Report: Jets inquire about DeSean Jackson

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The 49ers and Patriots may not be alone in their interest in Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson.  The Jets reportedly have interest, too.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, via, the Jets have called the Eagles about a possible trade for Jackson.

In a world of obvious dot-connecting, this is a shortest-distance-between-two-points bright line.  Literally (Philly is an our or so away from New York) and figuratively, given the presence of former Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg and potential arrival of Eagles quarterback Mike Vick.

Then there’s the fact that the Jets have needs at the position, even after giving a big-money free-agency contract to Eric Decker.

Still, with Jackson at $10.5 million for 2014 and Eric Decker in the mid-seven-figure tax bracket, the question becomes whether adding Jackson would blow the budget at the receiver position.

73 responses to “Report: Jets inquire about DeSean Jackson

  1. Yes – SO Jets like…bring in a younger Santonio.
    Jets are only about BS Rex, media, and appearances…

  2. jets are poorly managed. hiring marty morninhweg is exhibit A. interest in vick is exhibit B. possible interest in desean jackson is exhibit C.

    and all 3 exhibits have phila eagle ties. what is it with the jets picking up eagles busts ??

  3. If the eagles trade Djax… There going to put there chances all on recovering Jmac and coop. If one gets hurt then what? He may be a one trick pony but he is great at it and he spreads the defense enough for Lesean McCoy to do his thing. I say he is worth the money and heartache

  4. Jackson makes the Jets Offense somewhat relevant. The good news is that he’s already familiar with Marty’s system. Jackson, Decker, Kerley, and Cumberland at TE aren’t the worst receiving corps in the league, that’s for sure. Plus, if the Jets draft Watkins like we’re projected to, a speedy DeSean Jackson can play the slot. The main question becomes whether Jackson will restructure to save cap space, the Jets still need at least one corner, and a possible upgrade at TE, RB, and QB. (Though I don’t mind giving Geno another opportunity if he can minimize the turnovers)

  5. A real jet fan knows how much of a headache and selfish player Holmes was, for all of D jax’s whining , he is far from all the troubles that Santanio brought to the team, Jackson is worth the investment as long as they do not give up more than a 3rd for him

  6. If the Jets play the Panthers this season, there would be a better chance of Bigfoot sighting than either team having ten catches in the game.

  7. I don’t know about blowing the budget when we have a ton to spend. We would be rolling over a large amount even after paying Djax and maybe Vick. After Sanchez is cut we will have the most available space in the NFL. People having dogging Idzik since FA began but this is why he has been sitting on the cash. When a game changer becomes available and he is a system fit, you actually have the ability to make it happen. Djax is no worse than Holmes or Revis so keeping making that noise, we aren’t listening. A thing to keep in mind also, a 3rd rounder this yr is more like a 2nd any other yr. We have plenty of picks so that’s a non issue.

  8. thanks Jets this guy was already pissed off enough to have a career year. now it will be monstrous.

  9. I honestly think this is Chip’s way of saying, “I will trade you if you continue your sideline antics and on-field disappearing acts!” I don’t think they actually plan to trade him this year.

  10. that whole front office and staff will be fired if they don’t do it they are a 4 and 12 without vick and d-jac and maybe a playoff team with them its a no brainer

  11. The fact the vast majority of Eagles fans are basically rioting over this trade talk and say they wouldn’t trade him for a 1st and 3rd says a lot about what kind of player Jackson is and what he means to his team.

  12. I don’t think these uninformed fans understand Djax’s value. The Eagles are not giving him up for a 3rd rd pick. He is better than that walking injury prone wr harvin. He has accomplished way more than that guy and stays healthy for the most part. harvin was traded for a 1st, 3rd, and another pick. That is what the eagles would take at the very least if they were desperate to get rid of him which they are not.

  13. Can you imagine the hilarity that would ensue if Desean Jackson went to the Jets? If they thought Holmes was bad, just wait and see what Jackson would do to that locker room when he’s constantly insisting on a new contract every season

  14. If youre the jets why wouldnt you trade for him? Blow the budget who cares, it sparks the fan base interest and gets you threw another year . Hope desean comes to NY with vick

  15. The Jets only inquired to steal some headlines while they silently try to save face for missing out on a top corner

  16. I hope that those who continue to think that if the Eagles trade DeSean Jackson, it will somehow negatively impact the team’s production and ability to win, know that this year’s draft has probably the best crop of WR talent in YEARS. They would replace him, instantly, from the draft, at a bargain rookie rate. Learn2Football!

