Seahawks close to a deal with Jared Allen


The Seahawks built a Super Bowl defense in part by signing veteran pass-rushers in bulk.

They’re close to signing their best one yet.

According to Ed Werder of ESPN, the Seahawks are working on the final touches of a deal with Vikings free agent defensive end Jared Allen.

The 31-year-old Allen had 11.5 sacks last year for the Vikings, so it’s not as if he’s some out-to-pasture old guy hanging on.

And adding his presence to a defense that already had plenty of attitude and aptitude is only going to make them better.

139 responses to “Seahawks close to a deal with Jared Allen

  1. Jared Allen is an amazing player when he plays on an amazing defense, and he’s just average when on a bad defense. Don’t be surprised to see 15 sacks next year.

  2. Now all the hawks need in the draft is a big time WR (Lee, Benjamin, etc…) and a RG; then just depth afer that… maybe another F.A. signing just to put a ribbon on a hopeful repeat season!!

  3. “Take all of our Vikings castaways that weren’t good enough to make our 53 man roster, there’s a reason we didn’t resign them.”

    How does that conversation go, exactly?

    “We really value your contributions, and we like you a lot. In fact, we like you so much that we want you to go somewhere where you’ll actually have an opportunity to play for a championship. You deserve better than us. Good luck in Seattle!”

  4. Bruce Irvin, Michael Bennett, Cliff Avril and now Jared Allen? I think I see why Kaepernick wants to get that $18 million ASAP.

  5. I know what he’s thinking, “at LAST! I’m FINALLY getting out of that NFL laugh-factory, known as the Minnesota Vikings!”

  6. Hawks were good without him and a little more rotational pass rush is not gonna make an astronomical difference. Wasted money imo

  7. Great move by Seattle

    But, you STILL have to face the 49ers Twice this year

    Three times if you make the playoffs

  8. This is an excellent pick up for the Hawks. I’ve followed his career since his rookie year in KC and the guy is character. He also has a presence that is unmistakable and has the skill to back it up. I’m very happy with this pick up.

  9. Let’s see the numbers, but it sounds great. My money says he’ll be a rotational pass rusher, and we draft a new Leo end. My money is on Shazier from Ohio State.

  10. The best defense in the league is getting even better. Still, I think they are investing their money on the wrong side of the ball right now… you are not going to repeat* with an offense that mediocre.

    (*this may be jealously affecting my brain)

  11. JA is a good dude, does a lot of charity for wounded vets. Should be a good addition with a lot left in the tank.

  12. “Take all of our Vikings castaways that weren’t good enough to make our 53 man roster, there’s a reason we didn’t resign them.”
    Yeah, cuz a guy who gets 11 sacks for a team that is out of playoff contention by Week 9 needs to be sent packing…

  13. Best of luck to jared allen on his quest to winning a super bowl. Can the seahawks win it again this year? With all these offseason moves they are getting better and better. Im very curious to hear how much they are gonna pay him.

  14. old and washed up. im glad seahawks signed him. now that should slow down there d and expose there holding happy corners.

  15. Jared Allen is awesome, and as a Vikings fan, I wish him the very best.

    The Vikings are a couple of years away from seriously competing, so I will be hoping the Seahawks win the big one with Allen as part of their team.

    Who knows… he might return to the Vikings for a final swan song in a few seasons just in time to bring a SuperBowl to our new stadium 🙂

  16. The shehawks continue to desperately try to sign players from the Vikings.Going from the vikings to the the shehawks is like going from bill gates to working the drive thru at mcdonalds.have fun with your Ped hawks.SKOL

  17. Good luck to him. Great Viking over the years. Weaknesses: playing on grass and running plays. Otherwise, thanks for the great years as a Viking.

  18. Crossing my fingers, my toes, adding a prayer….Add him to the list and then maybe that kid from Alabama we drafted and stashed on IR, the big Aussie nicknamed “The Monstar” with all the tats!!! WOOOO MAMA!

  19. natelan69 says:
    Mar 20, 2014 3:43 PM

    Am I allowed to switch from Chargers fan to Seahawks fan…?

    Yes; Welcome…..

    Go Hawks!

