Report: Panthers to meet with Texans WR Lestar Jean

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As job opportunities go, this looks like a good one for Lestar Jean.

The 26-year-old wide receiver, who was non-tendered as a restricted free agent by the Texans, will visit the Panthers on Thursday and Friday, Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer reported.

A fourth-year pro from Florida Atlantic, Jean (6-3, 202) has caught 10 passes for 186 yards and one TD in his NFL career.

The Panthers currently have seven wideouts on their roster, including former Steelers pass catcher Jerricho Cotchery. More help is likely to be added as the offseason progresses, especially with Steve Smith and Brandon LaFell having moved on to new clubs.

26 responses to “Report: Panthers to meet with Texans WR Lestar Jean

  1. WR’s aren’t worth the coin. even a legit #1 touches the ball 5-6 times a game. Better off w/ multiple good WR’s running precise routes. Loved seeing Carolina invest in their lines and use the later days of FA for DB’s and WR’s. I’m sure they’ll add a person or two in the draft.

  2. You do not want this guy on your team as anything more than the last string receiver. Alligator arms and drops everywhere. Don’t be fooled by his size/speed combo. He’s a preseason warrior who disappears when it matters.

  3. Why haven’t the Panthers met with Santonio Holmes, Robert Meachem, Nate Burleson, or even Lance Moore?

    I know that those guys are far from top tier wide receivers, but one of them could at the very least provide some sort of veteran presence in a very sparse WR corps.

  4. Stop with the cut Williams and Stewart talk. Not gonna happen. You would make a terrible GM because it would COST the team to do so. Signing Cotchery is good. Add another, like Britt, and it will already be an upgrade from last year. Draft a solid guy in the first or second round and Gettleman will shut up a lot of asinine criticism. WR isn’t the concern. The offensive line is.

  5. No matter what is done now, you don’t recover from what has been done in a couple days or weeks or even months. What Gettleman has done is easily a full 3-4 years worth of damage.

    The team went from 7-9 to 12-4. This team is 8-8 at best, with holes everywhere. By the time WRs are acquired, the defense will be turned over and the RBs will be collecting social security.

    File this under:IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT. Guess how many teams had better records than Carolina last season? Why couldn’t Gettleman and Schiano hooked to run a team? After all, they have to be SOULMATES.

  6. I really believe the Panthers are going to try to draft good offensive linemen in the first two rounds, then get serviceable wide receivers in Fa and the draft. They seem to be going to rely on the running game this year to really see what they can get from their high priced RBs. This seems to me to be the beginning of a two to three year project.

  7. With my over-obsessive addiction to football and football news I have been waiting to see this guy break out for over 2 years. I think it never came to fruition because the Texans weren’t willing to wait and drafted DeAndre Hopkins, now they can afford to move on. Somebody could wind up making this guy a star and he would get as much opportunity in Carolina as any where else..

  8. Comment: Panthers are gonna have the most mediocre receiving corps in the league.

    Look at the stats—They did last year, along with a mediocre defensive backfield and offensive line.


  9. For those that think Gettleman is a terrible GM and that he must cut Williams and Stewart, I’ve got some sobering news for you. Your anger should be directed at Marty Hurney. Williams and Stewart would cost the team 27 million in dead money in 2015. Keeping them counts 16 million. Simple math. Hurney has set this team back. Way back. To completely understand football, you need to understand the financial side of football. Many of you do not. Hurney signed a lot of terrible contracts and was going, as they say, all in. Richardsonhad to approve those deals, so he gets some of the blame, too. IMHO.

  10. Qdog – “if it ain’t broke”. Look again at the stat book, dude – it IS broke! 29th of 32 in passing, and the tight end was the leading receiver. Nothing that made this team 12-4 (defense, Newton, defense, Rivera, defense) has gone anywhere. Will they go 12-4 again? That would be tough. Know why? Because it’s ALWAYS @&$@$&! tough to go 12-4 in the NFL!!!!!

  11. I loved Lestar from the start and hated that he didn’t get more playing time partly because he was coming off injury and this was his year to get it done. But who could’ve thrived in that horrible 2013 season? I always looked at him as potential to take over for Andre Johnson. Great WR

  12. These logical arguments as to why Stewart and Williams cannot be cut is even more solid when discussing Smitty. We saved $1M in cutting Smitty. I hate to be flogging a dead horse here, but I’m still perplexed and dumbfounded by the move – which is probably the worst of any team this off-season. The perception is that our GM treats players badly and that is a bad reputation to have in a league full of prima donnas who perceive the smallest slight as being “disrespected.”

  13. Just cut Cotchery and run the wishbone. It’s not like it’s going to matter back to 5-6 wins, all due to an incompetent GM making something personal.

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