Ryan Fitzpatrick visiting Texans

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The Texans haven’t been in much of a hurry to part ways with quarterback Matt Schaub, but they may be starting to think about making a move most observers have seen as a certainty since Houston benched him in favor of Case Keenum last season.

Mark Berman of FOX 26 reports that Ryan Fitzpatrick is visiting the Texans on Thursday. Fitzpatrick was released by the Titans after they signed Charlie Whitehurst and his arrival in Houston would give the Texans a veteran quarterback with starting experience to use as a potential backup or placeholder for a rookie drafted in May.

Schaub can play the same role, of course, but his $10 million base salary makes that a less than ideal choice. With reported interest from the Raiders and Browns, the Texans are expected to try to trade him before choosing to release him but a Fitzpatrick signing would put the writing on the wall about Schaub’s future in Houston.

Fitzpatrick started nine games for the Texans last year in place of an injured Jake Locker and completed 62 percent of his passes while throwing 14 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. He was in the running for a job with the Bengals before Cincinnati opted to sign Jason Campbell.

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  1. Texans have their young starting QB in Case Keenum. Dude is a winner. Let him play and Fitzpatrick backs him up, and cut Schaub, as he needs a fresh start after the pick 6 year. He’s a back up anyway. Same situation in Cleveland, Hoyer is the guy. In fact Schaub would be a nice fit to back up in Cleveland. Neither team should pick a QB in the first round. Both should be targeting offensive help at WR and OL.

  2. This cannot be true. From everything I’ve been told it appears as though Case Keenum is the second coming of Jesus Christ and can walk on water. Any struggles he had last year were due to blocking and coaching issues and he is forever blameless. Let me reiterate that this is only what I’ve been told.

  3. I want Keenum to be the guy. I don’t think he got a fair shake last year and everything considered, he was an undrafted rookie. I don’t know if he’s capable of being the starter, but I think it’s too soon to write him off.

  4. Comin’ from a 1995-2014 Rams fan seeing the way Fitzmagic has progressed from a 6th round cast off draft choice… OK he’s certainly not an “excuse me” Tom Brady 6th rd lightning in a bottle draft pick, but he’s throwin’ @ a 60% completion rate, and he had some rather impressive totals in BUF… And he’s smart (the guy went to Harvard don’t ya know) and won’t force a throw… Then again with his noodle arm why would he want to? I really wish that CLE would sign him (FORGET about Schaub, pleeeeze??) and allow the new QB of the franchise ease his way into the job.

  5. Fitzmagic bringing the heat to Texas…
    I like that move. He’s not a starter, but a damn good back-up. Fitz puts everything on the table when he plays, big heart, good arm, better accuracy and knows how to lead a comeback. As a matter of fact, that is when he plays his best. Give the opponent a 21 point lead and insert R.F. Its like he thrives on the moment, the crowd, the excitement. Sign him up Texans!

  6. Fitzpatrick started 9 games for the Texan’s last year? That’s funny. Ever proof read? Anyways, Fitzy is a great backup, don’t see him as a starter, more of a journey man than anything.

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