Donald Penn: New regime in Tampa Bay did me wrong


After seven years in Tampa Bay, Donald Penn left with some bitterness.

Penn says that he would have liked to have an honest, man-to-man conversation with new Bucs G.M. Jason Licht or coach Lovie Smith. But Penn says they weren’t straight with him before they released him. Now a member of the Raiders, Penn says he’d love to be able to play against the Bucs.

“The way Tampa did me kind of left a bad taste in my mouth. I kind of wish they were on the schedule, but they’re not” Penn told Alex Marvez and Gil Brandt on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “I still appreciate what I did there in my eight years, appreciate the owners and everybody that gave me my opportunity. I built a great relationship there. But the way they did it at the end, it wasn’t right in my book. I’m a grown man and they could have treated me like a grown man.”

Penn said the new coaching staff misled him, giving him the impression that he was in the team’s future plans.

“I talked to Lovie twice,” Penn said. “Everything was great, we talked good, they told me they were looking forward to working with me. Then I started seeing all these reports.”

It was only through media reports that Penn learned that the Bucs were going to send him packing.

“I guess that’s the way the new regime is going to do things,” Penn said.

Penn, who was set to make $6.5 million from the Bucs this year, instead had to settle for “only” $4.8 million a year on a two-year deal in Oakland.

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  1. I just love hearing people that will make 4.8 million this year complain about being mistreated…

  2. Any updates on the NFL investigation into the leaking of Josh Freeman’s private medical information?!?

  3. I know the feeling and that taste, I left a phone message for Lovie Smith and he never returned the call. If he didn’t have the time to call me back he could have at least asked somebody to do it for him. And Jason Licht doesn’t seem to be very shrewd or tactful in how he is handling things either. This is going to be a fascinating year to see what the Bucs do with these new people in charge. Hopefully they will deliver a professional product on the field.

  4. He hasn’t been too fat and out of shape to start every game the last 7 seasons. Not many Offensive lineman can say that. Dependability counts for something.

  5. Tampa Just like every other nfl organization, That’s why i would never blast a player for not taking less money! Cash in when u can in this shady league

  6. This is the difference between a classy player like Davin Joseph, a longtime vet who was released by the new regime in Tampa and Donald Penn. Joseph stated upon his release; “Their house, their rules.” while Penn, who has been notorious for struggling with his weight and was a basically a human turnstile last year (allowing 11 sacks by himself), is whining about being wronged.

    Look at Penn’s market after his release; Washington wanted him to play right tackle while Oakland payed him about 60% of what he would have made with the Bucs in 2014. And that was it.

    Penn was a beast in his prime and isn’t totally washed up. In fact, I expect him to be much improved because he’ll be more motivated. But this isn’t about the new regime in Tampa, this is about a team with a lot of expensive talent finishing 4-12 last season that needed major changes across the board.

  7. Yeah I got an update on the NFLPA/Josh Freeman investigation. Here is a summary of their findings so far.


  8. seatt1ej0nes says:Mar 21, 2014 11:06 AM

    Planet Earth: The Seattle Seahawks did us right with the most masterful display of football in a single season. #kissthering


    Maybe it is the simple fact that the Seattle fans have never felt the joy of a championship, but WTF? The Seattle fans are by far the most arrogant group of people on this site. Every article in some way has to have some association with Seattle or their fans or something. There is this constant reference to themselves as the 12th man. Get over yourselves, you stole that from Texas A&M anyway. When a player leaves Seattle, it is always “the 12th man will miss you”, or “the 12th man loved how you played”, blah blah blah. Get over yourselves.

    And can we move on from the “we are so great because of seismic activity” garbage, and “we are so great because we are so loud” garbage. You are passionate fans, and your support is definitely awesome, but you dont have to tell us about it every day. Where was that passion and greatness in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s? Exactly.

