With QB a top need, Browns coaches skipping Pro Days


Given that they have a solid roster other than that one spot, you’d think the Browns would take every opportunity to get to know the incoming quarterback class.

But that apparently isn’t the case, as their coaches skipped Central Florida quarterback Blake Bortles’ pro day yesterday.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Browns also bypassed the workout of Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater.

General Manager Ray Farmer attended both, and reportedly met with Bortles to set up a private workout.

But head coach Mike Pettine, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and quarterbacks coach Dowell Loggains all skipped the pro day festivities.

Texans coach Bill O’Brien (picking first), Jaguars coach Gus Bradley (third), Bucs coach Lovie Smith (seventh) and Vikings coach Mike Zimmer (eighth) were there.

If the Browns are bringing all the top quarterback prospects in for private workouts, it minimizes the importance of watching the dog-and-pony-show scripted pro day performances.

But they’re also giving away chances to build boots-on-the-ground information about the players, which they need as they try to find an answer to the position which has eluded to them since returning to Cleveland.

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  1. Maybe they just think that Manziel, Bortles, and Bridgewater are not good enough to draft with #4 and throw into the wood chipper that has destroyed 20 previous QBs (including 3 first round draft picks).

    Cleveland can’t take another mediocre player that high in the draft and then anoint them the savior of the franchise. We’ve seen that dozens of times and the guys are traded or cut in less than 3 years with destroyed psyches.

  2. I’m thinking they already know who they want, and have based their decision on game tape rather than getting caught up in the hype machine.

  3. If they do like a QB at 4 could be a smoke screen but I don’t think so. I think they take one of the QB’s in the second tier like Carr, or Murray and let them develop.

  4. If a college career is not enough what can a scripted workout reveal? All this constant review is only of value to the talking heads and networks. Gotta have something to hype

  5. The only way I see a pro day as being useful for QB’s is if a guy has an injury history and you need to see that he’s capable of being mobile. As far as QB’s go unless they decide to start playing NFL games in shorts and no defense pro days are a complete waste of time. Brandon Weeden was the second coming of John Elway during practice too when he didn’t have defenses coming after him.

  6. Bortles is the only QB i’d take at #4. Wishlist for #4 pick is.
    Mack / Bortles / Watkins… in that order. Mack will be great learning from Dansby. Bortles needs time to develop, Hoyer can get us by until he’s ready, or if Hoyer turns into a franchise QB then we can trade Bortles. Watkins is a great insurance policy to Gordon if he gets hurt or gets banned.

  7. Better QB’s coming out in next years draft. Browns will draft one this year in 2-3rd round but won’t reach. If Hoyer or this years drafted QB does not show promise. They will draft one in next years 1st round. Winston, Marshall, Mariota

  8. @EMMAC13
    If we’re targetting a QB in next years draft, I’m expecting us to then trade back in this draft for extra picks to trade in next years draft to secure that QB. It’s been rumored that Farmer loves Mariota.

  9. What round was Rothlisberger drafted in??

    There are others could mention, but my main point is that nobody—–none of the experts, none of the commentators, none of the arm-chair quarterbacks, none of KnowItAll hack writers—-even knew who he was. The first round pick and most of the current suspects will be non-entities in a few years.

    If Cleveland bypasses a QB in the draft and builds the team in other areas they will be OK until the right guy surfaces.

  10. @bobsacamano2: It may be true that none of the QBs available this year are worthy of the #4 pick, but the idea that the Browns have taken signal-callers that high “dozens of times” before is simply false. Tim Couch is still the only QB the Browns have drafted earlier than the 22nd overall pick since 1999, and one of only three that they’ve taken in the first two rounds over the last 15 years. None of that means that they have to take a QB at #4, but since they gave up on Couch, they’ve only had a top 5 pick a handful of times, and they’ve almost never had a chance to draft the top (or even the 2nd ranked) QB prospect in any draft in that time.

    Assure against the value of the prospect(s) all you want, but don’t make up false historical data. The Browns have failed miserably to address the QB position, but they haven’t really taken a big chance on a high pick at the position in over a decade.

  11. Browns won’t be bad enough next year to get a top 5 pick. Having said that, why spend a numbet 4 on someone not worthy? Draft Watkins n0.4, a right guard or tackle at 26, and then fill in other needs in subsequent rounds. Draft a Qb at the bottom of the second/top of the third round, and develop that QB.

  12. Maybe Brian Hoyer is the one. Maybe the Browns are more confident of that than we have been led to believe. He looked good before he got hurt. And if he’d been more established as the starter before he got hurt, I don’t think we’d be having this conversation.

    The Browns may well have its franchise QB already on the roster. Yes, Hoyer started only three games and completed only two. But when Bernie Kosar broke his ankle and missed the rest of the season, we didn’t all act the man was no longer on the roster. Presumably because Kosar had been the starter for sometime, and not just three weeks. (Of course, that injury led to Vinny Testaverde being signed, but from the outside looking in, this was still Kosar’s team.)

    The rest of the season with Hoyer injured were beyond awful. But if Hoyer is ready to come back and play like he played before, maybe all the Browns are looking for is a mid round prospect to be a back up and/or a developmental project. And the Browns can otherwise focus on getting Hoyer weapons. A true WR2 to line up with Flash and the Hawk and Cameron. A fresh running back to play in tandem with Tate. And a FB or someone to blow open holes to run through.

  13. This notion of a “need” is getting a little outrageous…because you all insinuate since there is a need then they must use their highest pick to select one of the players available at that particular position – ie REACH. The QB’s in this draft class have WAYYYYYYY too many question marks surrounding them, and have done very little to prove they can make the necessary adjustments to the pro game, to make such a risk at #4. QB is not their only need, and you should almost always have a weighted system in which you look at top needs by rank and the best players available (by rank) and match it. You don’t chase mediocre talent b/c you’re desperate. That’s the old Browns way. Look at the Jets (Sanchez), Jags (Gabbert), Raiders (everyone), etc…”need” doesn’t mean “take the top rated QB despite his obvious struggles b/c you REALLY need him!”

  14. Hoyer, Hoyer, Hoyer!

    Even if he is only HALF of what we saw of him in the first few games last year, we will win way more games and be a much better team than with those backups we had at QB. He seems to really know the game of football. I just hope he’s healed well.

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