer MJD but being that he was in a pass happy offense, he should know how to pass block which is something that the team desperately lacked last year. I still question his ability to run the ball with out the aide of a prolific passing offense.

  6. Knowshon is better than any back currently on the Dolphins roster. I’d sign him cheap then grab a bruiser in the draft like Carlos Hyde. That would be a solid 1-2 punch IMO. Let’s not forget that Moreno won the starting job in Denver because of his blocking skills as well, he just so happened to run the ball well last season to.

  7. i would rather have lamar miller, harder runner and faster, miller was at 4.9 ypc his rookie year with an average o line and 4.1 ypc with a bad o line last year, he should improve with this o line. not worth it. need a bruser back. get one in the draft.

  8. Fins needs. OL, LB, RB. Available in free agency left are no quality LB or OL. It would only be common sense to me to sign him or Blount, and address the rest through the draft. He may not be a stud, but he’s an upgrade, a veteran and a good locker room guy. Our first 2 picks need to be OL imo.

  9. For how dirt cheap you can sign a running back for now and how they can ultimately add important successful elements to teams offenses I feel there is no reason for the fins not to sign Moreno.

  10. Moreno wouldn’t be a bad pickup. He can pass block, which is something Miller and Thomas sorely lack. Although his injury history scares me quite a bit. I would have much preferred Blount who is a proven bully between the tackles…

  11. Dolphins would do good by signing him, the reason he wasn’t productive his first few years was due to immaturity and a knee injury. He always ran hard and seems to be a do whatever it takes team player. I’ll miss him.

  12. Knowshon is an experienced pass blocking RB, and definitely well-suited for 3rd downs situation with his pass catching abilities. He’s no stud, but he’s no slouch either.

  13. why did they let Bush walk?
    Only once did this guy crack 1000 yds and just barely at that.
    That being said, he is not a workhorse back really but in this day and age very few are. good pick up but not a big difference maker…

    I can honestly say I can respect the views of the phins fans as they have taken this signing for what it is worth.
    how many super bowls has Cleveland anointed upon themselves thus far in the offseason

  14. I think Moreno is under appreciated. He carried the Broncos in their win up at Foxboro in one of the most impressive RB performances I’ve ever seen. And as hard as the Broncos tried to replace him, they couldn’t keep him off the field.

  15. pft rated miller as the 7th best blocking RB. although moreno would be a better blocker, miller was not that bad.

    as long as they dont pay more than 2.5 mil a year then i say go for it, but i would still like to see a big back in the draft come in.

  16. As long as he can block the Dolphins would love to have him. Their RBS are the worst at blocking in the league.

  17. I believe Knowshon only fumbled once this year. Not a problem. Good back and liked him this year, but I don’t think the Broncos will miss him at all. Could be. Good pick up for someone.

  18. Alright first of all, this guy is a bit above average he played with manning which means less defensive player in the box and he could hit more holes.

    Second of all, the broncos didnt resign him because they drafted an rb last year in the early round and want him to be it because he is cheaper and is better towards their cap which they need to save in order to sign all their big talent FA not because they didnt like him?

    Third of all this guy is a much better upgrade over lamar miller or daniel thomas as long as he stays healthy like he did this past year and doesnt get injured like the years before besides his rookie year he should have a much better year than miller or thomas especially behind an improved Offensive Line

  19. Dolphins do not need a running back unless they replace Thomas. They need an o – line that can block. If anything they could use a hammer that can get 2 yards on 3rd and 1

  20. I’d sign this guy in a second as long as it’s not for too much money.He has to be better than Daniel Thomas who has a button on his leg and every time it’s touched he falls down.

  21. Milo unit would average 2 yards a carry behind dolphins oline. I’m from boston and watched every pats game. He played well against bills in final game when bills had gone home for year and against a awful colts front seven. Slow to the hole. Garbage! Moreno is far better fit than Blount . Better hands and quicker. Moreno hasn’t lived up to college hype but began to play well in the middle of 2012 season when he finally got healthy. It’s not like you have to break bank for a tailback anyway. Paired with miller they’d be fine.

  22. Why do you think the Bucs let Blount leave a few years back? His running was not the problem. His fumbling at critical times in too many games was. You no longer trust a player who turns the ball over in game changing situations as Blount did at Tampa Bay. Moreno is the better choice.

  23. Big Dolphin’s fan here. There is absolutely no reason not to sign this guy. He’s better than Thomas and will cost the same if not less. I can’t get over the people who overthink this. Duh.

  24. I totally don’t understand the RB market right now. You would think guys that can help from getting your franchise QB killed would be in higher demand right now.

  25. I said it when the Fins let Reggie Bush go that they would regret it! Now they are interested in Reggie Bush lite!!!!LMAO. I’m actually a fan of Moreno’s. I know his cousin and I watched his entire college career while I lived in Atlanta. He was nothing short of a BEAST while at UGA. I thought he would be an instant Pro Bowler, well that didn’t exactly work out but I was glad to see him play closer to his potential the last 2 seasons. Of course he has had better production do to Manning, he’s supposed to!!! Wouldn’t it have been more alarming if he hadn’t produced better. So it basically boils down to if they believe Tannehill will perform well enough to allow Moreno to continue to be productive. Meanwhile you allowed “Reggae Boosh” to leave town and he was able to go for over 1K routinely with Chad Henne/Pat White, etc. it didn’t matter. Reggie Bush was considered a bust by many because he fell victim to being drafted by a team that totally devalues the RB position and uses it mostly as a catalyst to enhance the passing attack. I believe that Moreno is the type of RB that will thrive only with a team with a prolific passing offense. The Fins are not that type of team.

  26. 1st round draft pick here in Denver and there is a reason we nicknamed him no show! Buyer beware.

  27. I think they should sign him. His passblocking skills, and pass catching skills are a huge uograde over Daniel Thomas,whom I think will be the one he displaces. What the fins need the most is pass blocking, and you can’t have both your top runningbacks, bad at it,snd you don’t know if a rookie would pick that up as fast as he would have to,given all the new personnel on the o-line.

  28. The right fix is a proper full back. Jed Collins was available forever. I’m not just talking about a road grader either. We need someone who can stonewall a blitzing DB, or get 2 yds when we need 1. Lord I miss Lousaka Polite.

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