  9. Yeah, just like they loved Revis and he was a part of their plans.. Haha.. A new regime of liars replacing the old regime of incompetence. Good luck with that.. Bill Belicheat 2.0

  10. I don’t think it’s asking too much for a veteran with 7+ years with a team to ask for the common courtesy of the coach telling him personally that he’s going to be cut or released.

    MOST good coaches do this. These good coaches have the relationship with their players, and the stones, to TELL players on their team that they will be cut/released/traded instead of not saying a word and the player or their agent having to find out online.

    It’s professional decency. In every other job, your boss will tell you that you are being let go, instead of you showing up one day and your ID badge no longer working.

  11. It is the way the NFL is going players mad because a team does not treat them well as they line up to see how much money they can get in other cities.

  12. He had 108 consecutive starts in Tampa. Always clashed with the media over accurate reporting. Always had weight issues and could be easily trolled by fans. The last player from the Gruden era heads to Oakland. Ask Warren Sapp how that worked out for him?

  13. jaguar0413 says:Mar 21, 2014 11:06 AM

    He hasn’t been too fat and out of shape to start every game the last 7 seasons. Not many Offensive lineman can say that. Dependability counts for something.
    Yep, it counts toward getting your paycheck. He got that. They’re even.

  14. Bucs fans who vast him for being fat and out of shape soun llike jaded ex gfs. Like earnest graham once said, Penn has an IV bag, body. Hes built frumpy and always been big theres no correlation between his drop off last year and weight

    THAT SAID, Penn had 1 down year and verywell could bounce back and outplay Anthony Collins

    End of the day, Penn sounds like the jaded ex gf 2 weeks after the breakup whos crying cause she thought everything was perfect

  15. I love when athletes proclaim to be a “grown man” then proceed to bitch like a 12 year old girl. Grow up. It’s a business.

  16. Penn prolly still beieves in Santa Claus too. Put your ego aside kid, until Lovie signed another LT there was still a plan to keep Penn at LT. What did he expect the coach to say, “youre our LT…unless we find one whos better the next few weeks, okay?”

  17. The NFL equivalent of getting “Dumped” on Facebook by seeing the person you’re with change their status to “In a relationship.”

    With someone other than you.

  18. ✦ Pittsburgh is the City of Champions ✦ says:
    Mar 21, 2014 11:17 AM
    He’s not a left tackle.

    Better then your left tackle!

  19. Seattle fans: “Where was that passion and greatness in the 70′s, 80′s and 90′s? Exactly. ”

    In the 70′s, 80′s and 90′s Seattle fans were listening to the Cowboy’s crow about how they were ‘America’s Team’ or the Bears tell us they were the ‘Monsters of the Midway’. Even this year we had to listen to Denver fans pound their chest about having the ‘Greatest of All Time’ offense. Seattle is entitled to celebrate this season. That is the privilege you get when you win the Super Bowl.

  20. How many teams have the anchor of their O-line play 107 consecutive games? This was an undrafted FA who came up from the practice squad to be one of the better, not saying elite, but one of the better LTs in the NFL for the better part of the last decade. He deserved a little more than what Lovie and Licht did. He was the vocal leader of that O-line, he was the one peeling bodies off of piles to help HIS teammates up. Oakland got a great guy and a heck of a leader.

  21. penn has been rough for more than last year , he was middle of the pack are bottom third lt, he was not worth the money see why he took less or was to become a rt

  22. All the veteran was asking for was respect. If you have given a team your all, you shouldn’t have to find out that they no longer want you via outside sources. NFL is a business, but most businesses at least exhibit that level of decency.

  23. Very simple: the new offense being installed relies on athletic linemen that can get out and block on the edges (screens , etc). Look at Penn’s picture.

  24. Appreciate his past contributions to the team but truth is his play has slipped pretty badly the last couple years. ALWAYS got fat and slow in December. Look at his numbers, gave up A LOT of sacks the last couple years. Ice up Donald!

