League meetings could bring DeSean Jackson situation to a head

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It’s become an open secret that the Eagles want to trade receiver DeSean Jackson.  Starting Sunday, it’ll be much easier for them to try to make a deal.

On that day, the league’s movers and shakers temporarily will relocate to Orlando for the annual league meetings, and it will be seamless and organic for trade discussions to occur.

The Patriots, 49ers, and Jets are among the teams believed to be interested in Jackson.

And it will be impossible for Eagles’ management to avoid the media.  Coach Chip Kelly, G.M. Howie Roseman, and/or owner Jeffrey Lurie will be swamped by reporters looking for something clear and unequivocal regarding their intentions for Jackson.

For now, their collective silence on the topic makes it obvious that Jackson is available. Early next week in Orlando, Jackson could end up changing teams.

Until then, have a listen to Thursday’s visit from Tim McManus of PhillyMag.com to PFT Live regarding DeSean Jackson and other Eagles-related topics.

19 responses to “League meetings could bring DeSean Jackson situation to a head

  1. These GMs must be really lazy if they can’t figure out a way to conduct business over the telephone. If you really need to negotiate in person and you have a player like DJ then you could fly around and talk to people if you really want to make a deal happen. But no team with any of their 53 roster spots should have any trouble or excuse as to why they couldn’t figure out a way to trade those that make sense to trade. If the trades don’t happen, then you just have a terrible GM. A great GM will find the great trades and make it happen regardless of what type of equipment or methods they are using.

  2. I be very careful. Remember what Bill Parcells used to say — there is always a reason (and it’s not usually positive) when a fellow of this magnitude is available…

  3. Get a deal done Bill and the Pats. And Desean, your going to have to be realistic and lower that cap number (don’t know how likely that is, considering mr.jackson seems like a me first guy/big time prima Donna. But boy is he talented). Go pats!!

  4. As angry as this whole situation may make me, as a fan, i have to understand that i don’t have all the facts..

    From what i’ve seen, DeSean likes to act out on the football field.
    From the multiple sideline incidents with him screaming at coaches (1 this season , 2 more in the past)
    To the admitted fact that he didn’t perform when he had his intitial contract issues,, this guy hasn’t done much to boost his character rating.

    there must be more to it as well.
    Chip and Howie must see something that raises red flags & distances DeSean from the core of this team..

    If the brain trust believes that we are better off without him,
    I’ll have to trust Howie and Chip…

    i think i speak for all the eagles fans when saying,

    if they blow this, there will be a lot of backlash in our fan base.

  5. Ever notice how some people keep going out of their way to convince you of how intelligent they are but they just keep looking dumber and dumber?

  6. I still believe this is a ploy to motivate Jackson. that said as a fan i have seen this guy do amazing things but i also know he has taken plenty of plays off. As many posters on this site remind me lot’s of times my team has an empty trophy case. That said i believe in Kelly/Roseman after all they’re 1st season was a success, I’m willing to let them do what they think is right,(after all i can kill them after the fact. lol.). this guy is talented but no Jerry Rice, this draft is loaded with receivers with his talent so in CHIP I TRUST.

  7. The Eagles have a history of separating themselves from players with character issues. The fact that they are willing to part with Jackson tells me that they know something about him that’s not Football related that they want no part of. While he is a talented player,I’d be very concerned about that if I were looking to acquire him.

  8. Some Niner fans want him…those of us you see the bigger picture don’t. For all his talent, he’s still a diva and is expensive. Our GM’s focusing on extending Crabtree…as he should be. Besides, they can find a speed receiver in the draft for a heckuva lot less $$. Jets, go ahead and sign this guy and end all this drama.

  9. Sign him San Fran.

    Pay a bunch of money for another low profile tire when you don’t have a driver.

  10. There is a zero percent chance the Niners trade for him. Baalke has stated many times that the Niners model is draft well and sign their own. They are not going to trade for a one trick pony WR and make him the highest paid paid player on the team .

  11. We need more guys like him for Brady . I hate just going to the AFC Championship game every year

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