Joe Webb joining Panthers as a quarterback


The positional ping-pong that has been Joe Webb’s career will continue, in a new city.

Webb will be joining the Panthers as a quarterback.  The team announced the move on Friday.

The Birmingham, Alabama native played quarterback in college.  The Vikings made him a sixth-round pick in 2010 as a receiver, but promptly switched him to quarterback.  His three years at the position included leading Minnesota to an upset win over the Eagles on a rare Tuesday night game in Philly.  Webb’s run at quarterback culminated in an unexpected January 2013 playoff start that went poorly (thanks to a game plan that didn’t take advantage of his strengths).  Last season, the Vikings moved him back to receiver for the final year of his contract.

With only five catches for 33 yards last season, Webb’s most notable moment came when he was on the receiving end of repeated taunts from Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman that were recorded by NFL Films microphones.

You’re sorry,” Sherman said.  “It’s a waste of my time.   It’s a waste of my time.  It’s a waste of time out here.”

And then later, “You suck. . . .  That’s it?  That’s it?  You suck.  You so weak.  You a waste of my time.”

His arrival in Carolina comes days after starter Cam Newton underwent ankle surgery that is expected to keep him out up to four months.  With Newton likely to miss the entire offseason program, Webb provides the team — at a minimum — a warm body who can take reps.

“Joe had a strong workout for us today,” coach Ron Rivera said.  “He is a young player who intrigues us and has a similar skill set to Cam.  With Cam sidelined for the spring, it is an opportunity to get a good evaluation of Joe as well as Matt Blanchard, who was on our practice squad last year.”

If the Panthers like what they see in Webb, he could give the Panthers a backup whose skills more closely match Newton’s than Derek Anderson, allowing a more seamless transition if Newton suffers an injury during the season.  For now, though, Derek Anderson (yes, Derek Anderson) remains the primary backup to Newton.

And there’s nothing funny about that.

79 responses to “Joe Webb joining Panthers as a quarterback

  1. No sarcastic comment here. I sincerely hope Joe Webb finally finds his niche with the Panthers. He’s easily one of the most impressive athletes in the NFL.

  2. panthers fans are getting a crazy freakish athelete. hopefully your coaches will find a way to utilize him, unlike the vikes.

    and btw that tuesday game against the eagles that joe webb started was won by antoine winfields strip sack fumble recovery for a td, not necessarily by webb.

  3. Good luck in your new career Webb! Hopefully the Panthers can utilize your speed and elusiveness. Meanest WR blocking I’ve ever seen too, guy would lay players out.

  4. Joe Webb is an incredible athlete. I remember video of him jumping six horizontal tackling dummies stacked on top of each other and landing on his feet. Amazing!

    The Vikings were never quite sure what to do with him and his football skills. No matter where they played him, he showed definite potential. A lot of Vikes fans (and me) wished the team had focused more of their coaching on him and really give him the opportunity to develop his talents.

    Maybe he should have made a few waves to get some well deserved attention or to move on sooner to a better opportunity. We’ll never know now, but we absolutely wish him the best.

  5. That is the smartest move Gettleman has made this offseason. Webb was the best QB for the Vikings after they drafted Ponder.

    He was clearly better than Ponder, so to ward off criticism, they moved him to WR. He outplayed Ponder, just as EJ Manual did at FSU.

  6. Webb is kind of a sentimental favorite in Mn. I wish more NFL players would act like him. A true team guy. Never complained publicly, always did what the team asked. Unbelievable athlete, freakish speed. I hope he goes off big time in Carolina. Good luck Joe.

  7. Classy guy (even at times he probably didn’t have to be). I’m still scratching my head as to why josh Freeman was given a shot over this guy last year.

  8. This is one time when I actually feel bad for the subject of Richard Sherman’s taunting.

    C’mon Richard, that ain’t nice. The kid is just trying to make it in the NFL. Now you made him cry.

    You remember what mom said… if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

  9. When OTA’s roll around are the Vikings going to have “anybody” left, to participate? Does Zimmer know that he has to have players to coach, to legitimately refer to himself as the “Head Coach”?

    That Sherman, always the charming conversationalist.

  10. Surprised they are using him at QB. After the turnover at WR, he could likely be a starter.

  11. Joe webb has a very good arm…. with his feet set and no pressure in his face.

    I wanted him to stay with my vikes as a wr cuz hes definitely a team first guy But i dont think he should be signed as a qb. I think we should have kept at wideout since day one and see how he developed. Good luck to you mr webb and the panthers as you have recieved on hell of an athlete.

  12. Uhm as a 30 plus year Viking fan the people that claim Webb is better than Ponder or any QB are laughable . Webb is a curiosity that can run and jump but not good enough at any position to beat anyone out . The Green bay playoff game should have dispelled any hope for him as a QB but his legend continues to grow for some reason , People go look at the tape! the guy is a very likable young man and I wish him the best in his future endeavors but he was never going to be a starter at either QB or wideout .

  13. If it turns out Webb *can* play quarterback, it’s really going to make the Vikings look — no wait, they can’t look dumber.