  25. For those comparing Mr.Penn to a “baby” and that it’s “just business”, why not look at your own life and career and think about how you’d feel if your boss came to you one morning with “Oh, good morning. You didn’t hear, but you’ve been replaced”. I’m guessing you would feel a bit rejected/betrayed and spend an evening drinking your sorrows away too.

  26. People get mistreated in the workplace all the time. It doesn’t surprise me that this happens, especially with the Bucs.
    Life is tough sometimes, but calling your former employer out in the press does absolutely no good! It only makes you appear as though you are the immature one or the crazy one. That’s the way the whole owner/employee system is set up. The business i’m in is cutthroat to the utmost extent, yet, i am the one who chooses to enter the arena.
    Luckily, Penn makes way more money than most of us, so i’m not going to shed a tear.

  27. I am sure that if he would’ve been a FA that he would’ve given the Bucs a call if he found a better offer.

    In most lines of work, you typically don’t find out that you are fired until right when you are. It sucks, but that is life.

    Take it and move on. Would’ve loved to seen you in DC but you chose Oakland. Have fun with that. Good Luck

  28. The guy made a big stack of millions from Tampa Bay and has nothing to complain about.

    And he’s still going to make 4.8 mil this year, or 96 times what someone making 50k a year makes. Ie, about 2 lifetimes of working pay for someone with a decent job, for 1 year’s work.

    He should be dancing in the streets that he’s still getting an NFL paycheck and shut up.

  29. “The way they did me left a bad taste in my mouth”? Do another shot, that taste will come out eventually.

  30. Doesn’t matter how much money he makes. If TB lied to him or intentionally misled him as to their interest in him, that was wrong. There is a certain way you treat people, even if they make a lot of money.

  31. I liked Penn and hope he does well, but what nobody is mentioning is there’s a completely new regime in town. He didn’t play one snap for them, so they had no alleigances to Penn. It sucks, but that’s the business. But what Penn DID do is make it harder to latch on somewhere else if Oakland doesn’t work by whining to the media.

  32. “I’ll settle for only 4.8 million!”

    To those who post and thumbs up this nonsense about their being willing to take $XX. It has nothing to do with what you are willing to take because you are not a starting NFL veteran and never will be. Why? Because you do not have the talent or the drive. This isn’t about a missed opportunity or a profession (like the medical profession) that blocks access and manipulates salaries. The guy puts his heart and soul into his work and said what he feels. That is something to admire not mock because he makes more money than you do.

  33. Not to worry, Penn. That inept leadership will be fired in a year or two anyways and receive their comeuppance. Look at the bright side, you’ll never have to wear those hideous new Tampa unis.

  34. What is it about NFL players that compels them to constantly remind us that they are “grown men”? I doubt anyone with working eyes or ears would mistake Penn for a teenager.

  35. Penn is good and he was a loyal Tampa guy, I would have hoped they would have been more up front with the guy, but at $7-mil/year coming off a so-so season you have to expect that something is going to get happen. I’m glad Penn will have a chance to go start in Oakland.

  36. Yeah, idiot…if they didn’t sign Anthony Collins, you WERE in the team’s plans. But when they had the opportunity to get younger, cheaper, & BETTER, *of course* they’re going to pursue that. Maybe like a “grown man” you’ll be a GM some day & you’ll understand.

  37. Good luck Donald. Penn’s gonna be good for you guys. The dude HATES to lose. Lovies been hatin most of the 2013 team. He actually said he needed to fill a void at tight end. Tim Wright kicked butt last year and Lovie called him a void.

  38. I wish Oakland would trade for Desean Jackson. He is better than anybody they would get with a mid round pick. The Offense struggled especially in the redzone. They need guys who can make plays and Jackson is certainly one of those guys. They also need to sign Jacoby Ford (I think he is a good special teams/slot guy). Denarius Moore, James Jones, and Jackson would really be good weapons for any QB. The Defense definitely has holes to fill (DT, CB, DE, S…basiclly the whole D). If the Raiders guy isnt on the board at 5, I can see them moving down for more picks (like last year).

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