LeGarrette Blount to meet with Steelers


The Steelers continue to look for a back capable of sharing some of the workload with Le’Veon Bell.

The club will visit with Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount on Sunday night, Aaron Wilson of National Football Post reported.

Blount’s visit comes after the Steelers hosted Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew for two days earlier this week. The two sides did not reach a deal.

The 27-year-old Blount rushed for 772 yards and seven TDs on 153 carries in regular season play in 2013. In the postseason, Blount racked up 166 yards and four scores in the Patriots’ divisional-round rout of the Colts.

The 6-foot, 250-pound Blount is a strong runner who would bolster the Steelers’ ability to play a grind-it-out game. He would give the Steelers dependable second option behind Bell, a three-down back who’s likely to get the majority of backfield work in 2014.

Blount is PFT’s 91st-ranked free agent.

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  1. If the kid holds onto the ball he is classic guy know one wants to tackle……so as a Raven fan i hope he winds up else where.

  2. Le’Veon and LeGarrett: The French Connection!!!
    I’ve always felt that Blount would be an EXCELLENT fit in Pittsburgh; he’s a big back with the kind of power not seen around here since Jerome Bettis.
    Blount is a prototypical Steelers back.

  3. Now this is a signing that would make sense. He’s a tough runner, and if we ever needed someone to punch Steve Smith in the mouth…

  4. The Steelers will set Blount’s contract price and the Pats will sign him.

    Sorry, Pittsburghers…he wants to play with a contender. You ain’t it…

  5. that would be a great signing if we could get blount. some power at the goal line. hey did you guys happen to be watching nfl network? they are focusing on the steeler dynasty all this week. and does anybody know when it will be the ravens, browns or bengals week to be on nfl network? cause I don’t remember hearing anything about it!!!! #theyallenvythesteelers…

  6. As a Pats fan, I will wish him well if he moves on to a new club. He left Tampa with a bad reputation that now seems unearned and would leave the Patriots with the admiration of his teammates, coaches, and fans.

  7. Blount needs to come back to Tampa. Schiano is gone and he’d be a nice change of pace back capable of handling a starter’s role if Doug Martin were injured again.

  8. If the Steelers do sign Blount I hope they put him on return duties along with being that change of pace back. Look at his 2nd game against Buffalo and you’ll see what i mean!

  9. He was good in games against teams that were weak against the run. In the AFC championship team against a decent run stop team he had 5 runs for 6 yards.

  10. Oh if we had the money, I’d like to see him on the Steelers. I think we can mold him.

  11. steeler fans didn’t like Blount when he played for Tampa, nor when he was picked up by N.E. Now, they love him. Hypocrites. Ben still using the men’s room for his extracurricular activities? No wonder he doesn’t have time to make the playoffs. It really stinks to go downhill, while others in your division, are plugging in key pieces, and are playing better than you.

  12. Wouldn’t you pay to see the following padded practices:
    Blount Run
    Harrison Run Stop

    Phew. Talk about brain damage.

  13. This RB market is crazy.. MJD, Knowshon Moreno, Blount, there’s a lot of RB’s still out there. Blounts work ethnic is horrible, but he can b a beast on the field at times. He will need a good coach to handle him.

  14. MJD is out Blount is in…Sign him up. He’d be a nice big powerback the steelers could use. Would be a nice one two punch with Le’veon. Here we go Steelers, Here we go!!!!!

  15. This guy could be very interesring. Steelers have struggled successfully running on third/fourth and short since the Bus retired.

  16. He seems like a better fit than MJD, but I bet he’s still to pricey for the Steelers tastes.

  17. I think the Pats will wait and see what is offered and match it or better it by a little bit.

  18. In order to get this done the Steelers need to rework or extend a few contracts over the weekend. I’d say give Ben his extension right now..and Timmons also that will free up about 10-12m..they should have done this at the beginning of free agency

  19. I love the way Blount plays the game. He would be a perfect fit with Bell. You put a strong power running game with a stout defense the Steelers are building….. Number 7 is in sight!

  20. Lol prototypical steeler back ? Kordell Stewart isn’t the qb anymore. Only reason bettis is considered the “prototypical” steeler back is because he carried the franchise for years.

    Please sign this fumble crazy guy maybe he will alienate teammates the way he did in Tampa

  21. Hell yeah a heavy runner who ran for over 700 yds and 7 TD’s. Still have a lot left in the tank. He is a bruising back who could really help the running game.

  22. Patriot fan here. If the Steelers pull this off, they will have a pure gem. THis guy was a tremendous RB with my Pats. I really hate to see him go. But I have to admit. The Steelers are a perfect fit. He is big, physical, strong, and very fast in the open field. He can run elusive like Franco. Or he can Bang like the Bus. But take it to the house in the open field. He gets better as the weather gets colder. But Tomlin will need to kepp him focused on making one cut and go, like Belichick did. Or he’ll start dancing around at the line of scrimmage. But I think he figured it all out in NE. And is ready to blossom in a system that features a power running game. Remember, this big bruiser broke some very long runs and TDs on kickoffs too. He was a beast. Regardless of what they say in Tampa. Big Ben will love him. Because he can catch screens and block too. I don’t know why the Patriots risked him in the free agent market. But Enjoy Steelers. You’re getting a good one if you can sign him.

  23. Jerome Bettis Blah blah blah

    250 pounds blah blah blah.

    It’s 2014 people, not 1975. The Steelers blew it when they didn’t trade for Sproles, who’s a perfect fit for the simpleton dink and dunk offense of Todd Haley.

    Remember kids, the ONLY ring Jerome Bettis won was when they had FAST Willie Parker as the starter and Bettis was a glorified garbage time back.

  24. What does Kordell Stewart have to do with a prototypical Steelers running back?
    Bill Cowher compiled a 161-99-1 career coaching record over 15 seasons with this formula: A stellar defense, QBs who made few mistakes and a power running game, starting with Barrelin’ Barry Foster, who was on a Steelers’ roster long before either Bettis or Stewart.
    The 2014 Steelers lack a stellar defense, a QB who makes few mistakes and a coach as successful as Cowher. They probably are also going to be without Blount. The Steelers have no cap space until June.
    Nevertheless, Blount still is a prototypical Steelers running back…

  25. Heavier, and a bit nastier than my favorite (Barry Foster). Our own secondary may be nervous about future practices.

    Deshea Towsend, I’m sure is looking forward to goal line drills vs. Blount?

    I’m all in……bring him to the Steel City.

  26. I say sign him. Some may think his running style is the same as the current starter, but I think he brings a little more power between the tackles.

    I’ve liked him since he knocked the smirk off of the face of that Boise State player a few years ago.

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