After leaving Combine, Adam Muema no-shows at Pro Day


Former San Diego State running back Adam Muema left the NFL combine in February because God supposedly told him he would get his wish of being drafted by the Seattle Seahawks by doing so.

Muema then disappeared for four days after returning to Florida upon his departure from the combine. He spent those days at the airport, also because God told him to.

Thursday was San Diego State’s Pro Day for scouts and NFL front office types to come to campus and get another look at NFL prospects and players that may not have been invited to the combine. Muema was scheduled to take part in the activities.

He didn’t.

According to Bob Lawrence of ABC 10 News in San Diego, Muema was a no-show for the workouts.

If he wants to be an NFL football player he sure has an unusual way of trying to show it. Muema rushed for 1,244 yards and 15 touchdowns for the Aztecs last season. However, any NFL team has to have serious reservations about even offering him a free agent contract at this point.

If Muema is willing to walk away from the combine and his Pro Day workouts without performing due to his legitimate belief that God told him not to, that’s his own prerogative. However, NFL teams have to ask the question whether he would do the same before a playoff game or even the Super Bowl because God once again asked him to leave. It makes trusting that he would be committed to whichever organization takes a chance on him a difficult idea to stomach.

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  1. There is no way that any team will give him a shot even for their practice squad at this point. Perhaps if he brings a doctor’s note showing he is back on his meds……but I doubt even at that point.

    No-Shows = No Money…..

  2. Everyone has the right to follow his own path when it comes to religion, and he has the right to choose a path for his life other than football.

    However, religion or no religion, it sounds like this young man needs a little help. This almost sounds like a nervous breakdown, as if the pressure of NFL tryouts got the best of him.

    I hope he can clear his head, regardless of whether he every plays football again.

  3. I dunno about you folks, but if someone I knew was speaking to or listening to invisible people, I’d ask them to see a psychiatrist

  4. Adam thought it was the voice of God, but it was just airport information on the loudspeaker saying, “Please do not leave the waiting area, your flight will be ready to depart soon.”.

    Four days is about an average delay time at most airports.

  5. Every prospect secretly feels the same way. It’s good to be the reigning Super Bowl champions.

  6. As much as I feel that this guy won’t get drafted, but if he does somehow get drafted, then the League should investigate.

    He is doing EVERYTHING that he can to make himself undraftable. If a team takes a flyer on him, then perhaps this has been a convoluted scheme to make sure he is drafted by the team of his choosing (which probably isn’t Seattle).

    Although the draft process is fair on the teams, it is less fair on the players who – if drafted – have very little say on who they play for. It is often said that it is better to be a undrafted free agent than a seventh round draft selection, as at least the player has some element of choice.

    As I have said, the guy probably has ruined any chance he had of playing in the NFL, but if a team takes a chance on him either in the seventh round or as an undrafted free agent, then perhaps the League should enquire regarding their motive behind the move.

  7. Chances of getting drafted in the NFL? Zero. But I bet God is happy with that, right Adam?

  8. I hope this young man gets it together. I totally understand being religious and what those convictions can give you the belief to do. It just seems like there is something more going on than God telling him to go M.I.A.

    I wish him good luck and I hope he gets the help he needs.

  9. His religion is more important then the game of football. Some people actually have a life outside of football.

  10. It’s obvious that the guy is wanting to be a unrestricted free agent and then he’s going to go up to the Seahawks after the draft and get on the team in that fashion.

    He only wants to play for the Seahawks.

  11. I find it hard to believe that any Americans believe in the bible which was written by the ancestors of the idiots that stole our airplanes and flew them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on Sep 11, 2001 killing more than 5000 Americans! Nothing about Christianity or the bible is American. I believe in myself, freedom, family and the pursuit of happiness! Geaux Saints!

  12. This is crazy but if Seattle does draft him there is some serious collusion going on here.

  13. What’s really crazy about it is that he’s not just listening to voices in his head.

    There’s a real live ex-con nutcase calling himself “Ray-El” who makes youtube videos claiming he’s the second coming of the messiah — THAT’s who Muema is listening to.

  14. In all fairness, perhaps he just got tied up at the store getting chips, salsa, guac and other assorted treats for the Aztecs first round tournament game last night.

    I’m sure there’s a simple explanation…..

  15. it would appear this kid has some issues that need addressed. sad. and has to be brutal for his loved ones to watch.
    i hope he gets the help he needs

  16. While it is very easy to poke fun, has anyone stopped for a moment to consider that perhaps the could be a god and that god could be making a direct intervention? Perhaps this young man is intended to serve a higher purpose and is being steered away from certain events to reserve him for that. They do say that god works in mysterious ways.

    Then again, if there is an actual god, I’d think they’d have more important things to do than get involved in professional sports and perhaps what we are looking at is schitzophrenia as opposed to someone becoming a prophet.

  17. Yet another case in point of how religion can be such a destructive force…….if there is a god, he went through great pains to disguise his work as natural law, he never ever makes contact with us, and he’s given us no evidence at all that he exists. Does it occur to anyone else that maybe he doesn’t want to be worshipped??

  18. Folks that’s not God talking to him it’s schizophrenia. This poor guy needs some help and meds.

  19. Regardless of anyone’s religious views,
    Mid camp this kid will quit, because of the voice he hears

  20. If God really loved him he wouldn’t have had to play his home games at Qualcomm Stadium which is pretty much hell on earth.

  21. Seattle doesn’t want him. With the Seahawks you take your direction from the coaches, and ONLY from the coaches. He can tell that sleazebag preacher/mentor to wait in the parking lot.

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