Report: No vote on expanded playoffs next week

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When the NFL’s owners convene in Florida next week for the annual league meetings, they’ll talk about expanding the postseason, but they’ll take no action on the move.

Mark Maske of the Washington Post reports that no vote will be conducted during the 2014 meetings on the possibility of moving the playoff field from 12 to 14 teams in 2015.

Given that the change wouldn’t be made until 2015, there’s really no reason to take a vote now.  During the next year, plans can be made for staging — and, more importantly, selling — the two extra wild-card games that will arise if/when (when) the No. 2 seed loses its bye and faces the No. 7 seed in each conference.

Either way, expansion of the playoffs feels inevitable.  With the 18-game season off the table, the lost revenue from shrinking the preseason can be offset only by expanding the postseason.

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  1. So a team who deserves a playoff spot (#2 seed) is forced to risk a possible injury to a key player to play a team who probably won’t even have a winning record and certainly doesn’t deserve a place in the playoffs. If you don’t deserve a playoff spot, you shouldn’t be there. If you are a #2 seed, you earned the opportunity to give your players a chance to rest and heal up for a game against a worthy opponent. Finishing second in your conference deserves more than this.

  2. Yeah the Cards were 10-6 last year and deserved to be in the playoffs. Why should a team with the second best conference record get a bye? the don’t deserve it. Make ’em play.

    And for God’s sake let’s just get on with it. 2014 would be fine with me if they get the TV deals done.

  3. The fans certainly don’t want it – and they fund the NFL in every conceivable way.
    The players most certainly don’t want it – and it’s their safety/career longevity at issue.
    The only ones who want it are the people who line their pockets (NFL owners, Goodell, TV networks).
    It is just so absurd Goodell keeps posing as the Champion of Player Safety. Unreal.

  4. How about the following proposal.
    16 regular game season as current. The top 8 teams (4 div winners 4 next best records) from each conference then progress to a further 2 game regular season (1v8, 2v7, 3v6, 4v5) then (5v1, 6v2, 7v3, 8v4). The top 6 teams based on total won loss record then progress to current playoff system. The best 8 teams get the bonus of an extra home game, and the seeding for the playoffs is more equitable.

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