Concussion settlement should be moving forward “shortly”


Nearly seven months ago, the NFL’s concussion litigation was settled.  And the plaintiffs are still waiting for preliminary approval of the agreement to come from Judge Anita Brody.

In their first effort to secure Judge Brody’s blessing, the lawyers failed to persuade her that the $765 million package would provide sufficient funds to compensate every former player who develops in the future a severe cognitive impairment.  Lead plaintiffs’ lawyer Sol Weiss said Friday, per the Associated Press, that a financial expert appointed by Judge Brody will “shortly” provide a formal assessment of the settlement formulas and procedures.

“When you look at it objectively, it didn’t matter how much money the NFL had, it was, ‘Is there enough money to take care of [people]?” Weiss said.

Judge Brody decided in January that, based on the information provided by the lawyers, there may not be enough money.  The easiest solution, in light of the league’s high degree of confidence that the funds will be sufficient, would be for the league to guarantee that any extra funds would be provided, if needed.

“There were a lot of talks; they went on for a long period of time  . . . and the NFL’s tough,” Weiss said.  “We did get to a point where there was enough money on the table to take care of the sick players and their families, and that’s the time we make the deal.”

Judge Brody has yet to be convinced that the deal made is the right deal for the players who’ll be eligible for funds.  If she ultimately can’t be convinced, the NFL will have to cough up more cash — or the lawsuit will proceed, delayed for months by a close-but-no-cigar effort to resolve the case.

6 responses to “Concussion settlement should be moving forward “shortly”

  1. According to Dr. Phil McGraw, there’s such a thing as “sound concussions,” which are caused by loud noises. How long will it be before former NFL players are lined up to sue the NFL for exposing them to uproarious crowd noise? Seattle’s “12th man” better seek legal council.

  2. Players just want some money. This is nothing but. Money grab. They all knew what the risks we’re. They were compensated based on those risks. Now they want more.

  3. Tell it straight. Should read:

    Former NFL player that made millions playing a game that most would give anything to play at this level. Unfortunately blew everything on exotic cars, mansions, prostitutes, drugs, kids from babies’ mamas, $10,000 dinner tabs and risky and stupid business ventures for uneducated people from the neighborhood. Didn’t take advantage of the free education from college so let’s sue. Oh, and no one said there would be health risks of hurling my body at top speed into other fully padded huge men.

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