  20. Yes, there is a reason we don’t want Jared Allen. He’s not what he used to be, Seahawks will learn the hard way. Same with Harvin, thx for the one sided deal for him too. That one will help us for multiple years paying dividends. There were games over the last 2 years that I wondered why Jared was even in the NFL. His speed was his biggest factor along with his work ethic. That tends to break down with age unfortunately and Allen has past that mark. I’m really hoping Seattle gets this done. They won’t even be a playoff team next year, you heard it here first.
    If Russell Wilson goes to most any other team at the draft he’s a bust by now. That’s the problem with the NFL, Kapernick is the same. They are both products of their system. Not above average quarterbacks.

  21. As long as the NFL focuses on QB’s and WR’s, the Seahawks will win SB’s. What’s the league gonna do when QB’s hurry their throws and WR’s get smothered by LOB.

  22. Besides special teamer Heath Farwell, can anyone name one former Viking that has actually made a positive contribution to the Me-hawks? Maybe they should be looking elsewhere for their personnel needs.

  23. Good for Jared — this Viking fan wishes him the best. Maybe he can calf-rope Richard Sherman’s mouth.

  24. natelan69 says:
    Mar 20, 2014 3:43 PM

    Am I allowed to switch from Chargers fan to Seahawks fan…?

    Most of em jumped from another team anyway evidenced by the 3000% hawk fan increase on here so what’s one more….

  25. from a vikings fan: jared earned every cent of the deal we gave him and will likely earn whatever the hawks decide to pay him. he has been nothing but a model citizen since he’s been here.

    he is a nuisance. if you don’t have an elite LT you double him or you are done. he’s not great against the run but he is relentless, tips passes, and forces fumbles. he really needs to stop playing every down though. face it jared, you’re a bad man but you get tired.

    i would rather have him than ware at this point in their careers. part of the reason jared’s numbers were down last year is that our DBs were so terrible qbs were finding guys open in under 3 seconds. give him an extra second or two and he will have more than 11.5 next year.

  26. seatt1ej0nes says: Mar 20, 2014 3:37 PM

    Best team ever gets even better? LMAO…2015 is going to suck for non-hawk fans. All aboard the dynasty train WHOO WHOOO #kissthering

    Oh really? I’ll take the field on that one, it’s funny how many NEW “Diehard” Seahawk fans are out their.
    2 years ago they couldn’t find Seattle on a map…now there are 100 million “12th man” out there. bla bla bla
    1 and done for the Seahawks.

  27. It’s a gas listening to Vikings fans cry and whine constantly. Now all the claims that Allen is too old when the guy had 11.5 sacks last season for a team that was pretty much out of contention the first month of the season. An absolute gas! It’s the sole reason I visit this board.

  28. Calling this the poison pill effect. Minnesota is still getting pillaged from the Seahawks for taking Hutch. Hawks are still showing them that they should have never did what they did. I know, a lil too much…

  29. 11.5 sacks playing on the Vikings pitiful defense would translate to 20+ sacks for the Hawks!

    Vikings should just pack up their franchise and quit the NFL. Granted there would be less laughter in the NFL but there would be more respect!

  30. “Besides special teamer Heath Farwell, can anyone name one former Viking that has actually made a positive contribution to the Me-hawks?”
    Percy Harvin. He scored a touchdown for the Seahawks during the first 12 seconds of the second half of the Super Bowl about a month ago.

    The ‘hawks didn’t really need his touchdown, but it was still a positive contribution.

  31. I am glad for him. The Vikings should be a better team this year (where are the QB and the Linebackers Mr. Spielman?) and will be more entertaining to watch. But this is no way a superbowl year. Good luck Jared, you were a great contributor and good team mate. All players want that ring and I for one hope you get it.

  32. “Great move by Seattle

    But, you STILL have to face the 49ers Twice this year

    Three times if you make the playoffs”

    Only twice if niners don’t make the playoffs….

  33. “Besides special teamer Heath Farwell, can anyone name one former Viking that has actually made a positive contribution to the Me-hawks?”

    First coach, Jack Patera…

  34. The thing most people don’t know who don’t watch the Seahawks regularly is that most of their sacks last year were coverage sacks. The d-line was good, but lacked a true pass rusher until Clemons started getting back his health. Playing with the best secondary in the league with that home field advantage, it’s not likely that Allen’s sack numbers will go down. Great pickup after having to cut ties with Clemons.

  35. As a Niners fan, this move doesn’t scare me one bit. Seattle is known for having a good d line. Their offense has regressed.