  14. He’s a bum. Not a wr or a qb. And for all that talk about being a freakish athlete he never did much when he had the chance.

    Good riddance.

    And for the nuts thinking he was better than ponder or freeman… Get a clue.

  15. Great team player without a true position. Hopefully his new team can find him a role. If nothing else, sounds like he’s a good man and supportive teammate. Best of luck to him.

  16. So apparently I cant say douche or my comment will be deleted, so let me try again. The bottom line to this story is that Sherman is, was and always will be a not so nice guy. He’s a waste of good air some other jack-wagon could be breathing. Being a great athlete certainly doesn’t make you a worth while human being. Hopefully that post isn’t too edgy and getting flagged right away.

  17. filthymcnasty1 says:
    Mar 21, 2014 6:40 PM
    Were really going to miss Joe Webb in Green Bay.

    The rest of the nation knows why. Green Bay will never win another playoff game unless it’s against Webb at QB.

  18. Good luck joe!! I agree he is a freaky athlete! He is a bigger, better athlete than Sherman, however he never had a chance to grow in one position. The vikings mentioned once that he could also be a starting tight end.. His blocking skills are phenomenal, and as a tight end he would easily out run any linebacker or safety.. Comon panthers, watch the tapes.. He is not a qb.. Try him at tight end, that’s what I always wanted to see him play as a vikings fan.. Btw, Ponder has his moments where he looks GREAT, like when he killed the 49’s stingy defence, and then he goes out and chokes vs mediocre teams.. Waste of a #12 pick!!! Best wishes to you Joe!! Awesome guy, excellent team member, and Viking forever!!!

  19. weekendatberniemadoffs says:
    Mar 21, 2014 6:56 PM
    Folks here in Carolina remember Steve slinging Sherman around like a rag doll. Maybe Webb can take a play out of that playbook when Seattle visits Charlotte next season.
    He was signed as a QB. Reading is fundamental.

  20. Joe Webb can be a good football player . When he is running with the ball its like everyone else is in slow motion , he is a freak and I hope he does great things .

  21. Good Luck to Webb & I hope he reaches his full potential in Charlotte. Like most other Vike fans I’m rooting for a great guy with phenomenal athletic skills to shine.

  22. I hope the Panthers are able to utilize this guys natural talents. Absolutely freakish athlete. It’s a shame the brain dead combo of Musgrave and Frazier could never figure it out.

  23. I wish Joe Webb the best also; great talent, never was given a chance at QB in Minnesota. FACT: Mn won 3 games in 2011 and he was the QB in two of them.

  24. Cant believe someone said webb is better than ponder dont get me wrong I dont like ponder either but did you not see what ponder did to the packers in 2012 wk 17? He won that game in a shootout to help bring the Vikings to the playoffs and didnt even get to play in the playoff game cause his throwing arm got hurt. Webb played the playoff game and looked very very bad and had almost no offensive production until late in the 4th quarter. He didnt look anything like an NFL QB. Id take ponder over webb anyday.

  25. An upgrade over Derek Anderson (even in the air).

    Plus, he saves an extra roster spot because Dave gettleman’s ego matters and not winning.

  26. As a Vikings fan, it’s hard not to root for him. As many others have written, he did whatever he was asked. Very fun guy to watch! He’s not a QB IMO, but what do I know? Maybe he goes to Carolina and shocks the world. I normally don’t root for ex-Vikings who go elsewhere, but Webb might be an exception. It’ll be fun to see what he can do if he can get into any Panthers games. Best of luck to you, Joe!

  27. I thought the highlight of his career came in the pre game show prior to his wild card playoff loss in GB where Tony Dungy predicted on national TV that the Vikings would win because the Packers didn’t game plan for the mobility of Joe Webb.

    We all know how that turned out.

    Still Joe Webb has nothing to be ashamed about, the Vikings are forever choking and his game isn’t even close to the worst. I’m thinking the Vikings losing to the Giants 41-0 in the playoffs takes the cake.

  28. The NFL should do away with remote mic’s and the parabolic antenna systems that pick up the language by the players during the games and on the sidelines. The comments like those that Sherman made were obviously offensive to some of the fans. In years past these same fans didn’t realize or have a clue what was being said and lived in a rose color world that didn’t have smack talk in it. If only it could remain so……….

  29. There goes the best QB on the Vikings’ roster. Incredibly, Joe Webb would have still been the best QB on the Vikings’ roster *after* the 2014 NFL draft.

  30. Wow, and people think Matt Flynn stole money from teams, how this guy is still on an NFL roster is puzzling.

    I was at the Green Bay Minnesota playoff game and it was embarrassing. That guy has no business being an NFL quarterback. Period. None. You can make all the excuses in the world, but the guy cant throw the ball. He was being openly mocked in the stands.

    I remember one play in particular when he wound up to try and throw a deep pass and it only traveled 15 yards. There were no receivers anywhere near where the ball sputtered to the ground.

    What a waste of cap space.