  17. You’re out of your mind if you think Jackson even has as much value as Harvin, forget about more! Harvin is such a good runner the Vikings gave him carries even with Adrian Peterson on the team. Granted the Seahawks did give up too much for him, but he’s clearly a better player than Jackson.

  18. Eagles and Saints should swap Jackson & Graham. Don’t know if this would be a balanced trade, but something could be worked out for both teams.

  19. Jets have plenty of picks, and tons of cap space. For a 3rd rounder? This is the move that can make Izdik legit. If they can get him, they can draft a CB or TE (Amaro) with the 18th pick.

  20. Mickangold how many thousand yard seasons does harvin have? TDs? Thought so now shut up.

    BTW anybody thinking Jackson is only worth a third rounder get a freaking clue!

  21. One trick Pony huhh. Let’s not even bring up the 1350 yards and 9 TDs… Desean opens up the field increddibly with his speeds. Safeties line up 10 yards deeper when Desean is in the game. He instantly improves a teaams run game and TE/possesion WR. He has a HUGE impact on games that the average NFL fan doesn’t understand.

  22. Dream on..D-Jack will still be wearing the Kelly green and being coached by the mad scientist Chip Kelly next year in Philly

  23. You can bring in Decker, Jackson, Fitzgerald, c.Johnson, d Bryant…..even rice and Irvin, doesn’t matter, the qb is terrible and anyone who believes smith is a long term solution is delusional. Never have I seen such horrible qb play and everyone knows that 2 of those games were handed to them so don’t give me this 8-8 stuff with no weapons. Tampa and NE had them beat and then they beat themselves.

  24. autoriot says: Mar 20, 2014 7:30 PM

    I hope that those who continue to think that if the Eagles trade DeSean Jackson, it will somehow negatively impact the team’s production and ability to win, know that this year’s draft has probably the best crop of WR talent in YEARS. They would replace him, instantly, from the draft, at a bargain rookie rate. Learn2Football!

    “Yeah, let’s trade away a guy with multiple Pro Bowls who just had his best season for peanuts because we have a solid 50% chance of drafting a guy who might be as good as him in two or three years!”

    – Soon to be fired personnel guy

  25. Oh, okay, I’ll shut up lol. Jackson isn’t as good a player as Harvin. In 32 fewer games Harvin has just 8 fewer total touchdowns, and has a career 6.4 YPC with over 108 carries to his name. He’s never had a 1000 yard receiving season, but has only played with a competent QB once – with Favre, the same year Sidney Rice went off and Adrian Peterson carried the offense the entire first half of the season. I’d even give you the argument that Jackson is a better pure receiver, but his inflated numbers playing in the most pass heavy offensive team in the league his whole career make that bit ambiguous.

    Jackson has benefitted from both his own considerable talent and playing in wildly pass-happy offenses that featured McNabb and Vick at QB. Foles also had an MVP caliber season in ’13. Jackson’s numbers should blow Harvin’s away – the fact that they don’t leads to the logical conclusion that Harvin is the better player. Also, just from watching the two play, it’s apparent that Harvin is much more versatible, hence more valuable in a trade. The more you can do, the more you get paid/more trade value you have. Sure, he gets hurt a LOT, but the same can be said for Jackson

    Jackson is worth more than just a third, obviously, but he’s not worth what the Seahawks gave up for Harvin. You have to take into account the Seahawks overpaid because they thought he’d bring them a title, not knowing they were already good enough without him.

  26. Right now, the Titans are better off at the receiver position (depth) than they have been since arriving in Tennessee 17 years ago. However, for DeSean Jackson, this Titans fan would make an exception. His fantastic potential is still being tapped.

    Also, as a Charlotte resident watching the Panthers’ front office disaster handling receivers this offseason, I’m pretty sure all would be instantly forgiven (by Panthers fans) if they traded for DeSean Jackson.

  27. I am hearing they want at least 1 3rd round pick. For Desean, they better get a hell of a lot more then that. I do not want him to go to SF or NE, plus if they plan on trading him for a 3rd rounder, SF and NE draft at the end of the round, so they better ask for a 2nd rounder. The Raiders would be a nice spot, he is a bay area guy, playing his college ball at Cal.

  28. I have faith in the front office in Philly. I really think Howie Roseman knows what he is doing. They could probably steal a 1st rounder from the Raiders.

  29. If the Jets have a strategic plan they are doing a very good job of keeping it hidden. Are they (1) deconstructing the team so they can rebuild with a target of three years out, (2) just trying to buy cheap, or (3) trying to compete with the Patriots now? It doesn’t seem to be the third but it is anyone’s guess whether it is one or two.

  30. Nobody is gonna pay him $10 mil and give up a 3rd. Let’s move on from this story. Eagles already know that.

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