  36. Glad that other fanbases get a little taste of the Minnesota mentality from time to time that Packer fans have to put up with non-stop.
    See, 5-10-1 team loses Jared Allen but adds Captain Munnerlyn, and that = dynasty to them.
    Having said that, there are some Viking fans showing class as Allen leaves, and a rare event like that is worthy of noting and commending.

  37. Not sure I agree with your police work there footballace: Seattle got beat at home last year by Arizona I believe, so going 8-0 “again” (your word) is inaccurate.

    If Jerad Allen the Seahawks agree on a contract, Seattle is going to like what they see from Jerad on and off the field. This Vikings fan always knew he was never going to take a play, let along a series or a game, off.

  38. ragnarthegreat says:
    Mar 20, 2014 4:23 PM

    I am glad for him. The Vikings should be a better team this year (where are the QB and the Linebackers Mr. Spielman?) and will be more entertaining to watch.

    They signed Matt Cassel. Was there a different free agent QB you preferred?

  39. Rick Spielman is a Magician says:
    Mar 20, 2014 3:53 PM

    Besides special teamer Heath Farwell, can anyone name one former Viking that has actually made a positive contribution to the Me-hawks?

    Burleson played well while here. Sidney Rice had a couple of great catches in the playoffs last year that helped us advance (that one against the Redskins, up against the sidelines, feet barely in bounds…wow, just wow). And Percy Harvin returned a kickoff in the Super Bowl for a TD, led the Super Bowl in rushing yards, and earned a Super Bowl ring.

    Or by “positive contribution” did you mean book a boat cruise with some strippers out on the Puget Sound?

  40. Good signing if it happens.

    I’m not one who will be jumping on the Seahawks’ bandwagon so quickly. Does anyone remember the last time that a Superbowl winner returned to the big game the next year?
    It was 10 years ago when the Patriots returned to the Superbowl in 2005 after beating the Panthers in 2004.

  41. I’m happy for Allen. I just want to see the numbers as to how much of a price tag he put on himself. He was great in MN and earned his 73 million.

  42. I wish Jared the best, whenver he isn’t playing against my Vikes. He was worth every cent we paid him and more. He was an outstanding member of our community and will bring those very same things to the Seahawk organization and Seattle.

    Nothing is more difficult than repeating a SuperBowl win.

    As with every other season, injuries and how your team is able to respond to them is the key to making it through an NFL season.

    It will be interesting to see how well they do going through an entire season with target on their backs. Every team will be giving that extra effort to try and knock off the champions, that’s the nature of the game.

  43. A viking going to seattle? Now we just wait for him to fade out and disappear as every other viking has done. The only relevant player they got was percy and he didnt even do anything for them, but since they won a sb the seahwak fans claim they “took us to the woodshed” in that trade but you gave up a 1st 3rd and a 7th and had to pay a guy a hugecontract that played 1 game Iin the reg season and missed the nfc champ.

    Btw one superbowl isnt a dynasty so quit saying the dynasty is sealed bc you signed an aging veteran on his last cpl years to replace a more capable cliff avril.

  44. God, this is an absolute embarrassment – an embarrassment of riches for the Seahawks.
    There’a nothing more to fear than a great, All Pro player, denied for years on another team, hungry for his first Super Bowl ring and being signed by the best team in football.
    Seattle – it sure looks like two in a row for you guys.

  45. Good deal for JA.

    As a KC fan, I never forgave Carl Peterson for literally running Jared out of town. One of the picks received in the trade did turn into Jamal Charles so that helped a bit but Peterson still screwed up.

    I’ve kept up with Allen all the years with the Vikes and I’m very glad to see him move on and get the chance to play for a ring. He deserves it.

  46. Seattle = World Champions.

    Positively great news. 12s will love Allen. He was made to play at Qwest. Outstanding signing.

    Allen will approach 15 sacks on this D.

    The NFC West is the OK Corral. Come out of here a winner and nobody can touch you. Certainly not the Yikings. Yikes is right.

  47. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Vikings but as a big Seahawks fan, it seems like Minnesota is the minor league affiliate for Seattle. Now just move C. Patterson up to the majors and Seattle will be set.

  48. Playing for the Vikings is just a really extended proday for players. They just go there showcase their talents some more, never win anything, and move on to other teams where they get even better and win championships. Go Hawks!

  49. It’s going to be an awkward Thursday night season opener for Jared. While they’re hoisting the SB banner and handing out rings, poor Jared will get nothing. Although I hear Minnesota hands out charm bracelets every time they finish in the cellar. There’s some consolation in getting your third bracelet, I suppose.