  31. Good luck Mr. Webb. Sherman showed it takes more than a college degree to show even a tiny bit of class!

  32. The Vikings REALLY dropped the ball on developing Joe Webb. They didn’t know what to do with him so they did nothing, then he got thrown to the wolves the playoff game and the casuals dissed him like he sucks.

  33. Best of luck to you, Joe Webb. I hate to see you leave Minnesota. You were stuck with a coaching staff that didn’t appreciate your skill set.

    Webb is a fantastic athlete, and very dangerous with the ball in his hands. He just needs more time behind center to actually play the QB position. He was the Vikings best QB during the 2011 season, and I hope he gets a chance to contribute in Carolina. The Panthers are getting a class act, and a great athlete in Webb. I hope they don’t waste his talent like the Vikings did.

  34. Webb is a great guy and a great athlete, but I’m glad the experiment is over. He can’t be a winning quarterback no matter what kind of a game plan you give him and he was never going to be more than a special teams player. I hope he has a lot of success in Carolina and I hope the Vikings only draft players that have a position they can play in the NFL.

  35. Congrats Joe…Good signing for the Panthers. But Joe, if it doesn’t work out at QB, you could probably start at wide receiver for them at this point…Don’t trade those shoulder pads just yet..

    Gettleman’s signing is a dual possibility…

  36. I wonder about this pickup by the Panthers. There were a lot more pressing needs than a QB whether Cam is available or not. I do not know what planet Gettleman was on when he made this pick. I hope this works out for Webb and the Panthers.

  37. Webb is a great guy and freak athlete, but let’s be honest, he has the accuracy of a scud missile. As a Vikes fan I will miss him and hope the very best. He was fun to watch for sure, but it should be obvious at this point that he does not possess the accuracy needed to play QB in the NFL.

  38. If Joe Webb ever decided he wanted to put his hands on Richard Sherman..I think Sherman might wish he had kept his mouth shut. I don’t think he realizes hes the smallest guy on the field every single sunday.

  39. What was lost in the quote was the context of Joe Webb pushing Sherman around and getting good blocks on him. Sherman was just being a crybaby. His being obnoxious and a sore loser/winner is not an act. I hope Joe Webb as a QB jukes Sherman or runs him over the next time they play.

  40. Sherman is a gangsta and deserves all the negative attention he brings on himself. Don’t be fooled.

  41. We are using him for otas because cams injured then I see we convert him to wr like the vikings did or even line him up in the back field picture a goal line read option with cam and webb thats scary

  42. People forget that playoff game against the Packers, Ponder was set to play up until 3 hours before kickoff. He got all the reps in practice. Then they put Webb in a playoff game against the Packers AT Lambeau field. He was the only player in NFL history to start a playoff game having not taken a snap during the regular season. Then Musgrave decides to keep him in the pocket while knowing full well the Packers could not stop his scrambling ability. (or anybody’s running ability for that matter) I blame the coaches fully. I don’t think Webb is a starting NFL qb long term. I think he’d be better suited at wr because he’s fast, he can catch the ball and he’s one of the most violent blockers i’ve seen in a long time. Packer fans want to mock but they forget the only reason the got to face Joe Webb is because they lost to the Christian Ponder led Vikings the week before. Have fun Panther fans, he’s fun to watch.

  43. As others have noted, Webb is a phenomenal athlete. So, maybe it’s a failure of coaching that they never found his best position and honed his skills to really excel at that. It won’t happen, but it might be interesting for a team to hire a coach to concentrate on Project Webb to see what position (WR, TE, RB or S) best matches his talent and then really coach him up for that.

  44. Sherman’s comments probably came after second string WR Jarius Wright toasted him for a long TD pass (from Christian Ponder) in that game.

    When you get burned by Ponder and a 5’8” backup WR, it’s hard to claim you’re the best CB in football.

  45. Actually, Joe Webb and Jarius Wright rotated in that game and lit Sherman up for five receptions and two touchdowns between them. Seattle won the game, but it sure wasn’t because of anything Sherman did.

  46. There are a lot worse QBs on NFL rosters that has never had the success Vince Young has had …(NFL Rookie of the Year, 2 Pro Bowls, Playoff experience and Mobility). Vince has a career winning record of 31-19…
    Don’t turn your back on this man before giving him a chance, even if it’s third string…
    GM/Coach, sit down and talk to this guy…I think he can help…..

  47. shenanigan1 says:
    Mar 23, 2014 1:07 PM

    Actually, Joe Webb and Jarius Wright rotated in that game and lit Sherman up for five receptions and two touchdowns between them. Seattle won the game, but it sure wasn’t because of anything Sherman did.

    Yeah, but four of those receptions and two of those touchdowns were by Wright.

  48. I always saw Joe webb as kind of a Percy Harvin kind of player. I would line him up in the slot and backfield, and use him for kickoff returns. I think he missed his calling, he reminds me very much of Adrian Peterson. An absolutely atrocious quarterback, but people improve, I hope his game has stepped up a level from that embarrassing 2012 playoff game. That game was over before it even started.

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