Gus Bradley drew Toby Gerhart to Jacksonville

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After four years of mainly watching Adrian Peterson run the ball in Minnesota, Toby Gerhart now has a chance to step out on his own.

Gerhart chose the Jaguars. On Thursday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, Gerhart explained his decision.

“Their sell was Coach Bradley,” Gerhart said.  “What Gus brings to the table and he has that enthusiasm that’s charismatic.  I don’t know it was something I was drawn to.  All the coaches acted the same way and they’re super positive and optimistic about the future, and I wanted to be a part of it.”

Gerhart is indeed part of it, and he instantly assumes a role of leadership.

“If MJD isn’t back I’m going to be the oldest guy in the running back room,” Gerhart said,  “and I’m going to be the one they look to to lead and that’s going to be a role that I’m going to embrace and help this team to success, that’s my main goal.”

While Gerhart is still largely unproven at the NFL level, Jaguars fans have to be happy to hear that Bradley is persuading players with options to choose to play in Jacksonville.

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  1. He’s a good back, maybe unproven as a starting back for a full season, but in spot duty, he’s proven he’s capable of picking up yards. Not as flashy or laterally mobile as other backs, but he has a knack for hitting the crease and getting positive yards. I remember Adrian would sometimes dance behind the line and then Toby would just take it up the gut for 10 yards. Hope he does well, sad to see him go.

  2. Toby is a unique back and will add to the developing persona of the Jaguars. I’ve watched him every game since he was drafted, and Im not sure if it was because his style is so incredibly different from AP but also from pretty much everyone else in the NFL, but everytime he touches the ball it kind of feels like you are in the very back car of a roller coaster while you get whipped over the first drop, more times than not its extremely entertaining watching this kid play, I’m not just saying it as a Toby fan but the Jags have something to build off here. Even if its just Henne tossing him screens, Toby is a downhill runner and if you give him the ball in open space he is going to run right THROUGH a DB. I’m sad to see him go, but I’m excited for Toby and his new organization! Good luck this year

  3. He wasn’t going to have a chance to prove himself in Min., with one most effective RBs in the history of the NFL.

    So I understand why he wanted a change of scenery, and now he also has a chance to play for a winner.

  4. Don’t know that i’d say Gerhart is “largely unproven in the NFL”.

    I doubt a RB gets to be the 3rd down back and lock at #2 behind AP if the coaches doubt him.

    He’s been 4 years in the league and is ALWAYS reliable when called on.

    Football is more than stats.

  5. Running game gonna be hilarious down there.2yrds and a cloud of dust.London jaguar fans will be like”oh but he is a grinder who always gives it his all.classy guy.he a classic power runner.lolhahahaha

  6. At Gus Bradley will be EXTRA happy because his North Dakota St. Bison got their first ever win in the big dance. Now that’s A LOT of happy!!!

  7. It just seems odd that a guy that played FB blocking for one of the leagues best RB’s will now be ‘The’ guy himself.

  8. He is plenty proven. Every time he stepped in for Adrian, he did well. This was a good signing for the Jags. Because he was a backup, he has a lot of tread left on the tire.

  9. Why does every decent player leave Minnesota? What’s up with that franchise that players are leaving left and right?

  10. If you need a yard, he will get you 4. If you need 5 yards, he will get you 4. Easily expendable in MN. Quality back elsewhere. Not great by any means. Don’t expect any game changing runs. More like a solid 80 yards a game on 20 carries.

  11. With only 276 carries in MN the last 4 years, he is fresh. He filled in very well for AP when he was out for a couple of games.

    For the Jags, getting Joekel back and the addition of Beedles, the Jag OL will give Toby alot more help this year..

    The Vikings will miss Toby Gerhart

  12. henryjones20 says:
    Mar 21, 2014 3:34 AM
    Running game gonna be hilarious down there.2yrds and a cloud of dust.London jaguar fans will be like”oh but he is a grinder who always gives it his all.classy guy.he a classic power runner.lolhahahaha


    Have you ever actually watched him play? He’s like Peyton Hillis without the ego. Solid between the tackles, good speed in the open field, a factor in the screen game, and a good blocker in third down situations.

  13. Gerhart is better than Eddie Lacy. Both were second round picks after stellar college careers, but Gerhart wound up behind Adrian Peterson and Lacy wound up on a team that hasn’t had a running back since Eddie Lee Ivory. That 4.7 career yards per carry is no joke.

  14. Good person, talented player, and a smart guy. Won’t overwhelm, and needs to work on holding on to the ball, but Jags fans are going to like him.

  15. I know there is more to the game than stats, but given the fact that most people that get the chance to play in the NFL. Would like to leave their mark on the game.

    A chance to start, vs. no chance at all probably sounds pleasant to him.

  16. Hey high rise , your mighty jags have never even sniffed a Super Bowl since never. Have fun rooting for your kittens when they are in london or la in a couple years.

  17. Toby is a master at finding sneaky ways to get extra yards that don’t seem nearly impressive as a pure power back running a guy over or a speed/agility/scatback of juking a guy out of his jock but still get the job done by patiently attacking the weak points in the defense or in defenders; He gets himself in a position to be able to fall forward. He will with very subtle moves put defenders in a position where they are forced to have to try to arm tackle him and get dragged a couple yards in the process as he powers forward vs the armtackles.

    He is extremely efficient and consistent. I am very interested to see how he does in a full time role.
    I suspect you observe nothing impressive and then look at the stat sheet and go.. Whoa, he got over 100 yards? Really? again? And I suspect he will help close out games real well if/when the Jags can get the lead late in games.

  18. I dispute the characterization that he is “unproven” He was pretty productive in limited time with the Vikings and productive and Vikings aren’t usually used in the same sentence.

    If the Vikings were smart (again, another term usually not used in the same sentence), they would have traded Peterson and kept Gerhart. He’s younger, cheaper, not as injury proven and the drop off in talent is less than most people think. (another term usually not used with the Vikings)

  19. This signing frankly came out of left field to me, but I’m certainly happy about it. MJD is gone (if he can find ANYONE willing to sign him) so we needed someone to play RB. Even though Gerhart isn’t exactly a proven back, he is a veteran who has made the most of his chances.

    Only time will tell, but as a Jag fan I’m happy he’s here.

    Bradley’s poised to be a star in the coaching ranks.

  20. Smart thing to do is trade AP? Get real a 29 year old is better the Gerhart anyday Packer boy! find me a RB that rush for 2000 yards after Acl injury then it’ll be a smart move he a one of a kind back so there not even a comparison

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