Ryan says his free-agency anger is directed at the players who don’t sign, not Idzik


The Jets recently have launched a media blitz, aimed at calming down a fan base that is concerned about the lack of activity in free agency, particularly at the cornerback position.

In addition to a conference call with reporters, coach Rex Ryan appeared on SNY-TV’s Daily News Live.  Ryan addressed, among other things, the question of whether he’s miffed at G.M. John Idzik for moving too slowly in free agency.

I’m an emotional guy,” Ryan said.  “I take it personally when somebody doesn’t sign with us, and they were in the building and chose to go somewhere else.  I’m upset with that player or that individual.  But I’ve never been upset with John.  Sometimes you swing and you miss, and sometimes guys aren’t a good fit for you.  But when a player signs somewhere else, he’s — you know that old saying, ‘He’s dead to me’ — that’s pretty much it.”

Ryan reiterated that, through all the moves made and not made, he and Idzik remain in harmony.

“100 percent on the same page,” Ryan said of his relationship with Idzik.  “It’s foolish to actually think we’re not on the same page.  It’s the exact opposite of that.”

They’re apparently on the same page regarding the pursuit of quarterback Mike Vick, who’ll visit the team Friday.  It remains to be seen whether he becomes a Jet, or whether he’ll join the ranks of players who are dead to Rex Ryan.

37 responses to “Ryan says his free-agency anger is directed at the players who don’t sign, not Idzik

  1. Same page or not, I don’t care. This is about winning, and the Jets haven’t been winning, and they haven’t solidified confidence with people as to why they will win. They need to get a better GM, and then start developing a great plan to win.

  2. Yeah, go ahead and get angry with people who visit you and decide on somewhere else. That seems like a reasonable perspective, and not at all like the thoughts of a nutjob with blood pressure problems.

  3. These comments by Buddy I mean Rex… Confirm what I already knew.. Big Rex might the shortest term thinking hc in modern NFL history.. No ability to see things from a big picture approach

  4. Sexy Rexy used to be funny. Now he’s the king of “well what the hell else was he gonna say?”

    Just admit it man you hate your boss just like 90% of the rest of this country.

  5. Yes, why WOULDN’T players want to join a team who’s last Super Bowl appearance came before Man walked on the Moon?

    If the Jets ever gained credibility by breaking their tie with the Houston Oilers for AFC-East titles, perhaps they’d be able to attract free agents.

  6. Mad at players who signed with a team that has a better chance of winning and/or that offered more money. How downright selfish of those guys…

  7. Rex’s saying all the right things, but you know he’s furious, and he should be– Idzik is just blatantly hanging him out to dry. Dude is obviously disappointed that the team didn’t do poorly enough to justify firing Rexy last year, so this time he’s determined to put together a roster that will.

  8. Yeah, the Jets do have a fanbase. A fanbase responsible for 296 consecutive sellouts. Not a single blackout since 1977. Only 4 NFL teams have longer streaks: the Redskins, Giants, Steelers, and Broncos. It’s one of the longest streaks in the history of North American major sports. What’s your team’s streak look like?

    Seriously, if you don’t know how passionate the Jets fan base is, you don’t know much about the team or its fans. Then again, you called them the Yets, which leads me to believe you’re a Dolphins “fan”…so I doubt you watch much football.

  9. Rex has proved regardless of who is on his defense he will end up near the top of the NFL, I wouldn’t make much of this…remember the media said the NYJ would win like 2-6 gms last year — they won 8,..media is just anti-NYJ & they’re scared of the NYG…

  10. All the FA’s don’t wanna play for a team with Geno & Mark ?? shocking.. shoulda signed Vick first.. ya dummies

  11. Rex, you’re too sensitive to hack it as a head coach in the NFL. Players chose not to sign with you and your reaction is that of a spurned high school girl.

  12. The secret izdik plan for free agency sounds like the secret tebow plan..no plan, total circus and eventually another rebuilding. Best thing for Rex though, takes the pressure off and will get him another extension

  13. therooneyskilledwebster says:
    Mar 20, 2014 9:58 PM
    How could he possibly be angry ? I thought he loved his CB’s ? Why would they want to bring in any free agents ? The NY Jets. Send in the clowns.

    They’re living in Pittsburgh dreaming of the past.

  14. Gotta l,ove that Jets fans stick to their own boards, but NY the center of the planet, the target of all jealousy is a magnet for these haters.

    Every thumbs down proves it.

  15. Pats fan here. Wait, don’t throw crap at me yet!! I feel for you guys. I really do. We’re all football fans first and you NYJ fans are dedicated and passionate fans. Unfortunately, that’s currently being squandered by terrible ownership and a lack of long term vision. Tough it out and it will get better. I suffered through decades of ineptitude when the Pats set up permanent residence at the bottom of the barrel. The last decade, I’ve been able to enjoy the winning version of my team with the added satisfaction that comes from knowing that I didn’t jump ship all those years when nobody would have blamed me. I’ll tell you what – in some ways it’s more satisfying to watch your team climb out of the gutter than it is to watch them almost grab the gold yearly. So be excited for the near future with all the changes happening and that will happen in the next 12 to 24 months with new marque players, managers and (probably) new HC. Let Fireman Ed quit while you hold down the fort. Fair weather fans are weak…

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