    Keepers of

  50. I remember 2006 when Viking fans were chortling at us how they stole Hutchinson from us with that dirty “poison pill” deal.

    Well, Viking fans, karma CONTINUES to bite you in the butt for that dirty deal, from Tarvaris Jackson getting a ring, Percy Harvin joining us, to Jared Allen spurning you to pursue a ring with us. And oh yes, let us not forget Tracy Porter, I’m sure you haven’t! #SKOLOL

  51. “If Russell Wilson goes to most any other team at the draft he’s a bust by now. That’s the problem with the NFL, Kapernick is the same. They are both products of their system. Not above average quarterbacks.”

    Russell played most of the year without the o-line starters.
    I do understand that the defense won a lot of the games, I think it is a stretch to say he would be a “bust” though.

  52. I wonder if Jared remembers when his previous team signed Brett Favre and everybody assumed they were a lock to win the Super Bowl…

  53. The NFC West is scary-deep in defensive talent. Between Seattle, San Francisco and Arizona, the West has most of the league’s defensive talent.

  54. Allen had some great years with purple so I have to hand it to him. Bailing for Seattle confirms the trade should have gone down. Allen was on the high horse at the deadline now we will see what he plays for. He was tired at the end of last year so if he looks like a kid this year my suspicion about enhancement will be true.

    Good luck 69

  55. According to many sites Allen is going home to decide between the seaquacks and Dallas for the next day or so. As a Cowboys fan(AMERICAS TEAM) I hope he does not sign with the Cowboys. He is washed up and we just got rid of the washed up sack leader of the NFL why would we want a year younger not as good pass rusher ? He want Ware money and is washed up just like ware is. Give me a break he might have been a kinda good deal for the NFL min or maybe alittle more. That’s al.

  56. He deserves a chance at a title run, he has had some issues in the past, but has seemed to get things back in line.

    Football players have 2 goals, win a title, and take care of the family. Anyone in that has played for the Vikings know, only one of those get taken care of in Minnesota.

  57. Seahawks or Cowboys?
    At this point it sure looks like the Seahawks.

    Is there more a pathetic football franchise than the Vikings?

    God, what an embarrassment Minnesota has been to the NFL.

  58. Will they have any money left for Wilson and Sherman extensions, that’s the billion dollar question.

  59. Say what you want about dream team, Seattle was that last year and we won the SB. Difference is we didn’t go sign 1/2 our team in a single year – its MOSTLY grown from draft and then supplemented by vets.

    The perfect combo.

  60. Seattle will have a good chance to repeat, but you need more than that to be a “dynasty”. Next off-season they’ll be doing what the Ravens did last year to pay for Wilson’s $19.5 mil/year raise. And Sherman and Revis will be competing for the biggest CB contract.

  61. bahhh, listen to all the haders..

    LOVE IT, whiners fans are getting blown up left and right, no where to run no where to hide..

    whatchya gonna do, whatchya gonna do when they come for you?

    and lol at the moron that said they still have to play the whiners twice if not 3 times..

    HILARIOUS, whines have yet to play in their new stadium so what do you know?

    Hawks already know what time it is in the Woodshed… GIT SUM

    I am betting whiners are the dwellers in the NFCW wont make PS… boo hoo hoo…. “I want my mommy”

    watch all the whiners jump ship wanting heads to roll..

    absolutely hilarious that crew is, forty whiners, more like a couple hunnerd thousand

  62. Only in Minneeeesoooota can you go from winning the preseason paper championship only to go down in total flames year, after year, after year.

  63. Good signing by the champs. Secondary got a little thin, but adding Allen will give the opposing QB less time to get to that second level.

    SF and SEA should be at it again next year for the NFC crown.

  64. While Jared Allen would be a great get for the Seahawks, I am pleased to learn than JS/PS are only offering a value contract that needs some time to think over. Tells me they are continuing to be good cap stewards in preparation to extend/retain ET, Sherm and Wilson in the near future.

    Jared Allen looks like he’s worth every penny and no hard feelings if he chases the money and not the ring. Although, at this point in his career, having plenty of the former and zero of the latter surely has to inform his decision.


    good signing… J Allen is a gamer, he will be a difference maker….

    Seattle offense might be the Niners 2009-2010 offense of 3 and outs

    but their defense…real nice

    but Seattle fans, you need home field advantage if you will make it to the SB again…. Seattle wont be able to win on the road in the playoffs

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