MJD visit with Steelers ends without a contract


Running back Maurice Jones-Drew extended his stay in Pittsburgh for a second day in Thursday, but it appears there’s been no agreement on Jones-Drew sticking around for the 2014 season at this point.

Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Jones-Drew’s visit with the Steelers has concluded without a signed contract that would put Jones-Drew in the Pittsburgh backfield. It’s hardly impossible that an agreement could be reached in the future, but both sides will likely explore other options before that happens.

The Steelers were the first team to have Jones-Drew in for a visit since free agency got underway last week. The veteran’s representatives have talked up the number of interested teams, but he’s not in the strongest sales position as a soon-to-be 29-year-old back coming off a poor season.

Pittsburgh, meanwhile, is looking for a reliable backup for Le’Veon Bell in Bell’s second professional season. Whether because of money or something else, Jones-Drew isn’t fitting the bill at the moment so they’ll need to sift through the other options if they want to add someone before the draft.

28 responses to “MJD visit with Steelers ends without a contract

  1. Sooner or later the Steelers are going to have to make the deal with someone, as it won’t do to have no halfback without a single NFL regular season touch behind Bell. This could also come after June 1, though. Plenty of time to find a veteran back or two and get them acclimated between now and the start of training camp…

  2. MJD sure has fallen far and fallen quickly. The worst thing the Jags did with him was forgive his fines for holding out.

    Players know that no matter how much they hurt the team with their holdouts, the team will never make the players pay the fines when the player returns.

    If teams actually made the players pay their holddout fines, there would be fewer holdouts.

  3. MJD has always over-valued himself it seems. Probably looking to be paid like a 25 year old feature back.

  4. A lack of age did him in. The Steelers only give contracts to players that are 30+

    Sorry MJD, you’re too young and probably dont take enough steroids to be a Steeler. Good luck tho!

  5. Does this mean he wasn’t interested in being paid with stale bags of peanuts and ketchup sauce?

  6. An old, beaten down player like MJD would have fit in perfectly with the Steelers.

    I guess MJD must have realized that the Steelers have no money left under the cap to sign him with…

  7. On the plus side, he did come out of it with some free denture adhesive and an official Steelers brand walker.

  8. Ummmm has anyone noticed that the oldest person on the Steelers roster is Ike (33 years old) The only 32 year olds are Heath, Ben and Troy all of which have been to the Pro Bowl. Know your football trolls.

  9. MJD didn’t visit the Ravens crownofthehelmet. He was in Pittsburgh. He followed Moore and Delmas who all visited and left without a contract this offseason. I guess when you said “I see your Smith and raise you a mjd” you were bluffing…?

  10. Maybe they can sign players after June, or maybe that will be just enough to sign their rookies and practice squad guys. I have to believe players will stop taking “invitations for a visit” from the Steelers when they know Steelers can’t afford them.

  11. I’m not sold on Bell yet. Sorry. That delay step before he hits a hole makes me wonder about him.
    But I have no doubts about MJD. Here’s a guy who if nothing else could get a lot of carries and keep both he and Bell fresh late into the season.

    This signing would have made a lot of sense, despite the outrageous headline in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette today from Steeler beat writer Ed Bouchette who apparently is also now able to write opinion pieces on who and who doesn’t make sense for the Steelers. Sheesh, what a clown, and what a yellow rag that paper has become.

    I don’t like the sound of the guy leaving town without a contract. Shame. He would have fit perfectly

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